Snowboarding for Beginners – Expectations and Tips

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Whether you are brand new to snowboarding or you simply consider yourself a beginner, getting used to the movements, culture, and environments can be a lot! We consider this a good thing, it is entirely new, and you can only go up from there. Snowboarding for beginners can take a variety of turns depending on your attitude, instinct for the sport, your expectations, and how much guidance or tips you receive.

When you are new to something, it can feel daunting or intimidating! Just like anything else, beginners might not get it on day one, and that is complete normal and okay.

Today, we are here to help you with your learning curve, offer guidance and tips, things to consider, and more, to help you stay motivated and fall in love with snowboarding as a beginner!

Manage Your Expectations

Now, if you have been watching a few clips and videos of professional snowboarders, then you have probably thought to yourself, “this looks easy!” But behind all that finesse is years of training and patience, and trust us, plenty of falls and bad days on snow. Olympians and professionals all started as beginners, and they, too, took their time in honing and perfecting their skills.

To learn more quickly and establish real confidence, beginners need to have a certain mindset. Maintaining a positive perspective and a can-do attitude can help a lot with your on-mountain progress.

Before even stepping out on the snow, it is important to learn to manage your snowboarding expectations. Snowboarding for beginners can be difficult, and no one ever really gets it on the first try. It will take patience and persistence, but if you stick with it, you will get it!

Friends in your lessons, kids, and other beginners who start the day with you might learn at a faster pace, someone will think the same of you! If you approach your first several outings on the slopes with the expectation that you are still learning and that things might not click right away is all part of it.

Learn How to Fall “The Right Way”

For beginners, falls and stumbles are entirely inevitable while snowboarding. Even the most experienced snowboarders occasionally fall while riding! Because they will happen, it is important to learn how to fall “the right way.” Yes, there is such a thing!

Whether you are on the bunny hill or a casual green, if you are riding slowly and feel unstable, it helps to just sit or kneel as slowly as possible, depending on the direction you are facing. It also helps to try and squat down and roll onto your knees or forearms. If you can, roll into falls while snowboarding, rather than have an abrupt impact.

What is most important is to avoid using your outstretched hands when falling. When falling onto your hands while snowboarding, it is highly likely to promote injury, whereas the bulk of your arms, legs, and behind can handle a bit more impact. If you are falling forward, bringing your hands to your chest can help protect your wrists while still dampening the fall. Remember, no outstretched hands!

Know the Right Type of Snowboarding Gear for Beginners

When it comes to snowboarding and skiing alike, gear and equipment can make a huge difference for beginners and advanced riders alike. Different types of snowboards, bindings, and boots will perform differently, and those built with beginners in mind will give you the best chance of having a quality learning experience!

Getting off of a chairlift can be one of the trickiest things for beginners to learn, putting a stomp pad on your board can make a huge difference.

Want to find the perfect pair of snowboard boots for you, shop our men’s and women’s snowboard boots!

If you are renting, be clear with the staff that you are a beginner and that you would like gear that is best suited for your ability level, they should be able to match you correctly. If you are buying your set-up, be sure to try on your boots before you get to the mountain to make sure they fit and that they are comfortable for you. Make sure you do your research or consult with one of our chat experts at The House and find a snowboard and bindings that are well suited for your weight, size, and beginners.

By selecting equipment that is suited for those new to the sport, you will have a much better time on the mountain day one, as well as building your confidence over time!

Wear the Right Type of Clothes

If you are not used to spending much time outside during the winter, there are a few things you should know, on top of some gear unique to snowboarding and skiing.

Learning is active! You will likely get warm during the day or at the very least be comfortable. Layer up when you go, so you can add and remove as needed. Make sure you have windproof, waterproof, and insulated snow pants, a jacket, and gloves or mittens. And whether you rent or buy, you will want goggles and a helmet.

Consider Snowboarding Lessons

Arguably the most important, you should always consider getting lessons from an instructor. Not only will they give you tons tips, tricks, and proper techniques to help you learn faster, but they will also provide safety guidelines for when you venture on without them. Plus, it helps to always snowboard with a companion, so that they can help identify areas to improve, and help you feel encouraged!

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