The Top 5 Best Powder Skis

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When it comes to skiing, one of the most important things you can do is choose a ski that matches with the type of terrain you’re skiing on the most. Just like how you wouldn’t want to ride a commuter bike down a mountain biking trail, you don’t want to be cruising down the slopes on skis that won’t perform well in that specific terrain, like park skis

If you’re someone who loves to or dreams of flying through powder, a pair of powder skis are going to be your best option! Powder skis are designed specifically to glide through and float through powder effortlessly. They are designed to be wider than a typical pair of skis which helps prevent them from sinking. They also have rocker in both the tip and tail, helping them to stay on top of the snow. 

Wondering if powder skis are the right choice for you? Ask yourself this: Where do you usually ski? If you stick to the groomers, powder skis are not for you! However, if you find yourself gravitating more and more to the backcountry in search of fresh snow, it may be time to add to your collection of all-mountain skis for a powder-specific option that will keep up with all of your activity and help you to progress confidently!

If you’re not sure where to start when looking for the best powder skis for this winter, check out our roundup of best powder skis for men and women below to help you get started! 

Top 5 Best Powder Skis 

  1. Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis

Starting off our list of best powder skis is this pair from Atomic. Designed to tackle big-mountain powder, these skis feature Dura Cap sidewall construction and a carbon backbone for durability. However, they are still extremely lightweight with a Light Woodcore, making them ideal for navigating your way through deep snow, helping you to avoid fatigue. These have a twin tip shape, providing versatility, and are best for intermediate or advanced skiers. 

  1. Rossignol Experience 94 Ti Skis

Next on our list of best powder skis is the Rossignol Experience 64 Ti pair, designed for the experts or almost-experts. These powerful skis are strong and sturdy, offering AIR TIP VAS technology that absorbs impact and provides you with better control and power transfer. The freeride-inspired profile makes your movements feel effortless as you glide through the powder and all over the mountain. While these skis can cruise through the deep fluff, they also work well on other terrain and other snow conditions, true do-it-all beasts.

  1. Salomon QST Blank Skis

Sleek and fresh looking, these Salomon skis are next on our list of best powder skis. These are another pair that are recommended for advanced or expert skiers as they are designed to tackle deeper powder and bigger mountains. With a combination of both rocker and camber, these skis will adapt to just about anywhere you’re skiing, offering the power and playfulness that you need to keep you going. Double sidewall construction provides plenty of stability while C/FX carbon in both the tip and tail of these skis will help you make quicker turns. 

  1. Roxy Shima 98 Skis – Women’s

For women skiers looking for something perfect for powder, look no further than the Roxy Shima 98 skis! These twin-tip skis are next on our list of best powder skis because they are a classic, solid option for intermediate to advanced skiers. A popular core keeps these skis lightweight, and camber underfoot paired with freeride rocker help you to float through the powder with ease. Full sidewall construction makes these durable and stable through all your activity. Roxy also makes high quality snowboards for women

  1. Salomon QST Stella 106 Skis – Women’s

Last but certainly not least on our list of best powder skis is another women’s ski option from Salomon. These are perfect for advanced women skiers who are looking for something that’s designed for powder while also being versatile. The Cork Damplifier paired with sandwich construction makes these skis durable and stable through all of your activity. The poplar core is responsive while rocker in the tip and tail help you to steer effortlessly around anything that comes your way and stay afloat. This is an option you can’t go wrong with! 

Hopefully this list has given you a good starting point when looking for the best powder skis for this season! After you’ve found the right pair of skis for you, don’t forget to browse our entire ski shop for other gear that you may need to replace, such as ski bindings or boots, so that you can ski with confidence anywhere you choose to explore. Have fun and stay safe out on the mountain this winter! 


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