9 Stretches The-House Employees Do Before Hitting The Slopes:

To my readers: We are NOT professionals. We are only stating that these are the stretches that work for us. The-House is not a licensed health professional, nor are any of its employees in this blog post. I am only reporting what we enjoy doing before hitting the slopes and not at all suggesting / telling you what you should do.




Tanner‘s Go-To: 

  • Full leg / hamstring stretch (bending over and touch your toes as your feet are flat on the ground)

Tanner Burch snowboarding the 1817 Terrain Park at Buck Hill


Michelle at Hyland Hills Snowboarding for The House Outdoor Gear


Michelle‘s Go-To: 

  • Foam-roll out of your muscles before and after hitting the slopes 
  • Sitting butterfly style to stretch out your hips




Peter‘s Go-To: 

  • Touching your toes as you sit on the ground
  • Stretching out your knees: Lying on your back and cross one foot over the other thigh. Gently pull your knee into your chest and hold that pose. Switch sides to stretch out your other knee. (Side note: Peter has blown out both of his knees resulting in surgery, so he is on-top of taking care of his knees)




My (Ashley‘s) Go-To: 

  • Standing quadriceps: pull your ankle up behind your back to stretch out your thigh
  • Side lunges to really stretch out those inner thighs
  • Arm stretches: hold your hands behind your back and bend forward at your waist, pull your arms straight up into the air (but really all the arm stretches because the toe rope kills my arms after a long day of lapping the park)


The Group’s Go-To Stretch:

  • Have a drink to loosen you up and get rid of some of your nerves (Tanner says it’s an unwritten rule, but I say it’s another way for me to potentially die.)



In simple terms, we all just wanna have fun on the hill skiing and snowboarding. The last thing we want is to get injured in any way. These are some of our go-to ways to get ready for a fun day on the slopes. Below comment and share some of your stretches, we’d love to hear them!

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About the Author:

Hey guys, Ashley here! I currently live in White Bear Lake, MN. I grew up in an active family that encourages each other to do the best we can. I learned to swim before I could walk so any day in the water is a day well spent. Since summer is short in Minnesota I took up snowboarding. My brother Cullen taught me to snowboard and has always encouraged me to hit new features and try new tricks, though now I’m that "old lady" in the park getting in everyone’s way. I lived in Steamboat Springs, CO for 6 years where I attended college and graduated with my Bachelor’s in Sustainability Studies. In Steamboat, I loved doing anything and everything outside with friends. In the summer you’ll find me hanging with family at the lake, exploring with my puppy nephew or out with friends. This winter you’ll find me at Trollhaugen in the park or taking laps with my niece who’s learning to snowboard. Say “hi” when you see me next!

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