Shop our popular selection of Splitboards today and we'll ship it out right from our warehouses! Browse through brands like Burton, Jones, K2 and more. Each Splitboard sports awesome graphics on a durable platform designed for a smooth ride, taking heat as you ride down the snowy mountainsides. Purchase your new Splitboard and it'll be shipped out within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.
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Size: 159cm, 163cm

Size: 156cm, 160cm
$1490.00 $1499.00 (1% Off)

Size: 156cm, 161cm, 165cm
Size: 158cm, 163cm, 168cm
$779.95 $799.95 (3% Off)

Size: 158cm (W), 161cm (W), 164cm (W)

Size: 159cm (W), 162cm (W), 165cm (W), 169cm (W)
Size: 152cm
$774.95 $799.95 (3% Off)

Size: 163cm, 167cm

Size: 161cm
$1340.00 $1349.00 (1% Off)
Size: 161cm
$637.95 $749.95 (15% Off)

Size: 158cm, 162cm, 166cm
Size: 159cm
$844.95 $869.95 (3% Off)

Size: 159cm, 165cm

Size: 165cm
$374.95 $499.95 (25% Off)
Size: 165cm (W)
$1340.00 $1349.00 (1% Off)

Size: 158cm, 163cm, 168cm
Size: 164cm
$489.95 $699.95 (30% Off)

Size: 162cm (W), 165cm (W)
Size: 147cm
$892.00 $899.00 (1% Off)

Size: 157cm, 160cm
Size: 158cm, 161cm, 164cm, 166cm

Size: 168cm
$563.95 $899.95 (37% Off)
Size: 156cm, 159cm, 162cm
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Split Board aka Split Snowboard

If you’re an avid snowboarder but you’ve never tried splitboarding, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Since the mid-1990s, splitboarders have been tearing up the slopes, and today’s splitboards make riding more exciting than ever.

Splitboarding 101

Our article answers the question what is a splitboard but bimply put, a "splitboard" is a snowboard that you can take apart and use as skis. This allows you to climb without the need to carry your board. Simply attach the climbing skins to your splitboard, and glide along the surface of the snow. If you’ve ever tried to climb in boots or snowshoes, then you’ll appreciate the extra speed that climbing skins provide.


When riding your splitboard, observe the same safety rules that you would when snowboarding. Stick to areas that you know well. Check the weather forecast before you leave your house, and bring a partner whenever possible. Taking a course on backcountry safety and avalanche awareness is also a good idea.

If you’re ready to buy a splitboard snowboard, then shopping online at The House is quick and easy. The House carries all the top spliboard brands and ships out within 24 hours when you order between Monday and Friday.


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