The 10 Best Standup Paddle Boards

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Looking for a fun and laid-back way to enjoy some time on the water this summer? Paddle boarding is a great activity that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages and experience levels! If this is a hobby you’ve found yourself interested in and are ready to invest in the best paddle board for you, it can be hard to know where to start when selecting one. After all, there are a wide variety of paddle board shapes, sizes, and materials available, so you may be wondering which is the best paddle board for you.

The biggest thing to take in consideration when choosing the best paddle board for you is stability. You’ll want a board you can feel confident and comfortable on while you’re exploring the water! However, this can change depending on where you’re paddling, so ask yourself these questions:

Where am I most likely to paddle and what are the conditions of the water?

Paddling on a quiet lake will be a lot different than paddling in the ocean! Similarly, paddling in a lake or river that’s often heavy with boat traffic will be a lot different than a small lake that doesn’t allow motorboats. If you know you’ll likely be exploring places with rougher waters, you’ll want something wider with a narrow tip that will offer plenty of stability and help you cut through waves.

What are my paddle board goals?

This might sound like a strange thing to ask yourself, but it’s worth thinking about. What are you hoping to get out of paddle boarding? Is it exploring? Are you hoping to try paddle board yoga? Do you want something you can also use for surfing in the ocean? Are you hoping to become competitive? You’ll want to be sure that you choose the best paddle board to use for whatever type of paddling you’re hoping to do!

Our Top 6 Best Paddle Boards

Radar Lil Buddy

The first on our list of best paddle boards is this option for children who are just starting out! Designed with smaller people in mind, it provides plenty of stability with its solid board design. Its pointed nose makes it easy for kids to maneuver this board, and it’s also easy to transport wherever you want to go. The EVA deck pad will keep your little one’s feet or knees comfortable as they paddle. Plus, you can never go wrong with a fun bright color!

Connelly Tahoe

Looking for a classic inflatable option? The Connelly Tahoe makes our list of best paddle boards because of its versatility and the stability it offers! Bungee cords near the tip make it easy to bring any gear along with you while you paddle, and you can easily deflate it and roll it up for transporting or storing it when it’s not in use. Inflatables are the perfect option for individuals that live in an apartment or smaller home or would like to travel with their board.

Fanatic Fly Air

Another great inflatable option is this eye-catching paddle board! It’s another great all-around board that provides stability in a variety of water conditions with its rounded tip and tail. A removable fin will help you steer and control your board with ease while the handle on the deck makes it easy to carry. It is available in two different sizes, so you can easily choose one that works best for you!

O’Brien Kona

This all-around inflatable choice also makes our list of best paddle boards! It’s an affordable option for those who are just starting out, and like the other all-around boards, it offers all the stability you need with its wider shape and rounded tip and tail. Like the others, it features bungees for keeping your items secure along with a removable fin. This is a great first board!

Fanatic Ray Air Pocket

If touring is more your style, you’ll want to check out this option we’ve highlighted on our list of best paddle boards! The narrow tail and pointed tip make it easy to glide smoothly and easily in calm waters and cut through the waves on windy days. Storage and transportation are a breeze with Fanatic’s Micro Technology that keeps the board lightweight for packing down while still being durable. This speedy option is great for those who would like to go fast, get a workout, or compete.

CTRL Ashland Yoga

Last on our list of best paddle boards is this CTRL option that is perfect for those who are eager to get on the water for their next yoga session! This wide deck offers plenty of space for you and your gear that you can secure with the bungee cords near the tip and tail. The three fins underneath the board provide plenty of stability when you’re practicing your poses, so you can feel confident that you’ll get the most out of your time on the water!

Are you ready to soak up the sun and enjoy your time on the water this summer? Be sure you check out our paddle board shop so that you can find the perfect board for your and gear up on all of your must-have accessories to make the most of your outings!

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