Picks of the Week July, 9th 2018

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Keeping it real is easier than you think.  Pop some color, lace crispy kicks, and walk like you own the place.   Dive into this week’s Picks of the Week and feel the street call you closer. Buy all the threads HERE.

DC Stewardson L/S Polo Shirt

Spin the 1s and 2s back to when Jurassic 5 bumped at the BBQ and color blocking was the freshest thing on the street.  The DC Stewardson L/S Polo whips memories up with a bold print, a regular fit, and buttons that go all the way up.  [Buy Here]

Brixton Murphy Chino Shorts

Murphy’s Law isn’t a thing while wearing the Brixton Murphy Chino Shorts – it’s all sunshine and rainbows. A forgiving stretch allows optimal movement, a 19″ length that hits perfectly above the knee, and a standard fit that looks great with a t-shirt or polo allows you to justify buying them.  Do it now before they’re gone. [Buy Here]

DC Kalis Lite Shoes

Of course the DC Kalis Lite Shoes got dropped in this week’s POTW, it’s an ideal match for the Stewardson Polo… Once thought to be an immortal amongst mortal men, Josh Kalis ruled the world and he started his reign with the JK1. The Kalis Lites are a tip of the hat throwback to simpler times.  [Buy Here]

RVCA Redmond Cap

Street wear is about keeping lines dialed-in and the RVCA Redmond Cap is a smooth operator. The genuine leather adjustable strap, unstructured lay, and slight bill curve will keep you cool when the heat is up.  [Buy Here]

Burton Flint Messenger Bag

How long do you want this description to be?  Not long?  Good.  Messenger Bags mean business so let’s get right to the point.  The Burton Flight Messenger Bag has an open 20L of space, ripstop poly material, a large (8.75″x14.75″x1.5″) padded laptop sleeve, and a removable cross body bike strap.  Done. Just buy it.  [Buy Here]

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