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Size: 172cm, 181cm
$204.95 204.95 $359.95 (43% Off)
Size: 175cm
$499.95 499.95 $749.95 (33% Off)

Size: 164cm, 172cm, 180cm, 188cm
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Size: 174cm
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Size: 178cm
$513.95 513.95 $699.95 (27% Off)
Size: 195cm
$427.95 427.95 $599.95 (29% Off)

Size: 176cm
$522.95 522.95 $749.95 (30% Off)
Size: 173cm, 180cm, 187cm
$453.95 453.95 $800.00 (43% Off)

Size: 173cm, 182cm, 188cm
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Size: 177cm, 185cm, 191cm
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Size: 172cm, 179cm, 186cm
$799.99 799.99 $900.00 (11% Off)
Size: 176cm, 184cm, 192cm
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Size: 171cm, 180cm, 189cm
$699.00 699.00 $800.00 (13% Off)
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Heading into the deep snow this winter? Thinking about heading off the beaten path? Better grab a pair of powder skis. Worn by deep snow skiers all around the world, the powder ski doesn't have a rival in the land of the deep. You aren't going to make it through that deep snow without them.

With widths ranging from 105mm to 130mm, you'll never have to worry about getting slowed down while out chasing freshies. The extra width allows you to float like an angel above all that glorious powder. Also equipped with twin tips, originally made popular by freestyle skiers (allowing them to ski backwards), powder skis twin tips are phenomenal for handling in the powdered snow, the way you want them to. Twin Tip skis are also forgiving, allowing an easy recovery from slips and spills.

Powder skis come in a variety of colors and designs, guaranteed to fit your unique style. If you’re going to take to the deep snow this season, grab yourself a pair of powder skis from The House and take to the mountain like a pro. We carry dozens of brands and over one hundred different pairs so you can carve out your own path without letting the groomed trail dictate your adventure!

Powder not your thing? Our ski shop carries a full variety of skis from all-mountain and twin tip to alpine touring and park.