Our 5 Favorite Ski Resorts for Spring Skiing and Snowboarding

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There is something delightfully different about spring skiing and snowboarding! The soft, sometimes slushy, snow creates a more casual riding environment.Puffy jackets, ski clothing, and excessive layering take a backseat to lightweight shell jackets and even hoodies and t-shirts. Even snowboard goggles are sometimes replaced by sunglasses. The mountain feels like a party during spring skiing and snowboarding!

Not only are the die-hards in a good mood, but your fair-weather skier and snowboarder friends are also finally joining in to enjoy the warm temperatures, sunshine, and easy-going riding.

For beginners, spring can be a great time to learn, because of the comfortable temperatures and the soft snow! For intermediate to advanced riders, late season conditions offer a great opportunity for more easy-going days, this can be a good time to test your skills on more difficult terrain.

“Spring Skiing” looks different at every resort. Some ski resorts have conditions that make for a long, fun spring season. Others seem to go from dumping snow to suddenly no snow at all, after only a few precious days. A few ski resorts are even open for summer skiing and snowboarding. Sure, it is not the whole mountain, but it is a fun collection of dedicated riders and even professional athletes.

Shed your excess layers, leave the parka at home, grab your freeze baby friends, and head to the mountain, spring skiing is worth it! Find out why we chose the following resorts as our “Favorite Resorts for Spring Skiing and Snowboarding!” – Just do not forget the sunscreen, really.

Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort

No matter the time of the year, Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort is one of our top ski resorts. However, in the springtime, Whistler is awfully hard to beat. Not only do they average a ton of fresh snow during the spring months, but they also have warmer temperatures and tons of open runs. 

Whether you are looking for an overnight snow dump to bluebird powder day or magnificent soft snow sunshine day, these mountains will deliver on spring skiing. Whistler Blackcomb is also world-renowned for having a wide variety of dining options, bars, Apres-ski activities, and spas. 

Mammoth Resort

If you are looking for a party on the mountain, the skiing crowd at Mammoth Mountain is unbeatable. Skiers and snowboarders alike flock to this versatile resort for their snow conditions.

With reputable terrain parks, trails for all level riders, and tons of acreage, Mammoth is a great choice year-round. Boasting one of the longest skiable seasons in North America, this will likely be the spot you have the last hoorah of the season. If you seriously do not want the season to end, check the conditions, and head to Mammoth in the summer, you can get some turns in as late as July, depending on the year.

Stratton Mountain Resort

In the heart of Vermont, East of Manchester, lies Stratton Mountain Resort. This resort offers a variety of terrain that every skill level rider can conquer! While this resort may not have as much acreage as some of the other big mountain resorts on this list, it is still a fantastic time.

On top of the fun, soft snow, this area has an exciting village scene, an annual pond skim, tons of live music, and other memorable events. With less of a crowd on the mountain, discounted prices, in-town attractions, and tons of sunshine, this resort is the hidden gem of North East spring skiing. 

Mt. Bachelor Ski & Snowboard Resort

Boasting tons of fun festivals and competitions, great terrain for all riding levels, and amazing spring conditions, Mt. Bachelor resort is one of the best places for spring skiing. In March and into April, this area typically gets lots of snow, so if temperatures are low, you could be blessed with a powder day. If you are looking for slush, this resort offers lots of warm temperatures for most of the spring season!

As if the less crowded slopes and good conditions were not enough, when you are finished skiing or snowboarding, Bend, Oregon has so much to offer. Mountain biking, breweries, golfing, and so much more.

Snowbird Resort

Topping off our roundup is a gem located in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah. Snowbird Resort is one of the best destinations for skiers and snowboarders looking for an all-around great on-mountain experience. 

Spring slush seekers and powder lovers alike can find the snow they love in Utah at the end of the season. With tons of snow dumping in March and lots of sunshine through April, Snowbird has some of the best conditions in the country. You will also enjoy expansive patios, tons of live music, and lots of Apres-ski activities at Snowbird. 

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