Sierra Reverse Crew Snowboard Review

Sierra Snowboards are proud to introduce the Sierra Reverse Crew Snowboard, the very first reverse camber snowboard in our line. The Sierra Reverse Crew has a medium to stiff flex, a directional-twin shape, giving intermediate to advanced riders a true all mountain snowboard.

The Sierra Reverse Crew is a unique snowboard encompasses all the top level technology with a twist. Such as; a four hole insert pattern that accepts any snowboard bindings and a damp top sheet which reduces chatter and unwanted vibration. The most impressive attribute of the Sierra Reverse Crew is its turning capability because the contact points initiate a turn with maximum efficiency. The graphics are both sophisticated and poppy.

The Sierra Reverse Crew is the most aggressive reverse camber that we have ridden. We urge all intermediate to advanced riders to put this board to the test. We also recommend the Sierra Reverse Crew to riders that may want to experiment with the reverse camber but without sacrificing the turning capabilities of your traditional snowboards.

  • V-Rocker Profile For A Fun and Forgiving Ride.
  • Directional Twin Shape For All Mountain Performance.
  • Flex 4-5 Depending On Size.
  • Biaxial Fiberglass with Carbon For A Stable and Snappy Ride.
  • Engineered Core Construction – For More Efficient Energy Transfer Edge to Edge.
  • High Performance Sintered Base.
  • Waist Widths: 151 (24.9 mm) 155 (25.2 mm ) 159 (25.4 mm ) 162 (25.7 mm ) 160W (26.0 mm)

Sierra V Spot Snowboard Review

Take a look at the first women’s specific snowboard in The Sierra’s lineup – the Sierra V Spot. The Sierra V Spot snowboard offers women riders a soft flexing board with a twin shape. Designed for all ability leves, the Sierra V Spot is best suited for freestyle riders.

Molded after the Burton Social the Sierra V Spot has reverse camber that offers easy, fun and forgiving feel. Making it a great board for both beginners and intermediate riders. It has a women specific shape to maximize your efficiency and performance. The V Spot board floats in the powder and perform park. The extrude base is easy to maintain and the 4 hold insert pattern allows for any brand of bindings. We recommend the Sierra V Spot Snowboard to all ladies looking to have a great time on the mountain.

  • Flex Rating: 2 (Soft and Forgiving)
  • Twin Flex and Shape
  • Reverse Camber Profile
  • Structured Extruded Base
  • Wood Core
  • Biax Fiberglass
  • Engineered Core Construction – More efficient energy transfer edge to edge
  • Downsize 1 to 2 cm From Normal Board Length
  • Widths: 138- 238mm, 142- 240mm, 147- 240mm, 151- 245mm


Union Force Purple Rain – Product of the Week


Union Force Purple Rain


C3 Worldwide can keep their Defenders of Awesome title because they just released the Union Force Purple Rain Binding.  The evolution of the Union Force Purple Rain grew smoothly with constant design and material updates, making this Force the best one to date.

The Force has been Union‘s #1 selling binding for seven years for good reason; it’s a well rounded all mountain binding. The new Toe Cup Design toe strap can be worn traditionally over the top of your foot or across the front of your toe, the Injected EVA Bushing with a 55 durometer rating in the M/L size and a 65 durometer rating in the L/XL size adsorb landing shock, and the Stage II  Dupont TM Zytel® ST Base Plate with a 7% injected fiberglass index in the M/L size and 14% injected fiberglass index in the L/XL size is responsive for freeriding and soft for presses making the Union Force sweet like honey .

The only major differences between the Union Force and the Union Force Purple Rain is the highback and ankle strap.  The 2011 Union SL highback, which is asymmetrical in flex (soft on the top inside corner and stiffer on the top outside corner) and symmetrical in shape, replaces the 2012 Force highback on the Purple Rain and the Contract Pro ankle strap, which is tapered (wider on the medial side and thinner on the lateral side) replaces the Force ankle strap on the Purple Rains.

Overall the Union Force Purple Rain Bindings get a 10 diamond rating, and two thumbs up because they look sick on the Capita Mindblower LTD Snowboard.

There is no word on the street whispering how many of the Union Force Purple Rains were produced, but C3 Worldwide set a trend with the Capita Mindblower LTD Snowboard, and the Union Super Pro Bindings so it’s doubtfull many Union Force Force Purple Rains will be on on snow.

Stage II Base – Dupont TM Zytel® STLeather Strap
Asym/Symmetrical HighbacksTool-Free Size Adjustment
Injected EVA BushingsMagnesium Buckles + Aluminum Cage
Extruded, Anodized Aluminum Heel CupUniversal Disks
Quick-Adjust Forward LeanGrade 8.8 Hardware
Direct Contact Strap SystemToe Cup Design
3D Multi-Layer Strap CoreLifetime Warranty on Base Plate and Heel Loop

Rome S90 Snowboard Bindings Review

2011 Rome s90 binding

The Rome S90 binding has become one of the most popular choices for staying attached to your board. Why? Well you don’t need much out of a binding right? Just something to keep you on your board and let you out when it time to hit the lodge. The S90 does all that and more with tons of great options that make them perfect for all types of riding styles. They have just enough flex and responsiveness to take them anywhere.

The straps are the highlight that really has sets Rome apart. On the ankle, the S90 has a contoured strap filled with a cold-resistant gel. It sounds like something straight from the future but rest assured it is a reality— they won’t stiffen up when the temps drop. The toe strap is convertible, so you can wear it old-school or new-school, and it will mold to your toe for a perfect fit. And thanks to Rome SDS tool-free technology you can adjust these bindings just about anywhere.

The base plate rests between two foam shock pad that help to dampen hits when you come up short and reduce the vibration when you flying down the hill at mach 10. When you get these bindings on snow you’ll definitely feel it. The ratchets are smooth and quick. The highback has tool-free forward lean adjustment which makes it quick easy to switch it up for riding in the halfpipe.


S/M for shoe size 6-9 and L-XL for 9-14.

Key Features of the Rome S90 Snowboard Bindings:

  • New Highback: Ample coring for lightness and flexibility
  • Traditional Hybrid Baseplate
  • Contour Ankle Strap: The 3D shape and cold-resistant gel ensure a bio-correct fit with your ankle. Low-profile for greater freedom.
  • ConFormist.1 Toe Strap: Super conforming EVA for the best-fitting, lowest profile toe strap in snowboarding,
  • UnderWrap Heel Hoop: A ton of leverage over both edges with side-to-side freedom; the most powerful of the UnderWrap designs
  • SubBase Pad: Takes the edge off hard landings and reduces vibration
  • Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramp: Customized fit to the length and shape of your boot
  • QuickStrap.2 Technology: Tool-free strap length adjustment. Screw screws.
  • QuickLock Forward Lean: Tool-free forward lean adjustment
  • 9Times Ankle Strap Positioning: You decide how much ankle support you want
  • Highback Rotation: 0° to 12° of rotation places power where you like it


Technine Icon Review

Technine Icon Snowboard

This is a Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood award winning snowboard, the Technine Icon with a flex rating of a 3. Notice the cool graphics! There’s actually three graphics that the Icon has — there’s Bob Marley, Tupac and of course, Biggie as well. If you are an All Mountain Freestyle rider this is going to be a great choice for you. There’s a lot of cool technology and of course, cool graphics as well.

The profile of this board is actually cambered; yes, it is not reverse camber. A lot of people think that rail boards or freestyle boards have to be reverse camber, not so, Technine has done a great job of making a cambered board. This Technine Icon is a True Twin shaped board. The nose and the tail are going to be the exact same length and they’re going to have a flex rating that’s right in the center as well, with a centered stance. The single sidecut radius is going to keep you happy all season long. If you’re riding a lot of freestyle terrain and you’re not doing a lot of carving, a single sidecut radius will do fine. You don’t need multiple sidecut radius’s to have fun on a snowboard like the Icon.

The core of the board (which is on the inside) runs from tip to tail and from rail to rail. It’s called the PowerTech Ultra Lite Core. There’s an additive to it, it’s called the Honeycomb Air Core, which is going to make this nice and light, but still very responsive. The wood core is wrapped in Biax stitched fiberglass and it runs at 0 degrees and at 90 degrees; and there is another additive as well, carbon stringers that run on the nose and tail from the nose and the tail to just about underneath the bindings. This is going to add a lot more pop to this deck, so when you need to get on top of that rail or off that jump with a lot of ease, compress that nose or tail snap, spring yourself into the air! Besides all the great technology I already talked about, there is still another additive. It’s the internal three-layer rubber dampening system that’s on the inside of the sidewall. It’s a system that reduces the negative vibrations that your legs or body gets riding over tough terrain. So if you think this board is rad and you like cruising around all over the mountain and having a lot of fun, Transworld Snowboarding’s Good Wood award winning board, the Technine Icon with a flex rating of 3 is going to be a good choice. Thumbs up!

K2 WWW Rocker Review


2012 K2 WWW

This is the K2 World-Wide Weapon, the new shape of jib progression. This board has been setting the stage for jib creativity for quite some time, and they keep doing it over and over and over again. The P-tex top-sheet is probably my favorite thing about it. Cool graphic on top, awesome graphic on the bottom. Of course, there’s Bambi. It does have the jib-rocker baseline technology. 80 percent of this base is flat, 20 percent of it is rocker, 10 percent on the nose, 10 percent on the tail. And it does have the jib-tip construction.

K2‘s jib-tip construction allows you to ride this board 5 centimeters smaller than you normally would. It has the same effective edge as a normal board, but the nose and the tail are a little bit shorter. It does have a twin hyper-progressive shape as well. Making this Twin tipped shred stick a perfect a jib board.

It has a hyper-progressive side-cut radius, meaning that you will stay stable at high speeds and smooth at low speeds. It has a centered stance and a W1 core. It has, tip to tail, a laminate wood for one smooth ride. It has Biax Fiberglass that runs at 90 degrees and at 0 degrees, with a 2000 extruded, low maintenance, highly durable base. For all you jibbers out there, you’re going to love this feature, it’s the 3 degree beveled base edge. You can stay flat on the base, but the edges actually kind of rock up so you won’t catch them on any dings, any rails, or any wood knobs or anything of that sort.  K2 WWW is also available in wide options.



Capita Mindblower LTD Snowboard – Product of the Week

Capita Mindblower Snowboard

Capita Snowboards just blew our minds by releasing the Mindblower LTD Snowboard.  There was only 300 of these decks pressed, 10 shops carry it, and they’re only available in the US.  The Mindblower Snowboard is a combination of many Capita top of the line decks; it has the Ultrafear FK shape, Outdoor Living topsheet graphic, Green Machine Basalt Load Bars, Indoor Survival Reforestation Certified Sustainable Core, and Black Snowboard of Death Custom Weave Basalt Fiberglass Configuration.  “The Mindblower Snowboard is the ultimate cool guy board” – Johan Maloski

Going through hell and back to get the correct specs, story, and info for this board was not an easy task, but well worth the effort.   The probability of seeing the Mindblower Snowboard after it flies off the shelves is .000000000001, you’re more likely to be struck by lightening while being attacked by a shark on the moon than seeing this deck.

Mindblower Snowboard Specs

Type:  All Mountain Freestyle

Shape: Twin with Flat Kick Nose & Tail

Profile: Freestyle FK – Level Base, Reverse Camber Nose/Tail, Flat Kick Nose/Tail  (Capita released a spec sheet that says “…camber chassis!!”.  Look down the edge and you’ll see the Mindblower Snowboard is flat with a rockered nose and tail.)

Flex: 5.666666666667 (Totally Winging It)

Stance: 4 x 2 Inserts – 24″ Max on 151 & 153 – 25″ Max on 155

Edge: 360 Degree Steel

Core:  Reforestation Certified Sustainable Core (Poplar)

Fiberglass:  Custom Weave – Basalt Fiberglass Configuration (0°/90° Biaxial Bottom & -45°/0°/45° Triaxial Top)

Additional Laminates:  4 x 20mm Basalt Load Bars

Base:  Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Speed Base – Red Text on Black Background or Black Text on Red Background

Topsheet:  Direct Digital & Metallic Silkscreen Topsheet – Glow In The Dark Skeletons

LengthEffective EdgeWaistNose/TailSidecutMax Stance

Capita Indoor Survival Review

2012 Capita Indoor Survival

This is the Capita Indoor Survival flat kick snowboard. It’s a freestyle board you can thrash every single day of the season. It’s going to be durable, pretty much bomb-proof…it’s an awesome deck for those freestyle riders out there that want to step up to the next level. And even if you’re already on that next level, this is going to be a great board you can a lot of fun with. It has a flex rating of 5 on a 1-10 scale, so it’s going to be right in the middle. It’s going to be soft yet responsive at the same time.

The freestyle Flat Kick shape is pretty unique because after the inserts the board starts to reverse camber up and then on the nose and tail is what’s called a Flat Kick. It’s a flat nose and flat tail, and it’s great for keeping your board stable and flat, with no edge angle with the snow when you’re taking off jumps or a little lip to get onto the rail. Between the outsides of the inserts is a flat shape also on the snow, so that’s the Flat Kick technology of the Indoor Survival.

The wood core construction is also pretty neat. It has tip to tail and rail to rail poplar wood. Poplar is going to be light and it’ll stay very smooth all season long, plus this wood actually comes from reforested areas, so it’s somewhat eco-friendly. The Form 6C fiberglass is pretty unique. The glass both on top and the bottom of the core runs in two different directions — at 90 and zero degrees — and it’s going to give a nice, soft flex all season long, but this thing does have a couple additives which make it quite poppy.

It has 30 mm carbon fiber low bars that pretty much run on the outsides of the insert packs both on your front and back foot. So, you can load up those tails and noses for ollies and nollies with unbelievable heights.

The sidecut radius run from 7.7 to 8.1, depending on what size board you get. It does seem to have a tighter side cut radius than most freestyle boards do, which is okay with me because when you’re riding freestyle you wanna be able to make some quick, agile turns here and there. What separates this board from a lot of the other boards and what makes it more durable than most are the ABS sidewalls.

There are die cut ABS that pretty much run along the entire board. ABS of course, is going to be pretty much bomb-proof like I said, so you can nail this thing against the jam and it should pop back to its original position. So, that’s pretty much it. It’s the Capita Indoor Survival. It’s an awesome freestyle board…great jib board, lots of snap, lots of pop, cool graphic of course Capita always does a great job on the cool graphics. This board was also a Good Wood award-winner from TransWorld Snowboarding.

Capita Ultrafear FK Review

Capita Ultrafear FK Snowboard 2012

This is the Capita Ultrafear Flatkick Snowboard. It is a reverse camber, flat kick, ultra freestyle snowboard. This is one of my favorite graphics of all time and probably one of my favorite boards of all time. The dampening sidewalls are absolutely phenomenal. The graphic is cool, the fiberglass is amazing, and the board has a flex rating of a 6. But that’s not all. That’ right, it has a flat technology. In between the bindings you’re going to have a flat base, a completely flat base. After the bindings to the end of the contact point, you’re going to have a reverse camber shape going from the nose and the tail, and then from the ends of the contact points to the tip and to the tail, you’re going to actually have a flat tip and tail. It’s called Flat Kick. It’s great for ollie, its smoother, nice and level, its great when your going off those jibs and jumps.

It is a twin shape board and it has what’s called a DS Select Core. Now, the core is going to run tip to tail. On the rails of the board they’re going to have beach wood, and in the center of the board you’re going to have poplar wood. Now, the beach wood is going to be a little bit stiffer, a little bit more stable for your ride through chunder and stuff like that. And the poplar wood’s going to be a little bit more lightweight, a little bit more forgiving, and also help damper some of the vibration that you’re going to get when kicking ass on this board. The fiber glass that sandwiches the wood core is pretty unique. Not many companies are doing what Capita is doing with their fiberglass. Now, on top of the DS Select Wood Core is two different strand or two different directions of fiberglass running at 90 degrees and at 0 degrees. Now, on the bottom of the DS Select Wood Core, the fiberglass actually runs in three different directions. It runs at 90 degrees, at 45 degrees, and at -45 degrees. So you’re going to get a lot of pop. Even though this does have a flat to reverse camber shape. When you’re going off those lifts, you’re going to get a lot of snap because of that unique fiberglass and that DS Select Wood Core. Now, because this board comes in a variety of different shapes, the sidecut radius’s are going to vary just a little bit as well. The sidecut radius range from a 7.6 to a 7.9, which isn’t a very big span, of course. And the edges are going to have the 360 wrap around edges.

The base is a sintered wax-infused rotational base. There’s wax already inside of this. This board’s going to absorb a lot of wax. It’s going to stay fast non-stop. The stance can be maxed out depending on sides to a maximum of 23 or 25 inches. The smaller shapes are only going to max out to about 23 inches. The bigger shapes, of course, are going to max out at about 25. Again, this is the Capita Ultrafear Flatkick with Freestyle Flat Kick Technology and some cool fiberglass and an awesome graphic. Check it out. There it is.

Rossignol Temptation Review


2011 Rossignol Temptation Snowboard

This is a women-specific, fun-focused board for the recreational to intermediate level rider. The flex rating of the Temptation is a 5, so right in the middle. It’s not too stiff and it’s not too soft. It’s perfect for those of you who like to just cruise around the hill and enjoy themselves. If you jump, OK. If you just cruise around, OK, as long as you’re having fun. That’s why Rossignol made this board.

The profile of this board is actually AmpTek Auto Turn which is a combo of traditional and reverse camber. This makes the board very easy to ride, smooth transitions on groomers and its very nimble in the pow. When you flex this board, it’s going to pop you in the direction that you want to go. This is a directional shape board as well. The nose is slightly longer than the tail, the tail is slightly stiffer than the nose, and the stance is set back 15 millimeters. There’s a single sidecut radius that is either between 6.5 and 7.5 meters depending on what size you get. The 6.5 radius is for the smaller boards of this line. It’s a 139. And the 7.5 meter sidecut radius is for the bigger sizes like the 153.

Now, the tip to tail wood core is called the 5620 Wood Core from Rossignol. Of course, it runs tip to tail and rail to rail, and it’s sandwiched by a bi-axle fiberglass that runs in two different directions, zero degrees and 90 degrees, both on the top and the bottom of the wood core. The combination ot the 5620 wood core and the bi-axle fiberglass is going to give this board a nice, soft, even flex. So when you’re railing through turns and jumping up to ollie on something, or jumping off a jump, it’s going to give you a nice, smooth feel—a consistent feel. You’re going to get used to this board, and it’s not going to surprise you at all. The extruded 3300 base pops the graphics, of course. It’s going to be low-maintenance and very durable. So ladies, if you like having a lot of fun and you are on a budget, this is going to be a great board. This is the Rossignol Temptation with a flex rating of a 5.