How to Become a Better Skier: Tips for Intermediate Skiers

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So, you consider yourself an intermediate skier? Greens might be a bit of a bore, blues have become your comfort zone, and you are pushing yourself on black diamonds, tree runs, and other more technical terrain.

You have got the basics down and are likely riding your own ski set-up! But where do you go from here? Learning how to become a better skier takes time, practicing specific skills, challenging yourself in different terrain, and more, to take your ability from intermediate to more advanced skiing.

If you want to become a better skier, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. So, grab your helmet, ski gear, a skiing buddy that is relatively close to your skiing ability – or better, and head to the nearest resort!

Focus Your Workouts to Become a Better Skier

Becoming a better skier is not just about what you do on the slopes, building up endurance and muscle can give you the boost you need to improve your skills on the mountain.

Implementing diverse and targeted workouts into your routine, focusing on core, legs, and either HIIT or cardio can help you improve as an intermediate skier. Spending time on mobility will also help.

Also, before you hit the mountain, make sure you get in a quality warm-up and stretching session. As well as a stretching and mobility session or rolling out after a long day.

The Value of Ski Lessons

Do not underestimate skiing lessons as an intermediate skier! If you are wondering how you can become a better skier, this is a great place to start.

When you book a lesson, make sure the place you are booking your lesson knows you are not a beginner. However, do not skip the basics! If you did not learn to ski by taking lessons, or even if you did, chances are you have developed some “bad” or technically incorrect habits over the years. While these habits may have helped you become an intermediate skier, conquering a variety of trails, they might be the very thing stopping you from improving.

Going over technical skills, from the basics and beyond, with a second pair of eyes to take note and provide advice can be immensely helpful. While your friends or family may have advice, not only can this dynamic be frustrating or sometimes embarrassing, but others may also not have the ski relevant vocabulary to communicate how you can become a better skier.

Ride with Better Skiers

This one might feel obvious, but if you want to be a better skier, consider riding with people who ski at more advanced levels than you! Do not get too crazy, one of the most important elements of mountain safety is understanding your limits and respecting them. But it is difficult to get better when you only ride in your comfort zone!

If all your skiing or snowboarding buddies are intermediate, consider interacting with groups of advanced skiers at the resort. Most often on the mountain, people are very friendly, are happy to see others out there enjoying the sport and are willing to be your riding buddy! Do not try to leave your group to try challenging terrain by yourself, within reason.

Explore and Revisit Terrain

We have talked a lot about trying out new terrain, and yes, you should try to improve your intermediate skills by skiing new terrain. However, it is important to practice specific technical skills on the terrain you are extremely comfortable with as well.

Find your favorite run, one you know well and feel exceedingly confident on. Whatever skill you are trying to improve or master, practicing it on a trail that you thoroughly enjoy and know what to expect will allow you to hone in on and practice new skills again and again.

Once you feel like you have mastered a skill, take it to a harder trail and carefully practice it there. Whether you want to butter, do full tree runs, moguls, or just make harder carves on steeper slopes, as the saying goes “practice makes perfect.”

Invest in Quality Ski Gear

At this point, you likely have your own ski set-up, but is it best suited for you to become a better skier? If you are still rocking the same ski gear you had when you started years ago, hand me downs, or ancient garage sale finds, keep them around, or maybe lovingly part with them, but it might be time for a new set.

Before upgrading, many people do not realize just what a difference quality skiing equipment can make on the mountain! By investing in a new pair of skis, bindings, and boots, once you have gotten used to the change, you will feel a new surge of confidence, so you can make harder carves and tackle more challenging areas.

Consult with our experts and invest in your improvement from intermediate to advanced and discover for yourself what a difference quality skis can make!

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