-Photo: Stephan Jende/Rider: Jeffy Gabrick-

Every fall brings high anticipation to the snowboard community. This becomes a time where a full season of shoveling, spot searching, slamming, getting a clip, shoveling some more, airport layovers, more shoveling and pros and high caliber riders alike push themselves past their limits to put together a full-length film of the winter they had. We’ve hand-selected a few of the best snowboarding films for this fall that are loaded below for your viewing pleasure. And the best part is… they are all online and FREE for you to watch anytime on whatever screen you deem fit.

-LANDLINE. by Vans Snowboarding-

Technically, this movie came out January of 2018, but 2018 nonetheless. The Vans Snowboard crew without a doubt has one of the highest heavy-hitting teams in snowboarding to date. LANDLINE features a well-rounded mix of backcountry riding, urban rail missions and some powder mashing to make up a really solid snowboard film. A mix of snowboard icons, up-and-coming young pros and bonafide legends make up the full 53 minutes of this hammer of a film. Vans also shoot this film primarily on Kodak 16mm Film which gives a really authentic and special atmosphere to this film.

Duration: 53:24

Featuring: Pat Moore, Jamie Lynn, Arthur Longo, Wolle Nyvelt, Darrell Mathes, Jake Kuzyk, Zac Marben, Dan “Danimals” Liedahl, Dillon Ojo, Mike Ravelson, Blake Paul, Bryan Iguchi, Cole Navin, Sam Taxwood.

Filmed by: Tanner Pendleton, Harry Hagan, Jake Price.

Edit: Tanner Pendleton.

-“Brown” by Brown Cinema-

Brown cinema features a handful of non-traditionally renowned snowboarders—the red-headed step children, if you will—in this hyperactive montage style of riding. Instead of highlighting each rider in a specific part, the film rather highlights each specific part of the world they traveled to and just mashes it all together for a perfect snowboarding recipe. A good mix of powder hounding and unique street spots make up a majority of this film along with good times had with friends across the world.

Duration: 34:51

Featuring: Keegan Valaika, Harrison Gordon, Scott Blum, Louif Paradis, Brandon Cocard, Forest Bailey, Nik Baden, Mike Rav, Keenan Cawley, Sammy Rowse, Hunter Wood, Kohei Kudo, Blake Paul, Teddy Koo, Spencer Shuburt, Jeff Richards, Cale Zima, Christian Connors, Victor Daviet, Alex Sherman, Garrett Warnick, Jaeger Bailey.

Filmed by: Brock Nielsen, Seamus Foster, Shane Charlebois, David Vladyka, Danny Kern, Griffin Lancaster, Grego Campi, Blake Kehoe, Keegan Valaika, Scott Blum, Harrison Gordon, Garrett Warnick, Jaeger Bailey.

Edit: Brock Nielsen

-Blender by Adidas Snowboarding-

Blender turns the spotlight on newly turned pro, Tommy Gesme, and the rest of the Adidas Snowboard Team for some high caliber urban destruction. This flick definitely favors the street savant population by stacking this roster with three striped affiliates: Louif Paradis, Craig Cameron, Ben Bilodeau and Derrek Lever just to name a few. Sprinkle in some follow cam lines and some Chief Keef tracks and turn the blender on high for some thick bev that will leave you hitting repeat all day long.

Duration: 14:13

Featuring: Tommy Gesme, Louif Paradis, Derrek Lever, Alex Sherman, Ben Bilodeau, Craig Cameron, Artem Smolin, Mark Wilson.

Filmed by: Colton Feldman.

Edit: Colton Feldman.

-Focus by Salomon Snowboards-

Focus is a short film following long-time snowboard scene rail savant, Toni Kerkela, who recently joined the Salomon Snowboards squadron over the last two winters. This flick turns its cameras and riders to a predominately street-riding mission with high risk spots, a deep bag of tricks and a heavy European-filled roster that never disappoints. Watch Toni and his crew tear apart the streets of Finland, Quebec City and Italy for a true Euro flick with some heavy bangers.

Duration: 16:04

Featuring: Toni Kerkela, Bode Merrill, Louif Paradis, Artem Smolin, Flo Corzelius, Kas Lemmens, Dominik Wagner.

Filmed by: Marco Johnnie Morandi

Edit: Marco Johnnie Morandi

-High Octane by Quiksilver-

High Octane gets behind Austen Sweetin for this short film that is pure snowboarding. Follow Austen and the homies as they chase powder and endless mountain waves in Japan, Whistler, and Alpental. Austen’s flick features tons of all mountain riding to mix up our list of mostly rail-dominated movies so far.

Duration: 10:02

Featuring: Austen Sweetin, Robin Van Gyn, Travis Rice, Rusty Ockenden, Chris Rasman, Phil Hansen, Brandon Reis.

Filmed by: Ben Webb, Rusty Ockenden

Edit: Quiksilver

-The Uninvited by Jess Kimura-

The Uninvited stems from the mind of Capita pro Jess Kimura and turns the spotlight on her tightly knit crew of female rail assassins. This all-girl cast is not to be taken lightheartedly as these ladies throw hammers left and right and leave us wanting more. The Uninvited comes as a statement perhaps to the missed invitations that women’s snowboarding never received over the time. With a predominately male-focused industry, Jess and her gang of urban rail savants take the reigns to jump ahead of the industry to lead women’s snowboarding into the binary term of just ‘snowboarding.’ Cause that’s all it is at the end of the day, right?

Duration: 28:27

Featuring:  Jess Kimura, Maria Thomsen, Miyon Yamaguchi, Kennedi Deck, Taylor Elliott, Darrah Reid, Alexa McCarty, Ylfa Runars, Karin Onozaki, Ivika Jurgenson, Laura Munro, Melissa Riitano, Anniina Perhovaara, Madison Blackley.

Filmed by: Troy Erickson

Edit: Troy Erickson, Jess Kimura.

-Fait Accompli by Desiree Melancon-

“A thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept.” Fait Accompli highlights the artistic mind and authentic style of Desiree Melancon. Desiree is known for her evidently powerful style and numerous stand-out video parts throughout the years. Desiree has climbed snowboarding’s pro ladder to be granted the power to fall off into her own project with like minded individuals to present you a thing that has already been decided for you to accept. This flick features obscure street spots and location-based segments not standardized to the traditional snowboard film.

Duration: 14:49

Featuring: Desiree Melancon, Jeff Holce, Jill Perkins, Dan “Vinny’ Vinzant, Justin “Chip” Keniston, Louif Paradis, Toni Kerkela, Colin Wilson, Jack Harris, Matt Ruhle, Sam Taxwood, Spencer Schubert, Lucio Dm, Parker Duke, Nirvana Ortanez, Ted Borland.

Filmed by: Marc O’Malley

Edit: Marc O’Malley, Desiree Melancon

-House Call Only by Jake Durham-

Doctors aren’t the only people making house calls anymore. House Call Only was conceptualized by Jake Durham and Derrek Lever as a production group that applies riders with tremendous amounts of style and ample rail-riding abilities to take on urban street riding all across the globe. House Call Only features a complete rail-dominant ethos with its heavy mix of Midwestern snowboarders bred by the frigid tow ropes of Minnesota. Unless you’ve been under a rock the last decade, you know Minnesotan snowboarders and handrails go together like tater tots in a hotdish.

Duration: 22:05

Featuring: Craig Cameron, Jake Moore, Dan “Danimals” Liedahl, Derrek Lever, Dillon Ojo, Ryoki Ogawa, Nick Dirks, Justin Fronius, Matt “Boody” Boudreaux, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Spencer Schubert.

Filmed by: Jake Durham, Jake Moore, Justin Meyer, Colton Feldman, Brendon Hupp, Brett Wulc, Dirty Pimp, Harry Hagan, Tanner Pendleton.

Edit: Jake Durham

-Tanner B.


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