How to Buy a Wakeboard Rope and Handle

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When it comes to choosing wakeboard gear, the rope and handle are likely the last things on your mind. After all, you want to first be sure you have a wakeboard, bindings, and life jacket that fit you comfortably and are suited to your skill level. However, the rope is a necessary part of this sport, so it’s something you’ll want to put plenty of thought into choosing! We’re going to go over the difference between different types of ropes for different water sports as well as what to look for when picking out your wakeboard rope, so keep reading!

Wakeboard Rope vs Water Ski Rope

What is the difference between a wakeboard rope and a water ski rope? Wakeboard ropes have basically no stretch, whereas water ski ropes have more stretch and are more flexible. Why does this matter? While you’re wakeboarding, you’ll want to get as much power as you can and having a rope with zero give will allow you just that.

Wakeboard Rope and Handle Specifics

Now that you know why it’s important to choose a wakeboard-specific rope, let’s go over some of the specific parts and materials that different ropes and handles are made of.

  • Handle

Wakeboard handles are usually 13 – 15 inches in length. The wider the handle, the easier it is to land more tricks! This is why wakeboard handles are wider than water ski handles. Diameters in handles can vary, so it’s helpful to try gripping one in person so you can get a sense of if it’s a good fit for your hand size or not. They are made with EVA foam which is comfortable for your hands to grip while you ride.

  • Rope Material

Wakeboard ropes are designed with a wide variety of different materials. Here is a list of a few of the most popular materials along with their benefits and possible downsides:

  • Poly E: This material is great for beginners. It has a little bit of stretch to it, making it more forgiving for those who are just starting to learn tricks. Ropes made with this material tend to be less expensive than higher-end options that are better suited for experienced wakeboarders.
  • Dyneema: If you’re looking for a quality wakeboard rope, dyneema is a good way to go! This material is strong, lightweight, and also holds up well to saltwater and UV rays, making it durable and a long-lasting option you can use for years. It’s a great choice for advanced wakeboarders!
  • Solin: This rope material is as strong and durable as Dyneema as well as less expensive! However, a downside is that it doesn’t float as well in the water and can become more easily tangled than other options.
  • Spectra: This is another lightweight option and is 10 times stronger than steel. It floats and has no stretch which makes it another good option for advanced wakeboarders!
  • Other Features

In addition to the handle and rope material, wakeboard ropes can have a V handle or T handle attached to the main handle. These allow you to pre-wrap the handle behind your back while you’re doing 360s and other tricks.

Some wakeboard ropes also have coatings that give them added strength and UV light protection as well as help prevent knots and tangles.

How long of a wakeboard rope do I need?

Wakeboard rope lengths vary from 55 – 75 feet. For those who are just starting out, try going for something right in the middle, around 65 feet in length. The most important thing is that you have a rope that allows you to clear the wake.

Longer ropes will allow you more speed and spend more time in the air. This is why they work well for more advanced wakeboarders. Shorter ropes, though, can be good for beginner and intermediate wakeboarders since they allow you to clear the wake more easily without having to pick up too much speed. If you’ve been using a shorter rope but are ready to take it up a notch, it may be time to purchase one that’s a bit longer so that you can really test your skills!

Hopefully, this has been a helpful guide when it comes to selecting a new wakeboard rope and handle, whether it’s your first time picking one out or you’re replacing your old gear. Be sure you also check out our complete wakeboard shop for all the gear you need before you get behind the boat this season!

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