When you are shopping for snowboards, it can get overwhelming. Some things might feel obvious, shopping in the kids, women’s, and men’s snowboard sections, for example. After that, things can start to bet complicated.

There are all these confusing terms like rocker and camber, directional and twin, but we promise they are not as confusing as you think. The majority of options will work out in the end.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is, “what size snowboard should I get?” People typically like to jump right into height. And while a person’s height can play a factor, it is mostly because it can be an indicator of weight on average. And so, we have arrived at weight, the biggest determiner in what size snowboard you should get! We will get into the why later.

The Importance of Getting the Right Size

As mentioned, the most common misconception while browsing snowboard sizes is that a lot of first timers think that their height plays the most important role when considering which size snowboard they should get. And while height should be considered, it is not the most crucial point.

The rider’s weight should be given priority in determining what size snowboard to get. Your weight affects how the board maneuvers and helps determine the amount of control you have. If you are lighter and on a large board, you likely will not have sufficient control. If you are too heavy for your smaller board, you may experience a “squirrely” or out of control feeling.

When it comes to flex, you will also want to consider this in sizing. If the board you are looking at has a lot of give and a soft flex, being on the lighter side of its range may be okay. For stiffer snowboards, those on the heavier side of the weight range for that board will have a slightly easier time manipulating it.

Remember, size can come down to preference, riding style, and the type of board. But for a general guideline, here is a reference:

Rider Weight (lb) Rider Weight (kg) Snowboard Size (cm)
80 or less 36 or less 90-135
80-110 36-50 135-146
110-120 50-54 142-148
120-130 54-59 144-149
130-140 59-63 146-152
140-150 63-68 148-154
150-160 68-73 151-156
160-170 73-77 152-158
170-180 77-82 153-159
180-190 82-86 155-161
190-200 86-91 157-163
200-210 91-95 158-165
210 and up 95 and up 159-168

Another thing to consider is width, this is one that people like to argue about. There is one board left, it is the right size, cool graphic, all the tech they are looking for, just the wrong width – “I’ll make it work” they say. If you are a size 11 men’s boot, congratulations, you will likely make it work! If you are a size 12 men’s snowboard boot or larger, pretty much end of story, you need a wide snowboard, and there are plenty to choose from! (That being said, “wide” means something different for every board and every manufacturer, so pay close attention to the waist width on the board you’re looking at if you are on the border of sizing up.)

Riding Style and Ability Level

If you are a beginner, having a snowboard that is an appropriate size is important. For veteran riders, you may learn that you prefer a different size depending on the weather, the profile of the board, and personal factors.

For those of you who find yourself gravitating toward freestyle snowboarding, consider a slightly shorter board. This decreased size will help with the overall swing weight, providing you with a bit more play – among other reasons.

Backcountry lovers and hard-charging riders can consider sizing up as their preference determines. Sure, it is a bit more board, but nothing an advanced snowboarder cannot handle. The larger size can provide you with added stability and the confidence boost you need to go faster and conquer more.

The Types of Snowboards

The All-Mountain Snowboard

All-around great boards, you will find options for beginners and pros alike. Oriented more toward groomed snow, if you find a versatile pick, you can take it just about anywhere.

The Freeride Snowboard

Best for backcountry riding and ungroomed snow, but do not let that limit you!

The Powder Snowboard

This is not your first board. Ideal for deep snow and powder days, these freedom givers will provide you with your absolute best days on the mountain – trust us.

The Freestyle Snowboard

These twin shaped decks are perfect for riding switch, mastering the half pipe, and tackling rails and boxes.

The Splitboard

For the ultimate backcountry aficionado, splitboards help you turn the whole mountain into your personal playground.

The Final Slope

Anyone can learn to snowboard, deciding which size board to invest in should not be the hardest part! When in doubt, consult the experts at The House and make sure you have got a snowboard you will fall in love with.

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