Travel to beautiful Bend, Oregon for a mountain biking experience you will not forget. Mountain biking in Mt. Bachelor features 13 different mountain biking trails from trails for beginners to ones for expert downhill bikers. The mountain biking trails range in length and difficulty creating a great range of courses. With over 300 miles of single track trails offered in Central Oregon, Mount Bachelor provides you with 13 miles of downhill mountain biking trails. Designed to be a downhill experience, you will fall in love with all sorts of adventurous cycling paths.

Downhill mountain biking trails at Mt. Bachelor range in length from 0.3 miles to 3.8 miles long. Ranging from green path runs to double black diamond path runs, there is something out there for everyone in the family to try. The green runs are trails that are the easiest of maneuver and are great for beginners while being fun for any level of rider. Mount Bachelor features one double black diamond trail that is sure to give you goosebumps through the course of the downhill ride.

The Sunshine Bike Park section of Mt. Bachelor is designed for the mountain biker looking to advance their skills and get to exploring downhill cycling. Equipped with a chairlift that was designed to serve the beginner cyclist, you will be at the top of the Sunshine section in no time. This downhill biking section of the mountain features four sections / runs that are specifically aimed towards the beginner looking to downhill bike. The first section is the Skills park where you can learn some new moves. There are two green runs, the FTL (First Timer Line) and Swizzle Stick to Lower Lava Flow.

Skills Park

Start your adventures at the Skills Park, you are able to pedal around with ease for free. Located in the Sunshine Bike Park section of Mt. Bachelor, this area will have you learning and loving new skills, tips and tricks on your bike. The Skills Park is free as long as you have the proper equipment to get yourself around the park. Ideally designed for anyone from a beginner to the most advanced of riders looking to learn new skills and build their biking level.

Green Trails

  • The FTL run is 0.7 miles long with an average slope of 7% making it the easiest trail that has been paved on Mt. Bachelor. Crafted to be wide, this path has a few dips, roll and a few jumps. The FTL has been designed to mimic obstacles you may encounter on other trails.
  • Swizzle Stick turns into Lower Lava Flow and spans 0.9 miles with a median slope of 6%. Slightly more advanced than FTL, this run is great for the cyclist looking to try some new moves.

Blue Trails

Blade Runner is the only Blue trail in the Sunshine Bike Park with a distance of 0.4 miles and an average slope of 11%. This downhill cycling path was designed for the intermediate single track rider looking for a narrower track that has tighter corners.

Other than the five trails in the Sunshine Bike Park, Mt. Bachelor has eight more that are serviced by the Pine Marten Chair Lift. These eight downhill bike courses include four blue runs, three black diamonds and the only double black diamond at Mt. Bachelor. This section of downhill mountain biking courses range from 0.3 miles to 3.9 miles in length and have average slopes between 6% to 21%.

Blue Trails

  • Start with 2.0 miles at an average slope of 6% on Cone Run. This trail is a split from Lava Flow that runs across the face of the mountain. Crafted with numerous wood features as well as jumps, this mountain biking trail has a narrow design that leads into a machine-built path.
  • DSM starts at a section of Cone Run that spans 0.4 miles where it meets another trail and becomes Last Chance. DSM has jumps, rolls and a couple of wood features that make any adventure down this a blast. Find yourself taking turns through the trees and shady downhill trail.
  • Lava Flow is Mt. Bachelor’s signature run with a long, wide machine crafted path that transitions into thick forest. Crafted with jumps for you to either fly over or roll over, your choice! This run is 3.9 miles long with a slope that averages 7% through the journey.
  • Hanger is the last in the more difficult blue biking trails. Hanger is 0.6 miles long and averages a slope of 9%. Designed with a narrow, hybrid, single track ride it has a higher grade with twisting turns.

Black Diamond Trails

Mt. Bachelor mountain biking features three black diamond downhill courses that are sure to get your blood pumping. The Black diamonds are Rattlesnake, Big Wood and Last Chance all ranging from .03 miles to 3.8 miles with slopes of 7% to 21% for an aggressive ride. Technical transitions, sharp turns, tight trees and steep pitches will have you loving these tracks.

Double Black Diamond Trails

Rockfall is the only double black diamond on all of Mt. Bachelor. This very steep and rugged trail is 0.8 miles long and has a slope averaging at 20% for what is classified as an expert course only.

To view the mountain and paths on it, check out the map for more details.

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Bike Park Rules:

Mountain Biking on Mt. Bachelor has a set of simple rules that you must follow in order to take your bike around the mountain on the downhill trails.

These rules include the following:

  • Riders must have a chair lift ticket
  • Riders must wear a helmet
  • Riders must be wearing closed-toe shoes
  • Riders must possess a bike with functioning front and rear brakes.

Bike Park Tips:

Mt. Bachelor strongly suggest that you have a bike with full suspension meaning at least 5” of travel, a bike with disc brakes, a full-face helmet and padding as well as gloves. These additional suggestions will help to keep you and others safe when adventuring around the mountain on your downhill bike.

You are also required to follow the Responsibility Code. In simple terms, you are required to stay in control, know your limits and protect yourself. For your safety and the safety of other riders, read the Responsibility Code fully.

Mountain Biking Pass:

Mountain biking in Mt. Bachelor passes are available in both daily passes as well as season passes. There are two different kinds of season passes, one that is good through July 8th and the other that is good after July 8th. Prices depend on age and date for usage. These prices are current for the 2019 season!

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