The 6 Best Wyoming Ski Resorts

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What’s not to love about a state that has year-round skiing, high elevations, dramatic vert drops, and even more dramatically beautiful mountain views. These are some of the reasons why Wyoming ski resorts are some of our favorites in the US. 

Several of these resorts are household names and others are hidden gems. Whether you’re looking for an 18,000-foot vertical, wild backcountry, or perfectly groomed trails, Wyoming has much to offer every style and skill level of skier. Even those who are simply looking for a thriving apres-ski scene.

For those looking for a true mountain experience, there are familiar resorts like Jackson Hole and lesser-known resorts like Grand Targhee. Wyoming is also a great place for new skiers, with several resorts offering over 500 acres of beginner ski trails alone. Another huge perk of Wyoming is that it’s relatively less crowded than other states of similar stature. 

No matter what criteria you have for your next ski trip, you’ll find it in our list of the top Wyoming Ski Resorts!

But first…ski gear! 

With high elevation skiing comes cold weather, so make sure you know what to wear out on the slopes. It can be overwhelming to find the trustworthy gear, so we put together this list of our favorite ski brands to help you get started. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new pair of skis or need to prepare yourself for the winter chill of Wyoming with a new ski or snowboard jacket, new gloves, or a helmet for the notably steep slopes. Make sure you’re ready for the season!

Top Wyoming Ski Resorts

1. Jackson Hole

Acreage: 2,500 acres 

Highest elevation point: 10,450 ft
Number of runs: 116
Best for: Nightlife, intermediate to advanced skiers, Ikon Pass Holders, Mountain Collective Pass Holders

Starting off our list of Wyoming ski resorts is Jackson Hole. Arguably the most famous ski resort in the state, Jackson Hole offers skiers and snowboarders of all levels a plethora of trails with stunning views, fresh powder, and extremely well-maintained snow conditions. Located in the gigantic Teton mountain range, Jackson Hole has the largest vertical drop in all of Wyoming, a staggering 4,140 feet. If that’s not enough to convince you, Jackson Hole also offers a seemingly endless number of backcountry opportunities. 

Skiers new to the mountain are also welcome, with lessons available for every age range and skill level. Jackson hole has a flourishing nightlife scene. Whether you’re looking for a quiet cocktail with scenic views of the mountain or an all-out club experience, you can find it in this ski mecca. 

2. Beartooth Basin

Acreage: 600 acres 

Highest elevation point: 10,900 ft 

Number of runs:  9

Best for: Advanced skiers, adrenaline junkies, summer skiing


For those of you who are self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies, Wyoming’s Beartooth Basin might just be the rush you’re looking for. With pitches ranging from 15 to 50 degrees, these runs are steep runs at high elevation. This is a ski resort for experienced skiers who just can’t let the season end. Beartooth Basin’s lifts bring skiers up 1,000 vertical feet, but dedicated skiers can hike up to 3,000 vertical feet for some of the most intense and exhilarating backcountry runs in the state. This ski resort is only open for spring and summer skiing, with the summer season kicking off after the opening of the Beartooth Highway. 

3. Grand Targhee Ski Resort 

Acreage: 2,602 acres

Highest elevation point: 9,862 ft

Number of runs: 97

Best for: Advanced skiers, cat skiing, Mountain Collective Pass Holders

We’re all about fresh powdery snow around here, and Grand Targhee has more than enough. This Wyoming ski resort averages 500+ inches of annual snowfall, which makes this a daydream paradise for big mountain skiers. Just outside of Yellowstone National Park on the border of Idaho, Grand Targhee is an intermediate to advanced skiing destination for adventurers with over 2,602 acres of diverse trails and 500 acres of black diamonds. 

Runs are fairly long, with the longest stretching just under 2.5 miles with a vertical drop of 2,070 feet. Cat skiers should definitely make a visit to Grand Targhee as this is Wyoming’s only cat skiing operation. This experience is for confident, advanced skiers, as groups are brought up 18,000 vertical feet. 

4. White Pine Ski Area

Acreage: 370 acres 

Highest elevation point: 9,500 ft 

Number of runs: 25

Best for: Skiers on a budget, cross country skiers, Indy Pass Holders

Next up on our list is White Pine Ski Area, the most affordable lift in Wyoming at just $40 per day. This ski resort sits between Jackson Hole and Rock Springs in the Wind River Mountain range and is reasonably easily accessible from three separate airports: Jackson Hole, Salt Lake City, and Rock Springs. 

While this isn’t the biggest ski resort in Wyoming, it still provides over 100 acres for beginner, intermediate, and expert level skiers each, a well-balanced ski resort for groups or families. White Pine also offers a generous amount of terrain for cross country skiers.

5.  Big Horn Ski Area

Acreage: 225 acres 

Highest elevation point: 9,500 ft 

Number of runs: 14

Best for: Families, skiers on a budget, Buffalo locals

Take the stress out of a family ski trip by visiting Big Horn Ski Area. One of the most easily accessible ski resorts in Wyoming, Big Horn is just an hour away from Buffalo and can be reached by two different interstate highways. Big Horn offers one of the most affordable lift prices in the state, as well, making it a great Wyoming ski resort for those traveling on a budget or in large groups. Get ready for an old-fashioned skiing experience at this Wyoming ski resort, with simple comfortable amenities.  

6. Snowy Range Ski Area

Acreage: 250 acres 

Highest elevation point: 9,663 ft 

Number of runs: 33

Best for:  Laramie locals, families, beginners

When it comes to Wyoming skiing, most people instinctively look to the western-most parts of the state due to the grandeur of the Grand Tetons and other famous mountain ranges. Be careful not to overlook Snowy Range Ski Area, which is located just a few miles away from Laramie, Wyoming and less than an hour from the Colorado border. 

While limited in acreage, Snow Range is an excellent choice for skiers of all levels looking for pristinely groomed trails. These relatively short runs are a great way to stack up many repetitions during a ski day, making it one of the best places for new skiers and intermediate skiers looking to level up

Check out these Wyoming ski resorts this season and let us know what you think! Let us know which of these resorts you visit this season, which was your favorite, and what year you brought by tagging us on Instagram!

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