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Name:  Jenny “Gerf”

Position:  Product & Site Data Administraion

Years of Employment:  3 Years

Years Riding:  4 Years

Favorite Trick:  Lofty Backside Corks

Favorite Rider:  Marie France Roy

Current Set-Up

Board:  Rossingnol Harmony

Boots:  32 Lashed

Bindings:  Union Trilogy

Why are you psyched on your gear?

My board is super soft and broken-in, it’s fun to butter on.  My boots are starting to fall apart but that’s what makes them special.  Right?  However, I am accepting donations that can be sent to jenny@the-house.com.  My bindings are dope because they’re super responsive and a clean straightforward design.

“You ain’t gotta’ cry to kick it.”  -Gerf


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