Top 5 Snow Goggles for Kids

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Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder with years of experience, buying for your child, or you are a kid who is yearning to get started in the sport with a saved up allowance, snowboard goggles will always be an essential part of your setup.

Having the necessary snowboard or ski gear can make or break a day on the slopes and just like with any other sport, it’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and proper ski clothing when conquering the snowy mountains with loved ones.  Aside from boots, gloves, and a snowboard or ski jacket, it’s equally crucial to invest in your kid’s snowboard goggles. Let’s talk about why!

All over the mountain, snowboarders and skiers will encounter other riders, uneven terrain, icy patches, hills and drops, branches in the backcountry, and the occasional tumble! There are also UV rays from the sun that everyone should have protection from. Luckily, a quality pair of goggles can help with all of this!

Decent snowboard goggles will help your child see changing terrain clearly in different weather conditions, and protect their eyes from snow, rain, and sun. Make sure you have a pair of kid’s snowboard goggles that they want to wear, if they like the design and find a comfortable fit, they’re more likely to wear them and less likely to leave them behind on the slopes!

How do you find the right pair? With face foam, silicone straps, child-specific designs, and lens technology, things can get a bit confusing! That’s why our experts have selected their favorite pairs to send kids to the mountain with.

Smith Daredevil Goggles (Kids)

Boasting a minimalist look to match all the gear they already have, the “Smith Daredevil” balances style and function at an affordable price!

For its key features, it has a Cylindrical Carbonic X-lens that offers optimum scratch and impact resistance, Fog-X Anti-Fog inner lens that prevents clouded vision, and a dual-slide strap adjustment system for the perfect fit. These features will ensure that these ski and snowboard goggles last your kid for more than just a season or two. 

Finally, it boasts a 2-layer DriWix face foam, a floating foam membrane that helps eliminate eyeglass temple pressure, and a silicone backed strap to help it stay put. It also has a lifetime warranty, talk about value for your money!

The “Smith Daredevil Snowboard Goggles (Kids)” comes in Black, White, and Peacock Alligators colorways, all of which have an RC36 lens. Shop more Smith Goggles!

Giro Rev Goggles (Kids)

For those seeking a fantastic and fun, budget-friendly pair, Giro has got you covered!

The kid’s “Rev Ski Goggles” have a minimalist yet stylish look that isn’t overly trendy, so it won’t go out of style. It has a medium-youth-fit frame and is designed to provide maximum comfort and performance. 

It also boasts a vented, cylindrical thermoformed lens that cuts into the frame above the gasket line, which enables warm air to escape and evaporate to help prevent the goggles from fogging. Additionally, it has an Anti-Fog coating, making it a perfect option to help maintain your child’s vision on the slopes. To top it all off, it also has a double layer face foam with microfleece facing for a soft and comfortable feel. 

The “Giro Rev Goggles (Kids)” comes in Black Zoom, Disco Birds, Party Blocks, and White Zoom colorways, all of which have an AR40 lens. Shop more Giro products!

Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro XS Goggles with Bonus Lens (Kids)

One of the more stylish and sought-after kids goggle options, the “Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro XS” brings value to the table, as it includes an extra lens at a reasonable price!  

This small size fit is perfect for younger snowboarders. The streamlined geometry does not compromise your child’s peripheral vision, allowing them to see obstacles and other riders. For an entry-level goggle, these still have all the bells and whistles and a bonus second lens to help them see more clearly in varying weather conditions. 

The “Oakley O-Frame 2.0 Pro XS Goggles with Bonus Lens (Kids)” comes in Matte Black/Persimmon and Dark Grey Lens, Dark Grey Rubine/Dark Grey, and Persimmon Lens, and Matte White/Persimmon and Dark Grey Lens colorways. Shop more kid’s Oakley goggles!

Anon Relapse Jr. Goggles + MFI Face Mask (Kids)

A hard to beat pair is a high-quality offering from Anon, the “Relapse Jr. Goggles + MFI Face Mask.” Boasting the comfortable and convenient seamless Magnetic Face Mask Integration (MFI), the included MFI facemask attaches to the goggle in one quick magnetic snap. This technology helps the facemask stay up and eliminates gaps where cold can sneak in. 

These snowboard goggles have Anon’s Cylindrical Lens Technology, providing the wearer with a maximum field of vision that mimics the eye’s natural shape. It also has a non-slip silicone strap to help keep the goggles in place while riding and in the event of a fall. The included microfiber bag is great for storage and cleaning off the goggle lens. 

The “Anon Relapse Jr. Goggles + MFI Face Mask (Kids)” comes in Blue/Blue Amber Lens and Berry/Pink Amber Lens colorways. Check out more Anon kid’s goggles! Check out more Anon kid’s goggles and our selection of Anon Helmets!

Oakley Line Miner Goggles (Kids)

Spearheading our best kid’s snowboard and ski goggles list is the “Line Miner” from Oakley! The ultimate Holiday gift, these are a top of the line option for the mountain. 

The product line was built with the goal to provide unparalleled peripheral vision control for kids without sacrificing comfort or style, in a style more like men’s and women’s goggles.

The cylindrical style design, low-profile frame design, and expanded lens volume provide a sleek look and an expanded field of vision. It also boasts the high-quality Prizm technology, engineered to provide the best contrast recognition on the mountain to help recognize icy spots and changing terrain, helping to keep your child safe. 

The “Oakley Line Miner Goggles (Kids)” comes in Matte Black and Matte White colorways, all of which have Prizm Rose lens.

The Wrap-Up

And there we have it! We hope we were able to help you out in deciding which pair of kids’ snowboard goggles to consider. Once you think you’ve found the perfect pair, have your child try them on to make sure they fit and pairing it with the helmet to make sure there aren’t any large gaps! At the end of the day, you want your child to be safe, see properly, and have fun out on the snow!

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