The Best New York Ski Resorts

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New York may not be the first northeastern state you think of when you want to go skiing, but it’s definitely worth visiting! With five peaks over 3,000 feet and one over 4,500, New York ski resorts may surprise you. Whether you’re in Manhattan, upstate, or visiting from elsewhere, there are plenty of options. 

While you won’t find the huge powder stashes like Colorado or Utah, you can still take in breathtaking views of the Adirondack Mountains. What New York ski resorts lack in heavy snowfall they make up for with fully loaded snowmaking equipment. Plus, many of these ski resorts are well-known for their vibrant après -ski scenes, dining experience, and more. 

But first…ski gear! 

New York resorts can get pretty cold so make sure you’re prepared with cozy jackets for men, women, and the whole family. When it comes to choosing a winter coat to keep you warm during ski season, make sure to choose a waterproof coat with plenty of breathability so you can make the most of your days on the slopes.

Once you’re sure you’re fully prepared with the gear you need, take a look at our top 8 ski resorts in New York.

Our Top 8 New York Ski Resorts

1.Hunter Mountain

Acreage: 320 acres 

Highest elevation point: 4,040 ft

Number of runs: 67

Best for: Epic Pass holders, groups, all-level skiers, long weekends

Of all the ski resorts in proximity to New York City, Hunter Mountain feels the most like big mountain skiing. It’s 3,000+ foot elevation and 1,600-foot vertical drop gives weekend warriors, city dwellers, and other New York locals the big mountain feel while being only a few hours away. With that proximity comes larger crowds, especially on weekends (something New Yorkers are used to, but the visiting skier may not be prepared for). Even with crowds considered, Hunter Mountain still makes this list with four mountain faces that spread out skiers by their skill level. Beginners or those who are brand new to skiing can get their bearings on the East face, while intermediate to advanced skiers can push their limits on 50 acres of advanced terrain. 

Due to its proximity to the city, Hunter Mountain has a vibrant après ski scene with some bars staying open until 4 AM. For those looking for a getaway weekend or a ski trip with a vibrant nightlife, this New York ski resort is a great option. Plus, groups with non-skiers will have plenty to do!  

2. Kissing Bridge 

Acreage: 700 acres 

Highest elevation point: 1,750 ft 

Number of runs:  39

Best for: Families, groups, late-night skiing, all-level skiers

For families looking to stay a little closer to the city, Kissing Bridge is a great option. It is New York’s largest ski resort with 700 acres. While half of all trails are marked intermediate level, Kissing Bridge is well regarded for its youth skiing classes, both for slopes and terrain parks. With lift tickets in the $45 – $75 range, this is one of the most affordable options for learning how to ski. 

We also love that Kissing Bridge has a great lighting system, which keeps the lifts open late- sometimes as late as 10 PM. Kissing Bridge also offers a generous military discount for both individual lift tickets and season passes.

3. Gore Mountain

Acreage: 428 acres

Highest elevation point: 3,600 ft

Number of runs: 110

Best for: long weekends, groups, intermediate to advanced skiers, cross country skiing

Freshly updated with two new quad lifts and an artillery of snowmaking machines, we’re really excited about Gore Mountain right now. One of New York’s biggest and tallest peaks, Gore Mountain is located roughly one hour from Syracuse in the Adirondacks and features a 2,600+ foot vertical drop and over 100 marked trails. One thing we love about this resort is its long runs, the longest stretching nearly 4.5 miles from top to bottom. Intermediate and advanced skiers have the most terrain to enjoy, with roughly 90% of trails marked for experienced skiers. Gore Mountain also offers both private and group lessons for kids, teens, and adults. For those looking for a cross country skiing experience, Gore Mountain has 12 cross country skiing trails. 

Gore Mountain ski resort is surrounded by highly rated restaurants, craft breweries and lodging options, making the après ski scene here about as charming as it gets. 

4. Holiday Valley Resort

Acreage: 290 acres 

Highest elevation point: 2,250 ft 

Number of runs: 60

Best for: long-weekends, all-level skiers, park skiers, families

Just one hour south of Buffalo, New York, Holiday Valley Resort lives up to its name as a great vacation destination. It’s New York’s third largest ski resort, with as much terrain for beginners as advanced skiers. This is a great resort for intermediate level skiers looking to find their edge, with over one-third of trails marked with at least one black diamond. Freestylers can get tricky in any of the four terrain parks with various difficulty levels and a mixture of jumps, boxes, and rails. 

Holiday Valley also features a winter roller coaster called the “Sky Flyer”. Open on weekends, this low-to-the-ground ride weaves through the woods on a scenic tour making it great for families, couples, or anyone looking for something different on a ski trip.

5.  Whiteface Mountain 

Acreage: 288 acres 

Highest elevation point: 4,867 ft 

Number of runs: 90

Best for: groups, families, all-level skiers, good snow conditions

One of the best-known ski resorts in New York, Whiteface Mountain is by far the tallest ski resort with a peak elevation of nearly 4,900 feet, over 1,000 feet taller than the second-tallest peak. This height gives Whiteface a seriously impressive 3,429 foot vertical. Surprisingly, this doesn’t lead to the longest runs in the state. The longest run is 2 miles long, so you’re still in for a solid day of skiing. That being said, Whiteface’s 80 runs give skiers plenty of terrain to enjoy. Intermediate and advanced level skiers have the most terrain to work with well over 100 acres of trails marked blue and black diamond. Whiteface has invested heavily in their snowmaking efforts, with 250 machines covering 97% of the trails with snow. 

There are plenty of dining options right on the mountain including a waffle cafe, a wine bar, and six more dining options. Visitors can also enjoy the Cloudsplitter Gondola ride, a 15-minute ride from base-to-peak with sweeping views of the Adirondacks!

6. Windham Mountain 

Acreage: 285 acres 

Highest elevation point: 3,100 ft

Number of runs: 54

Best for: Ikon Pass holders, beginner to intermediate skiers, park skiers, tubing

In between Albany and Manhattan, Windham Mountain, serves an excellent get away from the city. It’s relatively low-ticket prices and smaller crowds make it an appealing alternative to other resorts in the area, not to mention its 1,600-foot vertical height. Beginners and intermediates will find plenty of terrain accessible to them, while expert skiers still have some solid choices to choose from. Park skiers should also consider Windham Mountain because of its thoughtful six terrain parks. 

For groups looking to mix up their activities, Windham Mountain, New York also has winter tubing open on the weekends. Windham Mountain also offers a virtual simulator of the slopes, something you don’t see at every resort! 

7. Belleayre Mountain

Acreage: 175 acres 

Highest elevation point: 3,430 ft

Number of runs: 50

Best for: intermediate skiers, New York locals, early season and spring skiing

Just a few hours away from New York City is Belleayre Mountain, one of the state’s most beloved ski resorts. Despite its relatively small acreage, Belleayere has over 50 marked trails and is one of the 5 tallest ski peaks in New York. It is generally regarded as one of the best places for intermediate skiers, with most of its runs marked blue and offers a steepness that never gets old. Thanks to its location in the Catskill Mountains, it has a long ski and snowboard season, running from November to March.

Belleayre has numerous dining experiences to choose from spread across its four separate lodges. 

8. Titus Mountain 

Acreage: 200 acres 

Highest elevation point: 2,025 ft

Number of runs: 36

Best for: Indy Pass holders, families, beginner to intermediate skiers

We know that upstate New Yorkers have a whole different lifestyle than those on the island and we know their choices in skiing and ski resorts are unique too. That’s why we included Titus Mountain on our short list of New York resorts. While just over 2,000 feet of elevation, Titus Mountain still has a 1,200-foot vertical with much of its terrain marked green and blue. This makes it a great option for families and beginners. Titus Mountain is easily accessible from upstate New York, Montreal, Ontario, and eastern Vermont. 

Did any of these New York ski resorts catch your eye? Check out them out this winter season and let us know what you think! We love hearing from you. As always, you can share your memories and photos with us by tagging us on our Instagram

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