Ronix District Wakeboard Boot

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Ronix Wakeboards new 2011 District Wakeboard Binding. So, what we have a stage two liner that’s new in this wakeboard boot, which is a lighter foam. It’s a more comfortable, and it’s a foam that will not pack down. What that means is each time you put the boot on, it’s going to feel exactly the same. It’s not temperature sensitive. It’s just going to feel like it did Day One.

We’ve got a PVC solvent free boot. We have an eco-friendly boot, and the boot’s 20 percent lighter. So what we have is we have a two piece shell system. It’s got an articulating cuff, and what that means is, as you’re bending the boot, as you’re getting a lot of flex in it, you’re not going to get the wrinkles and the hot spots that the one piece shells normally have. So, one of the really unique things with the District boot is the floating tongue. What the floating tongue does is, it really allows you to customize. Some people like to really crank down on the laces and other people don’t like that really tight fit up too high. You’ll still get a snug fit across your whole foot.

One of the really cool things that we’ve done this year with the District boot is we’ve put these really low friction eyelets in and what it does is it takes way less effort to pull and tighten your boot. So what we have here with the District boot is a baseless plate. We came out with this a few years ago and it’s really been a big hit, so much more feedback from the board to the rider.

What we’ve done is we’ve really addressed all the different foot sizes and we’ve addressed the needs of the rider. So what we’ve got is we’ve got a really light boot that’s a super comfortable boot, easy to get into. I really, really want a boot that I can just slide my foot into and snug it tight. I don’t want to go through all the steps with it. So, if you’re looking for a really super light, supportive, comfortable boot, you really need to give the District a shot.

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