Liquid Force 2012 Wakeboard Sneek Peek

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A couple of the House Crew just spent a few days in Orlando at Surf Expo and had a chance to take peek at Liquid forces NEW line of 2012 wakeboards. Here is your chance to see it before everyone else!

2012 Liquid Force Witness Grind

The LF Witness Grind is built LF Tough.  Same smooth Witness shape with a tough Grind Base, this board will take a beating and keep coming back. This board has been placed in the demo fleet at every L.F. Cable park and now you know why.  Hit rails, kickers, rocks or just plain whatever. Jibby jabby Happy fun!

2012 Liquid Force Watson

The Watson is the staple of the L.F. line.  All around explosive performance and forgiveness. Same loaded shape as last year with updated killer graphics! Come on! It’s Shawn’s board… Have you seen this guy ride?! Smooth and cool! This is one board that you’re going to want to see in person.

2012 Liquid Force Watson Hybrid

The Watson Hybrid can do it all. Did I not just get done talking about this! Same awesome shape with some grind and press friendly features. Truly an all A+rounder!

2012 Liquid Force Watson Classic

The Watson Classic! This says it! Tried and True… This board has been in the line for years… and why because it works! Anyone can ride it and while you may not turn into the Watson that you seek you will find yourself quite pleased!

2012 Liquid Force Tex – Tom Fooshee

Tom Fooshee’s new whip!! Everything is big in Tex!  The King of the Cable has finally designed a versatile and easy ride that can go from boat to cable. Check him out and you’ll see what I mean! Poke and Grind!

2012 Liquid Force Shane Hybrid

Shane Bonifay is now flying high on his new Hybrid.  Being the lightest of the Hybrids with the most contours, Shane has designed this board to ride on and over everything.  Press and pop to all new highs. The Shane takes board feedback to a whole new level!

2012 Liquid Force S4

The Liquid Force S4 is the creation from the 2 time Pro Wakeboard Tour Champion Phillip Soven.  A loose yet explosive ride, this board is a tournament killer! Hip to the Hop with the S4 and look it sparkles!

2012 Liquid Force PS3

PS3! PS what? Phillip Soven’s old Pro Model has moved down the line and become something for everyone.  This board is smooth as silk. Easy turns, predicable pop, easy landings. This is progression to the max! Get one before they are gone!

2012 Liquid Force Peak

The LF Peak is not your typical board! It’s for Zz-Germans! Nico Von Lerchenfeld is destroying all of the German cable parks he can and of course the Peak is his weapon of choice.  This board is a machine! With a tough grind base and flex to go with it, you can take laps over and over and over and over and…. well you get the point! So give this cable park monster a little slap and tickle. Trust me, you will love it.

2012 Liquid Force Harley

The Harley is one of the Newest creations coming out of L.F.  Introduced last year as one of the fastest and most explosive boards yet.  Harley Clifford has had a little help from this bad boy! Really this kid is talented and has put together one of the best boards in the line. If you want to go big this is the board for you.

2012 Liquid Force Deluxe Hybrid

The Deluxe is a combination of smooth and lively! Totally Smively! Kevin Henshaw dreamed it and Jimmy created it! Have confidence riding behind the boat and on the rails! Zoom in on that Graphic! SICK!

2012 Liquid Force Melissa Hybrid

Melissa, Melissa, Mellisa, What can I say? She RIPS! Melissa Marquardt puts most guys to shame and this board helps her do it. Fast yet predictable, smooth yet snappy.  The Melissa Hybrid will take everything you throw at it!

2012 Liquid Force Luna

The Liquid Force Luna is the twins sister of the PS3. Easy, Predictable and has a killer ladies graphics ta boot! All of the L.F. ladies have been on this thing at some point in there career.  Now fellas, check out the matching setup…… The lady will love you!


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