Best Mountain Bike Trails: Our Top 10

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Depending on your skill level and what you are looking for, the best mountain bike trails can mean a variety of things. It can be something loaded with variety and obstacles that are sure to challenge even the most experienced rider. It can also be something as simple as a mountain bike trail with a scenic route across the country terrain where you can bond with some of your friends or family as you ride!

Whatever your biking trail preference is, we will be discussing some of the best mountain bike trails out there!

McKenzie River Trail

Spearheading our roundup is this fine spot near the well-known Blue River, in Eugene, Oregon. It boasts 26.5 miles of tracks that appeal to those who are only just starting out as well as experienced aficionados! Add some 300-year-old trees blanketing the terrain, and you have yourself an-Instagram-worthy route and an overall versatile mountain bike trail, not to mention the hot springs, clear pools, waterfalls that top it off as one of the most photogenic trails you can find!

Trail 401

Located in Crested Butte, Colorado, Trail 401 is another one of the best mountain bike trails that you will return to time and time again! Enjoy panoramic views of Maroon Bells, all while conquering trails suitable for both beginners and experts. The entire trail is estimated to be within 9,000 – 11,000 feet, and it takes pride in displaying some of the most colorful wildflowers visible on any mountain bike trail! It also offers a high alpine trail, making it quite a destination for thrill seekers.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail

One of the more uniquely named picks in our roundup of best mountain bike trails, this spot located in Moab, Utah has quite a few tricks up its sleeves! Poison Spider Mesa Trail has become one of the go-to mountain bike trails for both locals and tourists, as it has established a reputation of being a place for the “big kids” or much more serious mountain bikers! The Poison Spider Mesa Trail also offers quite a few obstacles throughout. Stock up on water for this dry ride.

Munds Wagon Trail

Located in Sedona, Arizona, Munds Wagon Trail is perfect for the intermediate-to-advanced rider. The red rock landscape provides gorgeous scenery that you can enjoy while you cruise along. This mountain bike trail features plenty of twists and turns and can be ridden either direction, whether you prefer to propel yourself uphill or prefer an easier downhill ride.

Paradise Royale Trail

Almost halfway through our list of trails, Paradise Royale Trail makes its grand introduction. This trail was specifically built for riders to enjoy an incredible mountain biking experience. Located along the Lost Coast of Northern California, this mountain bike trail consists of a14-mile loop through gorgeous forest scenery.

Torrey Ridge Trail

Right at the heart of Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, is a treat for riders of all skill levels! If you are a beginner working on improving your strength, this option is perfect, as a five-mile climb can certainly put you to the test! But make no mistake, despite being lesser known than other trails in our roundup, it is still just as amazing! Be rewarded with scenic routes as you pedal across the terrain in the Torrey Ridge Trail.

Flying Dog Loop

Located in Park City, Utah is the Flying Dog Loop, perfect for riders who are in it for the variations and versatility of trails, fun for beginners, intermediates, and advanced bikers! Apart from the trails, be sure to visit the Autograph Collection, which offers a variety of activities, such as golf and even a fine steak house.

Bangtail Divide Trail

Heading over to Bozeman, Montana, this is a mountain bike trail perfect for intermediate and advanced riders. Bangtail Divide Trail has a complete distance of 25 miles and takes pride in having some of the best wildflower meadow views around! It boasts some of the best landscapes in Montana and can be a perfect choice for riders looking for views while improving their strength and stamina on their bike.

Hermosa Creek Trail

Moving over to Durango, Colorado we have Hermosa Creek Trail, which is considered a favorite among local riders. It is known for being one of the best trails for sightseers with an overall decline of around 1,500 feet.

La Tierra Falls

Completing our roundup of trails is a mountain bike trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico. La Tierra offers a scenic climb with trails fit for intermediate and advanced riders. The 65-mile Big Friggin’ loop has proven to be a great conditioning workout for riders looking to improve their stamina.

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