Ski Gear to Get Your Child Started

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If you are a snow lover, outdoors enthusiast, or snow sports fan, you are likely thinking of getting your child or children into skiing! It can be intimidating to get started, with gear, warmth, and tech to consider.

Whether you have children of varying ages, a toddler, or a tween, they will have roughly the same kid’s ski gear list. Maybe you have some hand-me-downs, bits and pieces like snow pants and a warm coat, and you just need the skis and accessories. Learn to build your child a ski gear set-up they will be excited to use, so they can fall in love with the sport just like you. 

When starting, consider how eager your child is to learn. Are they sold on the idea of skiing? They may change it up later to snowboarding, the hope is that they choose a snow sport and stick with it. You will want to be there for your child on the slopes to answer questions, address important safety and comfort concerns, and to be their number one fan!

When it comes to kids’ ski gear to get your child started, you’ll want to get things that are high-quality enough for them to learn, while keeping in mind that they likely will grow out of equipment quickly. Discover what kid’s ski gear you need to give your child the best chance at learning and having fun!

The Essentials

Kids’ Skis, Bindings, and Poles

Kid’s skis are most often oriented for beginners or intermediate skiers who are still building on fundamental skills. While it might seem tempting to size up, so your child can use the gear longer, when they begin with those skis, they may have a harder time initiating turns and getting comfortable. Make sure you choose an appropriate size.

When you are shopping for their very first pair of skis, consider going with kids’ ski and binding packages, by choosing a package you can feel confident in your purchase. Otherwise, go with the appropriate size bindings for the ski you have chosen, and consult your local shop expert for mounting based on your child’s ability, they’ll provide guidance and mount them for you. Don’t forget to grab a pair of ski poles, as children are just starting out, a cheaper pair will do, unless they arere looking to get into competition.

Kids’ Ski Boots and Socks

It is quite common for children to initially find their ski boots uncomfortable. They are a bit heavy, harder to get into than their shoes, and if they are brand new, they simply aren’t worn in yet!

Kid’s ski boots are designed for easier entry and softer flex, great for beginners. But consider fit and sizing with your purchase. Their toes should touch but you do not want any pinching or pressure points causing pain.

Make sure you grab a few pairs of ski-specific kids’ socks, they provide high-quality warmth and wick moisture, so no cold toes send you home. Consider bringing an extra pair to the slopes when you go.

Kids’ Ski Helmets

When it comes to your kid, you should invest in a quality ski helmet. Not only do they provide an element of safety for falls, but they also offer a great deal of warmth.

When selecting a helmet for your kid, it is important to emphasize sizing, fit, and comfort. Get your child involved, if they find a helmet they love, they are more likely to enjoy wearing it and stay safe.

To start, consult size guides and measure your child’s head. Once you receive the ski helmet, when they put it on, it should not move as they shake their head and should be comfortable.

Kids’ Ski Goggles

Ski goggles offer eye protection from wind, snow, possible tree branches, and more. Ski goggles also protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays..

Having optimal visual clarity is important on the mountain to help distinguish varying terrain, dips, raises, icy spots, and otherwise. Check out our top 5 snowboard and ski goggles for kids!

Kids’ Ski Clothes (And Layering)

When it comes to ski clothing, what you buy is just as important as how it is worn. On the mountain, layering is the best way to stay warm!

If you are looking to save money, base layers are the easiest area to substitute with things you already have in your child’s closet. However, it is recommended that skiers wear comfortable, warm, moisture-wicking base layers underneath kid’s ski outerwear.

Next, you will want to provide your child with layers, such as fleeces, sweatshirts, lightweight jackets, or vests, for warmth. After the mid-layer comes ski pants and ski jackets. Something with a moderate level of warmth to layer up with on colder days is often the best bet with children. The jacket and snow pants are responsible for keeping out wind and snow and providing extra insulation.

Once again, if you can find a style your child loves, they will be more likely to properly use their ski gear on the mountain – and less likely to leave it behind.

Kids’ Ski Gloves & Mittens

Kids are often playing in the snow and sometimes falling on the hill, so it’s not surprising that they should have a quality pair of warm, waterproof kids’ gloves or mittens in their ski gear set-up.

When you have found the perfect pair for them, always bring along glove liners and back up kids’ gloves or mittens. Glove liners provide an additional layer of warmth on cold days.

Optional accessories for warmth on the slopes include beanies, gaiters or facemasks, and hand or feet warmers.

Don’t be intimidated by kids’ ski gear, it’s about having fun and making memories. Have your child shop with you, to pick out things they love and are excited to use. If they feel confident in their gear, they will be more likely to ski with confidence.

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