The Best Bike Helmets | 2021

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When it comes to selecting a new bike helmet, there are many things you should ask yourself. How does it fit? Will it stay on? Is it comfortable and breathable? Will it fit the type of riding I will be doing? What are the best bike helmets available? If you’re in need of a new helmet this season, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn what to look for in a helmet as well as to see our roundup of the best bike helmets for 2021!

What is the best bike helmet for me?

It can be hard to know where to start when searching for a new helmet that fits your needs (and your head). First, start by asking yourself what type of biking you do. Road bikers will want something lightweight with lots of ventilation, which is why a road bike helmet is the best choice! On the other hand, if mountain biking is your hobby, you’ll need to get a mountain bike helmet. These offer extended coverage on the back of your head since mountain biking has more risk of injury than other forms of biking. Some styles even have a chin bar for added protection. For those who enjoy just biking casually, there are also recreational bike helmets that are less technical than road-specific ones and come in a larger variety of styles.

Bike Helmet Features

  • MIPS Technology

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This technology works the best to keep your head protected, specifically if you experience angled impact, in the event of injury. Helmets that have MIPS are often a little pricier, but they are worth it for the sake of keeping yourself safe and are what make up some of the best bike helmets on the market.

  • Ventilation

            All helmets offer ventilation, but not all of them offer the same amount. As stated above,

what you’re looking for may depend on the style of biking you’re doing. If you generally

run hot, especially as you exercise, you’ll want to select the best option with lots of           venting.

  • Buckles

All helmets have some kind of buckling system to keep the straps secure under your chin. Most helmets have standard clip buckles, but other options have magnetic buckles that make it easier to secure or unclip while you’re wearing gloves.

  • Visor

Some bike helmets, especially helmets for mountain biking, include a visor on the front. This not only protects your eyes from the bright sun, but it also keeps your face safe from low-hanging branches and other objects that could hit your face while you’re riding.

Best Bike Helmets for 2021

When it comes to trying to find the best bike helmet this season, check out our roundup of top options:

Giro Isode MIPS Bike Helmet

This is a great choice for road biking or casual cruising. It’s lightweight with 22 vents and quick-dry padding, so you can rest assured your head won’t overheat while you’re out. It also features the Roc Loc Sport MIPS system for quick and easy adjustments at the turn of a dial.

Giro Verce MIPS Bike Helmet – Women’s

For women who enjoy mountain biking, this is one of the best bike helmets for women! The full hardbody shell makes this helmet durable while the removable visor allows you to customize the style from the trails to the streets. This helmet also features the Roc Loc Sport MIPS system, making it one of the best bike helmets on the market!

Bell Full-9 Fusion Bike Helmet

Looking for something that offers maximum protection? Look no further! This motocross-inspired helmet has everything you need to keep you safe and comfortable on the trails! It features a lightweight carbon shell, magnetic cheekpads, and integrated Eject system compatibility. Plus, it has a Soundtrax speaker system, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes as you ride. What more could you need?

Bell Coast MIPS Bike Helmet – Women’s

Hit the road with this MIPS bike helmet for women! This option has an easy-to-use Ergo Fit system that allows you to customize the fit along with a removable visor. Plenty of ventilation works to keep your head cool on hot days or long rides. It also is lightweight and looks great!

Bern Hudson MIPS Bike Helmet

If you’re in search of a casual, recreational-style helmet option, this one is a solid choice! It has all of the safety features you want such as the MIPS system and LED lights that allow you to be seen when you’re biking at night. 13 vents also allow for plenty of airflow while you ride. This is definitely one of the best bike helmets for city biking!

No matter what kind of biking you do, you can easily find the best bike helmets available to fit every size, riding style, and personal preference at The House! Be sure to check out our complete bike shop to find all the protective gear you need this season so that you can stay safe wherever you venture!

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