2019 Capita DOA Snowboard Review

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The Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA) is one of the most well-rounded boards on the planet; that’s why we’ve awarded it a spot as one of the Top 5 All-Mountain Freestyle Boards of 2019. The DOA has won a Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood award for six years running and multiple Snowboarder Mag Most Wanted Awards. A lot of riders love the DOA and for good reason.  Dive into the DOA by watching the vid, gazing at the pics, and memorizing the specs.

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Obviously, with a true twin shape and centered stance the Capita DOA dominates any kind of park and on groomers it’s great to have the ability to pop in and out of switch.  Older riders, who once ripped parks can now get their freestyle fixes by blasting off cat-track side hits, rollers, and natural bonks all while allowing the younger park rats to hit every nook and cranny in sight.  The Capita DOA Snowboards’ strong suit is in parks, but with a heavy dose of freestyle influence it rips on groomers, slays urban features, and can even rip pow slashes. But how?  Simple, it’s all in the shape, profile, and laminates.

With a predominately camber profile, the DOA’s All-Terrain V2 profile shape may be the most versatile hybrid in snowboarding.  Camber underneath and between the feet make the DOA stable at higher speeds and the ollie sweet-spot has a large flat range that starts behind the back foot and runs until the reverse camber contact points.  The profile is powerful but not overbearing and catching like traditional camber boards – it’s updated and dialed in.

Although the DOA’s flex checks in at around 5.5/10, the board is slightly more torsionally rigid than boards with similar flexes, because of the Carbon Fiber Beams.  Two 30cm wide beams lay from contact point to contact point between the binding insert packs and the Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls.  The beams gift the DOA an energetic pop and torsional rigidity, that hard charging riders need.

With a wide stance range, riders have the ability to set their bindings back when snorkeling through deep pow. Wildly enough the DOA tackles fluff better than it gets credit for.  The flat profile zones on the lateral sides of the bindings combined with the lifted contact point rockered zones make the DOA float better than full cambered boards.  There’s a handful of diehard DOA lovers that keep the board mounted centered and use it only for all-mountain freeriding – they don’t touch the parks at all.

The DOA was designed to ride everything well, but it does best jumping and jibbing in the park.  With loads of pop it’s precise for jump jocks and helps weak jibbers ollie higher onto tall features.  It takes more effort to press out than the Ultrafear and Horrorscope, but where those boards fail the DOA excels.  Another great addition to the boards construction is the Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls – they’re there to deflect punishment dished out from making rope laps and bashing metal.  Capita wants their boards to last as long as possible, they build them up to withstand the harshest beatings.

Directly underfoot the DOA has great snow feel.  At no point does the board feel washy on an edge or riding flat.  Setting up for jumps and jibs at high speeds is a breeze because of the stability.  By no means is the DOA a stiff board, it is however stable.  Taking early morning warmup groomers to the park on the DOA is a treat – there’s no nose or tail chatter while blazing past Yellow Jackets.  The sidecut radius’ are suitable for each board’s length but teeter toward the larger size for smooth sweeping crossover carves.  Turn initiation and roll over is effortless because of the rockered contact points and the transitions points are where they’re expected to be.  It takes almost no time to get used to riding the DOA, which is nice because out of the wrapper the board gives you confidence to push it’s limits.

In a saturated market it’s challenging to select one board that rides well in all terrain, and the DOA is fighting amongst a few other boards for that top spot.  With the DOA’s simple personality, boosty pop, and joyful handling it may beat everyone else to the punch.  If you think you want one, buy one as soon as possible, the DOA always sells out before the snow hits.

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Capita DOA Snowboard Specs:

Shape: True Twin
Profile: All-Terrain V2 (Camber Underneath and Between the Feet, Rocker on Contact Points, and Flat on Nose and Tail)
Flex: 5.5/10
Stance: Centered
Core: FSC Certified Dual Core (Poplar and Beech)
Fiberglass: Special Blend Fiberglass (Biaxial) with Magic Bean Resin
Laminates: Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls and Carbon Fiber Beams
Base: Superdrive Sintered
Edge: 360° Wrap HRC48 Steel

[Buy the 2019 Capita DOA Snowboard Here]

Capita DOA Snowboard Tech Insights:

FSC Certified Dual Core:
Capita built the FSC® CERTIFIED DUAL CORE to achieve the consistent, dependable feel required from riders looking to take their skills to the next level. This lightweight core has no irregularities or finger joints providing uniform flex for consistency. Featuring a lightweight and poppy Poplar foundation, Beech is placed through the inserts increasing power and durability. The FSC® CERTIFIED DUAL CORE offers a consistent, comfortable, and powerful ride in a full wood core that has been certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls:
With six Transworld Good Wood Awards in five years for the DOA series, it’s clear that the performance and value of these boards are unmatched. The Mothership is in constant progression, we don’t sit idle in the R&D lab—awards or not. FORTRESSTM KEVLAR BOUND SIDEWALLS are bonded by a Kevlar “S” wrap from the top of the sidewall to the underside of the core. This lightweight technology binds the sidewall and core material together like no other.

Carbon Fiber Beams:
Known for its rigidity, high tensile strength, low weight, high temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion, Carbon Fiber is one of the most popular materials used in today’s high performance applications. We press micro-sewn 20 mm beams into our snowboards, increasing power and response while the boards remain ultralight.

Special Blend Fiberglass:
SPECIAL BLEND is an eco-friendly wet lay-up process that uses our new MAGIC BEANTM resin component requiring lower consumption of energy and yielding higher technical properties. This adhesion process improves the factory’s working environment, as it does not contain some of the same harsh chemical characteristics used in resins at other factories around the world. This configura- tion uses an optimum blend of 626g/m2 Biaxial fiberglass laminated in conjunction with structural additives to customize performance objectives.

Magic Bean Resin:
Developed over a three-year span, this advanced resin system has a bio-content of 60% renewable, agricultural raw materials. It is plant based that does not compete with primary food sources and is produced with no waste or greenhouse emissions. In production, it has a low-tempera- ture requirement with a high yield output. This resin system is poppy, powerful, and extremely durable. MAGIC BEANTM resin yields much stronger and more rigid qualities allowing us to decrease the wood core thickness. Our focus is to save wood core weight by increasing resin performance. This means you get a lighter board while achieving higher energy return.

Superdrive Base:
Targeted toward versatility in a high-end sintered base, this running material strikes a unique and sought after balance between high performance and low maintenance. With an increased density polyethylene, these ultra high molecular weight sintered bases are more wax absorbent and allow longer time periods between waxing sessions. Properly maintained sintered bases are fast, durable, and are the preferred choice of pro snowboarders worldwide.

[Buy the 2019 Capita DOA Snowboard Here]

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