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Whether you’re new to mountain biking or a seasoned vet on the trails, it’s always good to keep your eyes peeled for the best mountain bike upgrades that are evolving in the industry. We’ve compiled a list in this short guide of mountain bike parts and upgrades that you can find at The to help ensure that you get your dollars’ worth this season whether you’re out riding trails, gravel roads and everything else in between. These parts and upgrades can be deal breakers when you’re out riding, and we always suggest bringing your bike into your local shop for maintenance and potential upgrades you can be adding to each component of your mountain bike.


2016 Alaskan Carbon Fat Bike Frame

The 2016 Alaskan Carbon Fat Bike Frame presents itself as one of the lightest and strongest carbon fat bike frames on the market today. In fact, this frame was the only frame to pass the rigorous EFBE Test. The EFBE Test is the most respected third-party bike testing facility in the world. 2/3 bikes fail this brutal test and the 2019 Framed Alaskan Carbon came out on top. The lightweight carbon construction on this frame eases the weight from those wide fat tires on the end of the bike. Constructed with a unidirectional carbon and available in three different sizes, we had to throw this frame on our list of mountain bike parts and upgrades.  If you’re looking for a frame that is lightweight, durable and at a softer price point than most competitor carbon frames, check out the 2019 Alaskan Carbon Fat Bike Frame.

2016 Alaskan Alloy Fat Bike Frame

The 2016 Alaskan Alloy Fat Bike Frame is the answer to a call from the Framed team and customers who wanted a light frame that was as durable as it is versatile. Don’t be surprised when the Alaskan Alloy Fat Bike Frame is riding on single tracks and then charging through the snow on long-hauling bike pack expeditions. The Alaskan Alloy Frame has an increased rear triangle that allows for a  4.8″ tire on a 100mm rim without adding length to the chainstays. (The VeeRubber Snowshoe 2XL will not fit in this frame and will ONLY fit in the Alaskan Carbon fork. It is not compatible with any other fork we offer.) Check out the Alaskan Alloy Fat Bike Frame on our site for more info.

2016 Marquette Carbon Bike Frame

The Marquette Carbon 27.5+ is the end product of extensive trail testing combined with the evolution of carbon frame technology. This new addition to the Framed Bikes family is built with high modulus carbon laid to create an incredibly durable frame without sacrificing the damping effects high-grade carbon is known for, all while delivering a lightweight cross-country masterpiece. This timeless design is sure to have you hammering trails with the component group of your choice to your heart’s content. The 2016 Marquette Carbon Bike Frame was a no brainer when it came to adding it to our list of Mountain Bike Upgrades.


Framed Lightweight Alloy 400mm Bike Seat Post

The Framed Lightweight Alloy 400mm Bike Seat Post was added to our mountain bike parts and upgrades list for a couple of reasons. This 400 X 31.6mm seat post is constructed from an alloy material that allows this part to be low on weight and easily transported when unmounted. This seat post is offered in two sizes of 31.6mm and 30.9mm.

WTB Volt FR Bike Seat

The WTB Volt FR Bike Seat is one of the more versatile bike seats we offer for purchase through our site. A Thin Line compact padding compliments subtle curves and a melange of popular features from several other saddles in the WTB line up. A slight whale tail and a gentle drop in nose both provide support and do not limit cycling riders to just one seating position. This seat offers enough padding for all-day comfort but also remains lightweight for XC competition for endless acclaim.

Framed Carbon 400mm Seatpost

What better way to support your most important connection to your bike than with the Framed carbon seat post? This full carbon seatpost was an obvious choice for our bike parts and upgrades list because of its ability to absorb bone-rattling vibration from the frame, allowing you to ride harder, longer. With a 2.5mm wall thickness through the shaft, durability is not a concern, even for the most aggressive riders. With a height scale on the back of the post, there is no guessing game to play when adjusting or removing it. The precise saddle for cyclers angle adjustment allows the rider to dial in exact saddle position. Stop riding with the inferior and upgrade to a carbon seatpost from Framed Bikes today.


KMC 10 Speed Bike Chain

Keep your ride in tip-top shape with the 10 Speed Bike Chain from KMC. This bike chain features 116 links and is made with full nickel-plated stainless steel to ensure they withstand the elements and stay in great shape year after year. This means fewer replacements for you. This nickel bike chain is compatible with 10-speed bikes, perfect for road or mountain biking. With this bike chain, your ride will always be ready for anything that comes your way.

Odyssey Key Chain Solid Pin Chromoly Bike Chain

Each plate has a low profile and an extra narrow waist that makes it harder to catch the plates at unwanted times. At 1.4mm, the plates are substantially thicker than the plates of any other chain, and they’re also more than 50% harder to bend than the thickest existing 1.2mm chainplates too. Stretching of the chain is minimized by using a standard alternating plate pattern and limiting the chain to a single, beefed-up half link. This configuration maximizes the lifespan of the sprocket and driver. Lower overall weight is possible by using the material as efficiently as possible. Odyssey has strengthened every component of the chain and kept the weight in the same range as their Bluebird chain.

SRAM NX Eagle 12-Speed Bike Chain

The NX Eagle chain is designed and manufactured using SRAM’s Eagle architecture, so it is fully compatible with every other component in the Eagle ecosystem. The NX Eagle chain features solid pin construction, Eagle PowerLock and smooth, efficient shifting that you can count on every time out.


Framed Michigan Bike Pedals

Not everyone wants to clip into a pedal. All mountain riders and fat bikers often want their feet free of constraint. For this reason, we have chosen these pedals to join our list of mountain bike parts and upgrades. Enter the Framed Michigan. Weighing in at 423 grams a pair, and featuring an alloy platform with 10 replaceable stud inserts this pedal is heavy on features but low in price. The 9/16 Chromoly spindle is fully sealed to keep you riding smoothly through the worst of conditions.

RaceFace Chester Composite Bike Pedals

A new addition to the Race Face flat pedal line up, the Chester Pedal. This tough and burly nylon composite body provides a large platform with the same grip as traditional alloy pedals via the bottom loading 8 hex traction pins per side. Thin and lightweight is the name of the game with Chester, featuring a cro-mo axle that is fully sealed and a 100% serviceable bearing and bushing system. This pedal offers great performance for a wide range of riders at a price that leaves plenty of cash in pocket to spring for that round of bevies at your local watering hole after hammering out a day of hot laps with the crew.

Framed Esker w/ Replaceable Pin Bike Pedal

Get all the grip without riding in clips. The all-new Framed Esker nylon composite pedals, weighing in at only 361 grams can only be described as bomb proof. Tested in rain, sand, snow, sleet, blood, sweat and tears, these pedals deliver the performance and reliability you have come to know from Framed. Framed tested these pedals heavily so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

Mountain biking can be an amazing pastime and hobby that drives people to experience the outdoors while getting a great amount of exercise. However, a great mountain biking experience can be stunted by having poor or outdated bike parts and upgrades, so we always recommend taking your bike into your local bike shop and checking in to see if there are any tune-ups or maintain your bike will need before your next adventure. Make sure to check out The House Bike Shop location if you are near or in the Twin Cities at 300 South Owasso Blvd East, Little Canada, Minnesota. Happy riding and make sure to check out all our mountain bike parts and upgrades here at The!

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