How to Waterproof your leather Gloves or Mittens

By Published On: February 10th, 20210 Comments

No one likes going skiing or snowboarding and half way through your day your hands are cold because your gloves or mittens have gotten wet. Follow these simple steps to help protect and waterproof your gloves or mittens.

Things you’ll need

All you’ll need is some paper towels, and the Nikwax that is usually provided by the brand with your purchase. If it is not we recommend getting a small container if Nikwax.

Before you start make sure you are working on a service you either do not mind getting wax on or is easily cleaned as this can be a bit of a messy process.

Lets get started

Apply a thumbnail size amount of Nikwax on one side of your glove.

After applying wax on your gloves you’ll want to work the wax into the leather using your fingers. You really want to focus on the seams of the gloves as that is where a lot of water finds its way into the inside lining of your glove.

Working Wax into gloves
Focus on the seams of the gloves.

After working the wax into the leather you will want to remove any excess wax that is left with a paper towel. Wax will tend to build up in the seams.

Removing left over wax.

You will notice a slight color change and there should a shine on the treated side. As you’ll see in the image below.

There you have it! It is that simple. Now just repeat that process on the top of the glove and your other glove. We recommend letting your gloves or mittens sit for 24 hours before use. This allows for the wax to fully soak and provide a barrier that water cannot get through easily.

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