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When planning a trip out to the mountain, ski socks may not be the first thing on your mind. After all, you want to be sure that your skis and boots are in good condition and that you have a quality ski jacket and ski pants. However, wearing the wrong socks while skiing puts you at risk of having cold feet (literally), as well as having discomfort from your ski boots, inevitably sending you home early. This is why it’s important to be sure that you have the best ski socks to keep you feeling your best the entire time you’re out! 

How are ski socks different from regular socks? 

If you’re not familiar with ski socks, you might wonder what exactly makes them different from a pair of regular socks that you would wear every day. The first big difference is that ski socks are longer and go further up your shins than an everyday pair. This provides you with more warmth as well as a bit of protection from your boot rubbing or causing blisters. 

Many ski socks have an area of cushioning or padding along the shin or in the toes to prevent cuts, blisters, and other injuries as well as to just make you more comfortable in general. 

What materials make the best ski socks? 

Wool and wool blends

This has been a popular choice of ski sock material for years. Wool retains its warmth as well as wicks away moisture, ensuring that your feel will stay comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about frostbite. It’s also naturally odor resistant! 

Synthetic blends

Not everyone is a fan of wool, and some people are allergic. Synthetic blends, then, such as nylon-polyester have become more popular and are a great alternative that provides many of the same benefits that wool does. 

While cotton socks are fine for everyday wear, they are not recommended for wearing out to the slopes! Cotton can leave your feet cold, damp, and won’t offer the same protection that these other materials do. 

What are the best ski sock brands? 

Not sure where to start looking when choosing the best ski socks for you? Here are some of the top brands when it comes to the best ski socks: 


Smartwool is known for their high-quality merino wool options and other high-quality outerwear offerings. 

Le Bent

Creator of the first technical “snow sock,” Le Bent is a trusted brand when it comes to all things ski socks. 

Fox River

Fox River introduced Wick Dry® technology in 1985, which has been a game changer in keeping your feet dry and warm while you’re out on the slopes. 


Last but not least, Burton is another well-known snow sports brand, primarily snowboard gear, that offers quality ski socks. 

Still need help deciding? Let’s take a look at some of the top picks of the season when it comes to the best ski socks for you! 

Best Ski Socks for the Season

Smartwool X Vans Performance Snow Targeted Cushion Logo OTC Socks

First up on our list of best ski socks is this pair from Smartwool who partnered with Vans to create something high-quality, durable, and unlike any other! Cushioning in both the ball and heel ensure that your feet stay feeling supported in your ski boots all day while body-mapped mesh zones give these socks plenty of breathability. And with technology that has a name like Indusctructawool™, you can be certain that these socks will hold up to plenty of trips to the mountain for years to come! 

Burton Performance Lightweight Socks 

Looking for something a little lighter that’s better for warmer days? Try out these Burton ski socks. Plenty of ventilation makes these socks breathable while the quick-dry and odor-resistant polypropylene reinforced footbed keeps your feet both comfortable and odor free! They also feature sock lock reinforcements that prevent your heel from slipping. 

Smartwool PhD Ski Ultra-Light Print Socks 

Next on our list of best ski socks is another pair from Smartwool. Featuring a 4 Degree™ Elite Fit System, these ski socks fit like a glove, offering precision and comfort from your toes to your ankles. These offer Ultra-Light cushioning for better boot feel while having plenty of mesh venting for breathability. 

Le Bent Glacier Ultra-Light Socks

Another lightweight option is this pair from Le Bent. Shin pad cushioning keeps your shins protected and comfortable for a full day of skiing. The close and precise fit of these socks paired with the Stay Up Cuff keeps them from slipping and allows you plenty of range of motion throughout your activity.   

Smartwool PhD Ski Light Elite Socks – Women’s 

For women skiers, this Smartwool pair is a good option. Light Elite cushioning keeps these socks lightweight and feeling great for hour after hour of activity, while the 4 Degree™ Elite Fit System offers a precise fit. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the fun colors! 

Burton Performance Ultra-Light Socks – Women’s 

Finally on our list of best ski socks is this women’s pair from Burton. Stretchy, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, these socks are a great choice for those who want something lightweight, durable, and high quality. The chafe-free toe seam keeps your toes comfortable while articulated MotionFit offers a precise fit and feel. 

Ready to pick out the best ski socks this season? Check out our complete ski shop to find ski socks, kid’s sock options, and more! 



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