In the winter, dry skin is not only annoying but can also become painful if you frequently find yourself in harsh conditions. If you’re a snowboarder, skier or involved in any other outdoor winter activities, you’ve probably experienced the combination of dry air and friction on your skin and know that these don’t mix well. So what’s the solution? ROXY recently teamed up with Biotherm, a luxury skin care company, to produce a line of products that not only keeps you safe from frigid temperatures but also keeps your skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

How does this work? Essentially, these ROXY products have micro-capsules embedded into the fabric that allow the moisturizing formula to be released as it comes into contact with your skin. This means the fabric is gentler on your skin so that you can stay comfortable even when facing harsh conditions. The formula in these products lasts for up to 15 washes at 40 degrees, ensuring that you get quality protection from the dry air for plenty of seasons to come.


Shop ROXY x Biotherm products here to find a new snowboard jacket, neckwarmer or pair of mittens that will keep you warm and your skin healthy all winter long.

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My name is Emily, and I live in Saint Paul, MN. I’ve loved being in, on, or near the water for as long as I can remember, whether it’s swimming, tubing, water skiing or even just hiking along the shore. I love paddleboarding because of how versatile and easy it is to learn. One of my goals in life is to paddleboard around as many Minnesota lakes as I can. I love canoeing and kayaking as well. Last summer, I got to kayak a glacier water lake in Alaska, which was super fun. Speaking of Alaska, I enjoy traveling whenever I get the opportunity and am pretty good at fitting a lot of clothes in a small suitcase. I’m an English graduate, so if you need me, I’m probably drinking my fourth cup of coffee and fixing whatever grammar mistakes I can find.

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