Packing for Your Next Snowboard or Ski Trip

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The season for snowboarding and skiing is approaching fast. Temps are dropping, snow is in the weeks out forecast, resorts are getting prepped, and the nervous excitement of getting to be on snow again has reared its face to the front of your attention. With winter in mind, some of you may have already taken the time to start tuning your board, planning your white dreams and have some trips lined up. Snowboard and Ski trips with your friends have to easily be on the greatest parts of being on snow, but a poorly planned packing agenda can easily turn what was supposed to be a good time into a nightmare. So we compiled a list of gear to help you last minute procrastinators and space case packers to make sure you make the most of your time on your winter ski or snowboarding trip mobbing with your friends and family instead of scrambling and trying to remember if you packed more than just one pair of clothes for your 10-day trip…

-Snowboard/Ski Bags-

Choosing the right snowboard bag or ski bag is crucial. Whether you’re flying or just saving room in the rig with your buddies a good snowboard bag can make or break your trip. The bag featured above is the Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag which features a padded construction and tons of extra storage space for thing other than your snowboard, bindings and boots. It is not uncommon to take advantage of the size of your snowboard bag and store your clothes, outerwear, helmet, goggles and everything else you may need inside your bag to eliminate the need of extra bags that are only gonna take up more space in the car or you’re going to have to have checked at the airport. If you really can’t fit everything in one bag, ski and snowboard boot bags can be a helpful addition. The Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag also features rolling wheels on the bottom tail end which allows for easy transport in and out of terminals or through the resort parking lot and hotels.

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-Luggage Bags-

Luggage bags come in handy for packing your other essentials for a snowboard trip. Fleeces, softgoods, toiletries and other goods can all be stuff you toss in one of these bags. The featured pack above is the Dakine Split Roller 85L Travel Bag. The Split Roller bag is revealed in its name by having a full wrap zipper that splits the bag into two separate compartments for extra storage and easy access to your goods that you may need on your trip. The Dakine Split Roller also features a retractable handle and replaceable 8CM urethane wheels for easy hauling through your desired zone.

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The final piece to your pack. Your backpack. The Dakine Heli Pro 20L Backpack comes as one of the iconic bags in the Dakine lineup for a reason. It features plenty of key features you need on and off hill like a hydration/laptop sleeve, fleece lined goggle pocket, organized front compartment just to name a few. Also featuring a waist belt to make riding with this pack a breeze. Having the right backpack can make a trip a lot easier. Tons of storage make the pack an easy choice when bringing the bag as a carry on during a flight, for riding shotgun on your drive out to your next trip or making sure you got your day to day essentials on the top of the resort. The Dakine Heli Pro is the backpack of choice for Dakine pro’s and snowboard nerds alike for its great storage space, compatibility, and limited lifetime warranty.

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Now that you’ve mastered packing for flying, check out this handy guide for storing your gear in summer.

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