Kids Skis - Girls & Boys

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Kids’ skis from The House will get the little ones on the slopes so that they can enjoy all that winter has to offer. Shop a variety of top brands such as Fischer, Rossignol, Salomon, and more to find the perfect pair of kids’ skis for your young one. These kids’ skis vary in shape and size and are great for all experience levels, so whether your little one is just starting out or looking for their next pair of skis, you are sure to help them select the perfect option that fits their needs. With skis for both boys and girls in plenty of color and style options, there is something that every child will love. Be sure to shop kids’ ski bindings and kids’ ski boots to ensure that they have all the proper ski gear they need that will last them for plenty of seasons to come.
Size: 145cm
$167.95 $349.00 (52% Off)
Size: 145cm, 155cm
$239.95 $400.00 (40% Off)

Size: 145cm, 155cm, 165cm
$299.95 $500.00 (40% Off)
Size: 145cm
$287.95 $575.00 (50% Off)

Size: 150.5cm
$199.95 $249.95 (20% Off)
Size: 172cm
$180.95 $350.00 (48% Off)

Size: 139cm, 149cm
$239.95 $400.00 (40% Off)
Size: 119cm, 129cm, 139cm
$129.95 $200.00 (35% Off)

Size: 120cm, 130cm, 140cm, 150cm
From: $155.95 $300.00 (35% Off)
Size: 145cm, 155cm
$142.95 $219.99 (35% Off)

Size: 147cm, 156cm, 167cm
$399.99 $480.00 (17% Off)
Size: 119cm, 139cm
$129.95 $200.00 (35% Off)
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Skiing is an unforgettable fun wintertime sport that provides a lot more than just exercise--skiing makes memories. Skiing serves as great activity for youth and children as a wintertime recreational sport enjoyed by the whole family. But, just as adults have different needs in skis, so do children, which is why we carry a wide selection of kids skis.

Our huge selection includes the skis for every child, at every age and size range, from the best manufacturers, including well-known names that have established themselves as leaders in the industry. We also provide high quality downhill skis for kids from up-and-coming-ski manufacturers that are likely to lead the pack one day themselves.

Choose from the biggest names, like Line, Head, Rossignol, K2, and more, and rest assured your children will be riding on the same high quality, durable, and precise equipment that you do when you rocket down the slopes. The kids are guaranteed fun and skill development that's never hampered by inferior equipment or equipment that's wrong for their needs. Whether they're beginning in the world of skiing and strapping on for their first tentative time on the slopes or they're young pros who've done it before, will do it again, and are performing at competitive levels, our wide selection of kids skis are ready to get them off on the right foot and take them to the next level.

For more on skiing, brush up on the ABCs of Skiing. Not sure which set of skis is best for your little one? Find out how to choose downhill skis.