Different Styles of Skiing

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Whether you are a seasoned skier, a novice hoping to advance, or a winter lover looking to start skiing, learning something new is always a good idea! Skiing is a great way to get outside and get active, but more than that, it can bring you to beautiful places and often helps to create life-long memories.

An enjoyable sport for all ages and all activity levels, skiing is far from one note. Beginners and casual skiers can enjoy all mountain downhill skiing, sticking to the blues and greens. Advanced skiers can conquer fast turns, sleep black diamonds, and hidden powder stashes with finely engineered backcountry skis.

Discover the different skiing styles and learn something new or pick up another pair of skis and try a new style! Looking to make the transition into something a little more creative? Try freestyle or park skiing, grab a pair of twin tips, and hit some rails. Tired of groomers? Find a wide pair and get off the beaten track with backcountry skis. _____________________________________________________________________________

Alpine or Downhill Skiing

The most common form of skiing, this is likely the type that comes to mind. Primarily resort-based, this popular option is a great place to start. Whether you’re new or advanced, there’s something for everyone on the groomers. From the bunny hill to the blue squares, you’ll find skiers looking to learn and advance – perhaps looking to have a casual day after a beer or two in the chalet. Move on to the black and double black diamonds, these skiers know what they’re doing and are seasoned riders. 

The moral of the story: don’t be intimidated by downhill skiing. If you’d like to get started, consider a lesson to gain confidence, and take it easy, this will quickly become a life-long love. 

If you’re already comfortable skiing greens and blues on the groomers and you’re looking to step up your game, consider investing in a new pair of skis. The technology available in skis at higher price points offers vibration dampening technology, superior edge grip, and many other quality features. 

Recommended skiAll-Mountain Skis, consider ability. A soft rockered directional ski will be best for beginners. If you’re looking to level up, consider a stiffer cambered ski. 


Backcountry Skiing

If you’re feeling confident in your skills and you’d like to ditch the busy groomers, backcountry skiing might be for you. This type of skiing involves some uphill hiking, moving across the mountain, and when you find the perfect line of untouched snow, it’s all worth it! 

Backcountry skis are crafted to be lightweight for ease of movement and have a wider width like a traditional powder ski. If you’d prefer to hike or you have the option, you can strap your skis to your back and trek in snowshoes or boots. As for the run, backcountry skiers gain access to nearly the whole mountain and “playground” if you will. Not for the faint-hearted but worth it for the avid skier!

Recommended ski: Wide, supportive powder ski.


Freestyle Skiing

Developed later on as a natural progression of several different skiing types, freestyle skiing is a style found in parks and half-pipes. Think jumps, rails, boxes, tricks, if we’re being honest here, if it looks cool, it’s probably freestyle. These twin tip loving skiers are often thrill-loving adrenaline seekers by nature. Don’t let that scare you off if you want to learn a few tricks and see how it feels, head to a mini-park for practice. Freestyle skiing offers a fun and creative alternative for those who are tired of linking turns and carving on the groomers day in and day out. 

Recommended ski: Freestyle skiers should go with a twin tip shape.


Honorary Mention

Cross-Country Skiing

Commonly also known as Nordic skiing, this is ideal for the winter lover who wants to skip resort lines and enjoy nature. Classic cross-country skis can be used just about anywhere it snows, whether you’d prefer to go on a track or get a sturdy pair and protective cross-country ski boots for trails. A combination of mostly flat terrain, a bit of an uphill workout, and a rewarding downhill win, you can explore for miles with these skis. A great form of exercise, if you’d like to step it up, consider skate skis for a higher intensity activity. 

Recommended XC ski: A skate or classic style, depending on what you’d like to do. 


When it comes to skiing, you really can’t go wrong. It’s about getting outside, staying active, and enjoying winter. If you are just getting started, consider investing in your own pair to truly fall in love with the sport. For the seasoned skiers, treat yourself! You deserve an upgrade to help improve performance and reignite the fire.

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