Stand-up paddleboarding looks simple enough as far as outdoor sports go–a board and a paddle. What else do you need? If you’re new to the world of paddleboarding, it can be hard to know what exactly you should invest in to make the most out of this activity. Some people wear lifejackets, some wear ankle leashes, but what things are really necessary? Here are 7 must-have stand-up paddleboarding accessories that will help you make the most out of your next trip on the water.

Inflatable Belt Pack

Hopefully, you’ll be spending more time on your board than in the water, but it’s always better to be on the safe side. Lifejackets are great, but they can be bulky and get in the way. Inflatable belt packs are a more preferable choice for those who are planning on being out on the water for longer periods of time. They are compact and won’t limit your movement. Some have storage compartments where you can keep your phone or other small items safe. [Buy Here]


This is more needed for those who are paddling rivers and oceans and are at more of a risk of falling into the water. Nevertheless, a leash is still important so that you don’t lose your board if encountering expected (or unexpected) rough waters. Coiled leashes are compact and won’t drag while straight leashes are better for paddling out in the waves. Breakaway leashes have a quick release and are recommended for river paddling. [Buy Here]

Roof Rack

This is a necessity for anyone planning on driving anywhere with their board. Even if your vehicle is large enough to fit a board inside, transporting it on a rack will help ensure that it doesn’t bang around in the back of your car and get damaged while you drive. Be sure to check what dimensions you need for your specific vehicle before purchasing. We offer rack pads for existing roof racks that can be purchased here

Paddle Bag

This is great for transporting your paddle, especially if you have to hike a ways to the water. Rather than clumsily trying to haul your paddle with your other gear, carry it over your shoulder in a strapped bag. In addition to easy travel, storing your paddle in a bag will also keep it protected. [Buy Here]

Replacement Fin

Fins play a huge role in how your board will glide and maneuver on the water. Without a fin, the board is more difficult to turn and control. It’s good to have a backup fin on hand in the event that your current fin gets damaged. Look into purchasing one with an easy clip-in, installation process that doesn’t require screws or screwdrivers. These are also easy to remove when storing your board. [Buy Here]

Waterproof Bag

Whether you just want a place to store a snack or you’re hoping to go out and snap some photos of the sunrise, a waterproof bag is something you’ll want to keep all your belongings safe and dry. Some bags are specifically designed to be used on paddleboards as a deck bag and can be directly attached to its surface. These are perfect for ensuring that all of your items stay secure. [Buy Here]

Bluetooth Earbuds

Last of all, what’s a workout without your favorite tunes? If you’re planning on using your paddleboard to get your daily workout in, bluetooth earbuds are a must. They are great for paddling since they don’t have a cord that gets in the way. [Buy Here]

Whether you’re new to this activity or this is your hundredth time on a paddleboard, these accessories can help you make your next trip safer, easier and more fun. Consider investing in these before the next time you head out on the water.

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About the Author:

My name is Emily, and I live in Saint Paul, MN. I’ve loved being in, on, or near the water for as long as I can remember, whether it’s swimming, tubing, water skiing or even just hiking along the shore. I love paddleboarding because of how versatile and easy it is to learn. One of my goals in life is to paddleboard around as many Minnesota lakes as I can. I love canoeing and kayaking as well. Last summer, I got to kayak a glacier water lake in Alaska, which was super fun. Speaking of Alaska, I enjoy traveling whenever I get the opportunity and am pretty good at fitting a lot of clothes in a small suitcase. I’m an English graduate, so if you need me, I’m probably drinking my fourth cup of coffee and fixing whatever grammar mistakes I can find.

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  1. Linda Broberg July 1, 2018 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    Wow this was so informative and well written This is definitely a sport I am interested in getting more involved in.

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