2013 Hyperlite Franchise Jimmy LaRiche Wakeboard Review


Hyperlite Franchise The first thing you'll enviously notice staring that the Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard is the graphic.  The Hyperlite Visual Liberation is a collection of wakeboards that draws inspiration from [...]

2013 Hyperlite Franchise Jimmy LaRiche Wakeboard Review2021-09-29T19:39:35+00:00

Ronix One ATR Wakeboard


2012 Ronix One ATR Wakeboard The Ronix One ATR is built with everything you need to to take on any wake or cable park. Like many high end snowboards the Ronix One ATR features [...]

Ronix One ATR Wakeboard2021-10-12T15:37:21+00:00

MN Spring Ride 2012


This 3 day event took place in northern Mn! It was a great way to kick off the 2012 Wakeboarding season! This is some of the 2012 MN Spring Ride footage, [...]

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$99 Wakeboard -This Weekend Only!


Come by our showroom this weekend and pick up a new Gator Wakeboard for only $99 (that’s like 75% Off).  The Gator Militant Wakeboard comes in a 136cm which is perfect for guys who [...]

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Ronix District Wakeboard Boot


Ronix Wakeboards new 2011 District Wakeboard Binding. So, what we have a stage two liner that's new in this wakeboard boot, which is a lighter foam. It's a more comfortable, [...]

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