Flying with Snowboards and Skis: Tips and Tricks from The House

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Flying with Snowboards and Skis

Nothing beats riding your local resort with friends but if you live in an area with smaller hills it may be time for an trip to some bigger mountains for some fresh powder and longer runs. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere surrounded by mountains, then you may just want to try something new. Either way, this means you’ll have to pack up your gear and hit the skies. There is a few thing to know before you start flying with your snowboard and skis. Whether you’re flying with snowboards or skis, below we’ll cover everything you need to know from choosing the right luggage to packing your gear and getting to your destination.

Choosing the Best Ski and Snowboard Luggage

Ski and Snowboard Bag

When flying with snowboards or skis, the first and most important component of your set-up is the ski and snowboard bag. Snowboards and skis can awkward to carry and need to be properly protected. Having the right bag can help mediate some of the frustrations of transporting your gear. Firstly, we recommend going with a fully padded bag as they will protect your gear properly and ensure that everything gets where it needs to go undamaged.

Boot Bag

 If you are traveling without skis or snowboards a boot bag is a great alternative to packing dirty soled boots in your suitcase.  Boot bags are fairly simple, but having one with a shoulder strap and extra room for toolsgoggles, etc. is very convenient. You can even find boot bags that offer room for your helmet as well.


A backpack is absolutely essential when you’re flying with snowboards or skis. This is obviously where you’ll store your laptop, cameras, toiletries and other tools and electronics but if you have the right bag it can double as a riding pack for snowboarding and skiing.

Packing your Skis and Snowboard

There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you cram as much stuff as humanly possible into your ski and snowboard bags. Right off the bat, it helps to create a checklist of items you know you’ll need to bring with you. Try to keep it short as space will be limited. We’ve created this handy list to help you get started.

board bag with snowboard and other items unpacked for flying with snowboards board bag packed with snowboard and other items


Depending on the length of you trip and how much gear you have there are a couple different ways you can pack up your snowboard bag. Most of the fully padded bags have PLENTY of room for all of your gear. Boards, bindings, boots, jacket, pants, gloves, helmet, goggles, layering and socks.  Literally everything will fit if you pack right. Just make sure that it stays under the weight limit for the airline you are flying with.

Longer trips

Shorter Trips

Flying with Multiple Boards

Board bags CAN fit multiple boards but there are definitely some things you need to know before packing. Depending on the size of your boards, bag, and if you plan on keeping the bindings mounted on both boards you should watch this video first.


Packing with skis is very similar to packing a snowboard bag you just need to shift things around a bit because of the location of the bindings. One thing that is good to have with packing skis is a sack or basic duffle style bag for your boots so the hard shell and buckles don’t scratch up your skis.

Airline Baggage Policies

Before you pack things up its good to check with the airline you are flying with to make sure you know their limits and requirements for flying, especially when it comes to oversize baggage.  Not ALL ski and snowboard bags are considered oversized but it ultimately it depends on the airline. The BIGGEST thing when it comes to flying with your skis and snowboard is to make sure you have fully padded bags. If your gear does get damaged in transit the airline will NOT compensate you for traveling with improper baggage, I’ve seen it happen.


 Once you’ve got your luggage picked out, your gear packed and your airline booked, it’s time to relax and get excited. Flying with snowboards or skis is a pretty easy task when you know what you’re doing, it can make your trip the memory of a lifetime. Flying with snowboards. 

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