The Top 5 Best Park Skis

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If you’re searching for a new pair of skis this season, it’s important to make sure you choose a style that matches what type of skiing you do. Specific skis are designed for specific types of terrain, so you want to make sure you are matching up your gear with what you’ll be skiing on. This will not only make it easier for you but will also allow the best performance possible. 

Do you hang out at the terrain park more than anywhere else? If so, you will want to look into getting a pair of park skis. Many park skis have a soft flex, a significant camber, twin tips, and are lightweight to help you get some air and nail each stunt more easily. Some park skis are versatile enough to be taken away from the park and are able to be skied on the rest of the mountain as well. 

If you’re ready to choose a new pair of park skis this winter but don’t know where to start looking, check out our roundup of top 5 best park skis. 

Top 5 Best Park Skis

  1. K2 Sight Skis

Starting off our list of best park skis are the K2 Sight skis. These offer a responsive feel with a narrow waist, making them a great option for progressing through all of your tricks and skills. All-Terrain Twin Rocker gives them a bit of versatility and ability to control more easily in all types of terrain. The Aspen Core is lightweight, helping you get off the ground and move more easily. These have a twin tip shape and are best for advanced or expert-level park skiers. 

  1. Head Oblivion 79 Skis

From the halfpipe to the rest of the mountain, these Head skis are next on our list of best park skis and are another versatile choice. They are fun yet sophisticated in their look and style and are sure to be your new favorite for years to come. Best for intermediate to advanced skiers, these skis feature primarily rocker underfoot and a twin tip shape, for a truly catch free, freestyle feel. Sandwich construction makes these skis durable and stable in all types of snow conditions. Plus, a scratch-resistant top sheet over these keeps them looking great through season after season of activity. 

  1. Volkl Bash 81 Skis

Next up on our list of best park skis are the Volkl Bash 81 skis which are great for beginner or intermediate skiers. Unlike the other skis listed above, this pair is heavily camber, allowing you more pop and energy helping you to land tricks with confidence and gain speed on the groomers. The multilayer wood core is a combination of maple and aspen, making the core more durable while reducing its weight. Finally, Tough Box Construction protects the core and adds durability so that these skis will last you plenty of trips to the park or the mountain. 

  1. Atomic Punx 5 Skis

Another great option for intermediate or advanced skiers are the Atomic Punx 5 skis. These skis are extremely lightweight and soft with a densolite core that helps to absorb any shock or vibration, which is why they made the list of best park skis. Park Rocker offers a combination of rocker and camber underfoot to give you some energy and a more catch free ride while still providing plenty of control. Last but not least, cap construction and Resist Edges offer durability and will keep these in great shape through all of your adventures.

  1. K2 Poacher Skis

Topping off our list of best park skis is another pair from the brand K2. Bright and eye-catching, these are perfect for intermediate to advanced skiers who want something to help them progress even further. These twin tips feature All-Terrain Twin Rocker for versatility in different snow conditions. The Double Barrel Core combines fir and aspen wood for power and energy while the TwinTech sidewalls aid in durability. If you’re wanting something with power and stability, that is up to whatever you can throw at it, you cannot go wrong with these! 

Ready to hit the park this winter? In addition to finding the best park skis, you also want to make sure you’re geared up with all of the other equipment you need for a successful ski outing, such as a helmet, goggles, and poles, so that you can stay safe and comfortable through all of your stunts! Visit our ski shop to find everything you need before your next trip to the slopes. We’ll see you out there! 

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