Best 2015 All-Mountain Snowboards

All-Mountain snowboards typicality share a few key characteristics: Directional Shape and/or Flex, Camber or Hybrid camber profile and a stiffer flex.  All-Mountain snowboards are your perfect quiver killers, built to do it all, these are some of Best Snowboards of 2011/2012 season.

The Top 2015 All-Mountain snowboards are in no particular order:

1. Burton Custom Flying V


Burton Ion Burton Snowboard Bindings Custom Flying V

The Burton Custom Flying V provides pop, power and playfulness.

Flex Rating: 5
Profile Shape: Hybrid- Flying V
Boot and Binding Suggestions: Burton Ion and Burton Cartel EST

2. K2 turbo Dream


K2 Snowboard Boots K2 Bindings K2 Turbo Dream
The k2 Turbo Dream has tons of great tech: Harshmellow for comfort and Carbon Web for pop and power.
Flex Rating: 6-7
Profile Shape: LowRize Rocker
Boot and Binding Suggestions: K2 Darko and K2 Formula

3. Ride Machete


Ride Insano Ride Capo Binding Ride Machete

The Ride Machete is built to tear apart the entire mountain.

Flex Rating: 6
Profile Shape: LowRize Rocker
Boot and Binding Suggestions: Ride Anthem and Ride Capo 

4. Rossignol One Mag

Vans Jamie Lynn Rossginol Cuda V1 Rossginol One Mag

Rossignol One Magtek is the only board you will need to destroy the entire Mountain.

Flex Rating 6-7
Profile Shape: Hybrid – Amptek All Mountain
Boot and Binding Recommendations: Burton Driver X and Rossignol Cobra V1

5. Skate Banana

Nike Zoom Force 1 Flux RK30 Lib Tech Snowboards


Skate Banana is board that put Lib Tech back and the map.

Flex Rating 6-7
Profile Shape: Banana with Magne Traction
Boot and Binding Recommendations: Nike Zoom Force  and Union Contact 


6. GNU Riders Choice 


Nike Boots Salomon Bindings Salomon Grip

The GNU Riders Choice is a super fun, playful all-around great board.

Flex Rating: 5-7
Profile Shape: Twin
Boot and Binding Recommendations:  Nike Vapen and Salomon Balance


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  1. MIke Plouffe on said:

    Do you have any info on the Burton ME Nug. I would like to know if it will be a good fit for me.

  2. gufrocks on said:

    What kind of riding do you do?

  3. I’m an intermediate rider, I can do everything on the mountain easily, I’m just not throwing down 720s or anything special like that, would the turbo dream be right for me? I also need to know if this board would do well in the park, pipe, and boarder cross; because those are what I do at competitions for our team. But don’t get me wrong i love the powder and trees and back country more than anything in the world, so is this a solid board for me?

  4. gufrocks on said:

    The K2 Turbo Dream could work for Park, Pipe, and Boardercross but it might not be the best pick.

    Choosing a board to do all those disciplines is difficult. Park boards, depending on the size of the features, can vary in flex. For small jumps and jibs a softer flex is needed, where as for big jumps a slightly medium/stiff flex is more beneficial. Park boards can generally have any type of profile shape i.e. Rocker, Camber or Hybrid. Pipe boards tend to have a stiff flex and a camber profile. Finally we come to Boardercross boards…they have a stiff flex and a camber profile.

    The Tweekend profile shape (flat in between the feet and rocker nose and tail) of the K2 Tubro Dream would be good for Park, but not ideal for Pipe or Boardercross because of the loose feel Tweekend provides. If you currently own a softer Park oriented deck use that for Slopestyle contests and get a new stiffer flex boards for Pipe and Boardercross contest.

    The Ride DH2 and Burton Custom X are great stiffer flexing boards that can be used for Pipe and Boardercross events. But if you need one deck to do it all (Park, Pipe, and Boardercross) I’d pick the Burtom Custom Camber…

    What team do you ride on?

  5. Thanks, and I ride for my high schools team. It’s actually a pretty sweet setup! We go up like 3 times a week it’s DOPE ASS! How would the k2 darko boots work for this riding style too? I want all mtn boots though so if I’m not at practice or competitions I can roam the mtn. Thanks

  6. Oliver on said:

    I’m 175-180 lbs at 6’1″ with size 13 boots looking for an intermediate board for all mountain in ice, powder and park. I really don’t want to have to change to the new burton board as that requires new bindings too. Can anybody suggest anything that I won’t be disappointed in?

  7. gufrocks on said:

    He Oliver – Below is a list of some wide boards that might work best of you.

    Artec Phenom 159cm

    Flow Dritfer Wide 159cm

    Lib Tech Attack Banana 159cm

    Salomon Grip 158cm

    I hope that helps! Good luck!

  8. Matthew on said:

    Hey I used to snowboard in the past, but I took a 5 year break. I just bought a Burton whammy bar, do you think that is a good/decent board to start out on?

  9. gufrocks on said:

    Welcome back to snowboard! The Burton Whammy bar is a great board for advanced level jibbers and riders getting back into riding. The Whammy Bar has a softer flex and a Flying V profile shape which will be easier to turn and be less likely to edge catch, along with that is the Spoon nose & tail and Mid Spoon shape. The Spoon shaping offers a catch-free feel by making the space between the feet and the nose & tail convex.

    You’ll have fun on the Whammy Bar.

  10. Hi just to start, I think your guys review videos are good and have helped me so far, but want to buy a board rather then rent. I have been boarding for 3 years and started doing small jumps in park but normally just ride all mountain with ice and sometimes powder, I’m 5″11, 63kg, size 10, what boards you recommend? Plus is camber or rocker better for my style if I only do park occasionally, but jib around on mountain? Thanks guys.

  11. I learned how to snowboard over Christmas break, and ready to give up skiing forever!! I currently live in Texas so I will only be going about twice a year. I struggle on blacks but can carve down blues. Any advice on boards, bindings and boots would be very helpful. I’m 5’8″ 200 lbs, and have 10.5 boot size

  12. gufrocks on said:

    You could throw together a pretty simple setup from Burton…

    Board: Burton – Clash 160cm
    Bindings: Burton – Freestyle
    Boots: Burton – Moto

  13. gufrocks on said:

    Thanks for watching the YouTube vids! I’m glad they’ve help you out!

    Choosing between a camber, rocker, or hybrid profile shape comes down to personal preference and riding style. I think the best profile shape option for you would the a hybrid (camber & rocker).

    Here’s a few of my favorite All Mountain Freestyle decks that you might like (random order):
    1. Burton – Process Flying V 152cm
    2. Ride – Machete 152cm
    3. Capita – Indoor Survival FK 152cm

  14. Thanks for the help guys, I have decided to get a hybrid board, but can’t decide between a Burton custom flying v 156 or the ride machete 155, is it personal preference or is one of them better for my style of riding ( better edge holding or more stable)?

  15. I’ve been riding for about four seasons now, and i’m starting to look for a new setup.
    Right now i’ve been riding a 159 Ride Kink Wide with Ride Revolts.
    Im in the park about 50% of the time, and typically ride on the East Coast every weekend, along with a trip out West once a year.
    What kind of board should I be looking for? Im thinking I want more all mountain board, but something that can handle jumps and rails.


  16. Hi, pls help me decide on a size. I have decided an attack banana would be a good board for me because I am an intermediate rider (like to carve the groomers, enjoy powder and do small natural jumps on the side of the mountain) I am looking for a “quiver killer” that I can learn a bit more park stuff on, but will prob spend 85% of the time on the groomers and off piste.

    I am 5’11 and 175-180lbs with a size 10 boot. Should I get the 159 attack banana or size down for the 156? Il be riding with union forces and 32 binary boa boots! Thanks guys

  17. Edit: By side of mountain I meant side of the run in/on the edge of the trees

  18. I currently ride a Burton Feelgood (very old model) but need to finally upgrade. I am a competent rider and like to get from top to bottom of the slopes as fast as I can. I want a board that will handle well at high speeds on the piste but will feel equally at home in the powder or sweeping through trees. I’m not great at tircks/jumps (yet) and don’t often go into the park however I like to throw a few moves off the natural terrain and love to 180! Any suggestions? I am female, 9 stone in weight and have only size 3’4 feet so need a lightish board. Any suggestions or should I just get another feelgood?

  19. Whats size board are you riding now? The Feelgood is a great board. If you like it a lot I would suggest sticking with it.

    If you want to try something new check out the Roxy Banana Smoothie EC2

  20. Im riding a 144, and yes I do like it. Just thought with technology moving on that it might be time to try something else.. Is the Roxy banana smoothie a similar ride to the Roxy envi, as someone else suggested that?

  21. The 159 Attack Banana would be a pretty good board for your size, since you planning on spending more time out of the park. Another board you might really like is the Lib Tech Dark Series 158 its a little more aggressive and really a fun board to ride.

    Also make sure to check out the Rossignol One Magtek, this is my Quiver killer! It the only ONE you will ever need. I have been riding this board now for two years and absolutely love it.

  22. Sounds like we have a few things in common. My go to board is the Lib Tech Skunk Ape. its a great board for us guys with bigger feet and the C2 Profile shape is great for just about everything. Another board you should check out is the Gnu riders Choice 158. Let me know if you would like me to suggest a few other boards



  23. Thanks for all the suggestions! Il def have a look at the One, and the dark series was a great suggestion- didn’t even think of that.

  24. Hi my name is josh and this is my second season boarding. Last year I didn’t do really good but this is I’m carving down mountains. I wanna get a board but have no idea about them. I like mountain with ice and I do decent with powder but I also wanna try getting into terrain. What kind if board should I get?

    6’1 156 lb size 12

  25. Daniel on said:

    So I am looking to purchase a new board and I am 5’9” and 165 lbs. I want something that’s good all around since I will be using this board for trips to mountains as well as park riding most likely. If I had to sacrifice one aspect though, I’d rather it be more of a freerider than freestyle. Any suggestions?

  26. Daniel on said:

    Also, there are a couple of listings for a Burton Joystick (156 W), Lib Tech Skate Banana (157 W), and an old forum 158 around my house. Would any of these be good boards to pick up?

  27. Im an all mountain snowboarder. I like to bomb mountains with my brothers and occasionally hit the terrain park with friends. I don’t usually ride fresh pow Im from the east coast so mostly groomers. Im deciding between the Travis Rice Lib 2013, Rossi One Mag 2012, and the K2 turbo dream 2013. Which one should I choose?

  28. gufrocks on said:

    All those boards are great, but the T. Rice and the One Mag will have a little more stability because of the cambered sections. (T. Rice on the Nose/Tail & One Mag in between the feet)

    I like the feel of the One Mag’s camber between the feet and the rockered nose and tail (great for pressing in the park every once and a while).

  29. gufrocks on said:

    Heck yeas they’d be good to pick up! The Joystick might be one of the most responsive rockered (V-Rocker) boards I’ve ever been on and the Skate Banana is a dream come true with it’s Magnetraction edges – they seriously grip hard on any snow conditions.

  30. gufrocks on said:

    1. Burton Custom
    2. Lib Tech Attack Banana
    3. Ride Machete or Machete GT

  31. gufrocks on said:

    Hi Josh,

    With a size 12 boot one of the most important things to consider would be purchasing a Wide or Mid Wide board. Is there any certain companies that you’re thinking of? It will help me narrow down the vast selection of boards out there…

  32. hey just getting into boarding, looking for a great all mountain board, wouldn’t mind attempting some park in the future? budget not really restricted, any recomendations, with awesome bindings also?

  33. evan on said:

    Is the burton antler a good all mountain board? I currently have a custom x and est bindings so looking for a softer more relaxed burton board that can still do it all, but more focused on park. Cheers

  34. gufrocks on said:

    Oh yeah the Burton Antler Snowboard is a wicked one. Over all it’ll be softer than the Custom X and with the newly arranged 60° Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage laminates it’s torsionally a lot softer too and has unreal maneuverability.

  35. Corey McCumber on said:

    So I have been riding for a long time and used to be all about park riding and sometimes going back country. I was not able to ride at all for 2 seasons and coupled with the fact that falling hurts a lot more now that Im 29 I have lost most of my desire to hit rails or jumps but still like to mess around from time to time. What would be a good board to ride all mountain but still occasionally hit a rail or jump? Im currently on a Burton JJ 156 with ICS Malvita bindings, so I would like to stick with a Burton deck.

  36. Corey McCumber on said:

    Forgot to mention, I have thinking about the Burton Process 157 in the flying V because I was wanting a little bit softer board.

  37. Milosz Pekala on said:

    The Burton Process Flying V is a well rounded all mountain snowboard, but with a flexing of a 3 out of the 1-10 scale (1 being soft – 10 being stiff) it tends to be a little unstable for cruising around at high speeds.

    A better choice may be a Burton Custom Flying V 158cm. The Custom has a flex rating of a 5 which will be more stable at high speeds. The Flying V Profile Shape, like the Process, is great for both groomed runs, powder, and park riding; combine that with the Lighting Bolts laminates that have been added to the Triax fiberglass and you have one amazing board.

    Choose the Burton Custom Flying V 158cm.

  38. Im an intermediate non technical rider but want to have fun and advance in skills.
    Im looking for a fun board, turn through the trees, back country powder, have fun and rip groomers, grip hard pack and ice.
    I dont really do parks or big jumps.
    Looking for suggestions.

  39. gufrocks on said:

    You’ll have a blast on the Burton Sherlock, Landlord, or Barracuda which are all part of the Family Tree line of boards.

  40. Ben Daking on said:


    Looking to upgrade from my Ride Timeless. Generally ride all over the place but mainly looking at groomers and back-country. I am 6ft and 195lbs and considering the Lib tech t.rice but just wondering what other boards are good? I am thinking Rome as an option.

  41. Hey Ben, I was wondering if you need a wide board? Let me know and I will send you a few suggestion.

  42. Andrew on said:

    Long-time rider here, but after destroying my board last seasion I find myself looking to buy a new board for the first time in quite some time. Any advice for a 6’1″ – 6’2″, 170 lbs male with size 12 (I think..) Vans boots? I’m in the PNW and I typically manage several fresh pow days each season, and always prefer backcountry and trees to groomers or the park. Was originally looking at a Lib Tech Skunk Ape 161 or the Bataleon Jam 161W, then a friend picked up the K2 Turbo Dream and I started looking around again. Including the Lib Tech Travis Rice, Ride Machete, Burton Custom Flying V, etc., any suggestions on the best fit for my [loosely-defined] style?

  43. I have the 161 Skunked Ape and i must say that I love that board! Although it does have a pretty big side cut… Another are twoof my Favorites that would fit your style. 1st is the Rossignol One Magtek Wide. The other board that I would highly recommend is the Jones Mountain Twin Wide .

  44. Lachlan on said:


    I’m looking for a mountain board like the custom flying v but want to stick with industry standards on board/binding attachment.

    I’m interested in the rocker/camber/rocker/camber/rocker type construction like the flying v and lib tech btx has, but also with light tips. I’m not really a park person – powder and tree runs when I can get it, mountain and natural jumps and whatever pops up during a run, and any boxes that are on the way to the lift

    Is the Forum destroyer double dog somewhat equivalent with it’s doubledog and flex of 5? I noticed you said it was park oriented in the video.

    I’ve looked into the Ride DH2, Machete as well, but if there are other brands with similar options to the custom flying v I’m open to suggestions.

    Wear US 10.5 and about 5’11. Looking for between a 152-155 I think…


  45. Sean Conner on said:

    Hello, I am a complete beginner Jackass. On a weekend trip and on a rented snowboard for the first time ever; I went from not being able to stand on day 1 to getting a concussion and whiplash and having to be taken down the mountain by the rescue team in the tube after being put in a stretcher (I would love to send you pictures my friends took laughing at me the whole way down and into the infirmary and then to the hospital) on the mountain think I could handle a Black diamond on the final run of day 2. (I can do double black with skis, how hard could it have been.

    Anyway, I caught the fever and I am ready to buy my own because I cant wait to get out there. I need help on which to buy bc I am clueless. I am 5’7 190lbs. I will be boarding on the east coast. (NY, VT) I need the entire setup (boots binding board and helmet) I am at your mercy because you guys seem honest and legit helpful in trying to promote the sport and peoples enjoyment of it. I really appreciate your help. Whatever you tell me to buy I will buy, “dont kill my pocket TOO much lol”

  46. Based on your size you should get a board around 157-159cm. What size feet do you have? If you have a size 11 or bigger you should make sure to get a wide or midwide snowboard. Here are a few links to some great beginner boards.
    Burton Clash –
    K2 brigade –

  47. sean conner on said:

    Dana, thank you so much for your guidance. You have no idea how much this helps.

    I am a size 9.5 shoe 10 sneaker. Do I still need the wide that you mentioned?

    I think Im going to go with the Burton like you said. I’m trusting you help to not get a concussion. :-)

  48. You would not need a wide. The great thing about those boards is that they are built to be more forgiving meaning you will be less likely to catch and edge. Do you need help picking our some boots and bindings?

  49. sean conner on said:

    That was going to be my next question. My friend who is into all this said that I need to find a pair at a local giant store and get my foot measured then to go online and buy it. There is a paragon here in Manhattan that I could go try boots on. As far as bindings go I am lost so any advice you would give me is the direction I would go.

    Last question: Do you sell on Ebay? I have a ton of money in my account that I want to spend. If not, cool. But if yes I could buy a lot more.

  50. its a good idea to try some boots on first. I would suggest trying on Burton, 32, DC (they run small) and K2. As they all fit a little different. Keep in mind that they all going pack out a little bit. We do sell some products on ebay, but we there are some brands that we cannot sell on ebay due to dealer agreements. you can check out our ebay store at Djs-Boardshop

    Here are some links to a great bindings on Ebay.
    Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings

  51. sean conner on said:

    Im sure if I find what I want we will be able to work it out. So, those 4 brands are brands you carry? If I go try them on and find a size and style that is comfortable for me, I’ll be able to get them by you. I want to eventually get a complete package from you. Board, boots, bindings

  52. Those are my favorite boot brands that we carry, butnot all of them are on ebay. When you are ready I will be happy to help you get the perfect pkg.

  53. Hi i have been riding for 3 years now and would consider myself as a intermediate boarder, i want to do everything on the hill from park to powder, i am 6,6 170 pounds, and was wondering if the k2 raygun 164 cm would be a good board for me? and if not what would be ?

  54. Freddy Smith on said:

    3rd yr rider 180lb 5’8 -previous board Rossignol OneMagtek 156, purchased a Burton Custom Flying V 158 and used this past weekend and struggled! Groomed /icy east coast riding. Wasn’t sure if my setup is wrong but toe side felt awful and back was catching edges. Probably should go back to Magtek. I’m old man early 50′s just cruising the mountain having fun. I was told Custom would be easy and a better board?? Any thoughts? Thanks

  55. I am looking for a new board for husband for Christmas. He wants a really long board ~167-168. He is advanced, no park. He is 6’4” ~200lbs. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  56. Hi Kim I will send you a few suggestion via email.

  57. How much do you weigh and what size feet do you have?

  58. im 175 and wear 15

  59. You are going to need a wide board. Here are a few of our widest board to check out.
    1. Artec Phenom Wide 163 has a waist width of 28.0cm
    2. Nitro Prime Edge Wide 159 which has a waist width of 27cm

  60. The Custom Flying V is a pretty good board, but like you its not for me. I am also a Magtek man and love my Rossingol One. I recently tested out a Rossignol Krypto Magtek and found it to a tons of fun. It is a little more responsive/stiffer and really pops you out of a turn. check it out it might be a great addition to your quiver.

  61. Hey guys, I just found out that my K2 WWW board that I’ve been riding since 2008 has a broken core and the ski shop refused to wax it and said it would be dangerous to ride. So, I’m looking for a good board for my trip out to Steamboat for spring break. I have been snowboarding for about 8 years at least and I am in to park, all mountain, everything! But I am more interested in getting a good all mountain board that allows me to do a little bit of everything. I’m looking to get a 2012 or 2013 board to save a little money, so what type would you recommend? I’ve been looking at the K2 Raygun, ride machete, or any boards around the. 250-300$ range. Thanks!

  62. Follow up: my K2 was a 152 cm and I’m 5’9 205lbs

  63. Was a bit surprising not to see any Arbor boards in the list… I love A-FRAME. Great look, nice geometry, solid build… Ride it in both powder and on pistes. Great gear.

  64. sean conner on said:

    Hey Dana, can you email me so that we can discuss packing a bunch of stuff together so that I can make a purchase from you guys? My email is

    Thank you

  65. Hi,

    Just getting back into boarding. I’d rate my self as an intermediate rider, as I used to be pretty good but have only been out 3 times in the past 2 years, so I am re-honing my skills/abilities. Looking for a good all-around (all-mountain) board and bindings. Also looking to get into some more comfortable boots than what I have now (Vans Danny Kass – bought from The House Outlet). Board/binding-wise, I want something that can handle the park (to a certain extent); however, I will mostly be doing some general all-mountain cruising/carving (powder and groomers).

    size 7.5

    Ideally, I am looking for the best “bang-for-the-buck.” I want something of decent quality (will last more than 1-2 seasons), but I don’t really want to spend $600 for board/bindings. Is the Capita Indoor survival board pretty good? I’ve done some research on that one, but have seen some mixed reviews. Any insight/recommendations you can provide would be much appreciated. Kind of racking my brain here with so many different kinds of boards available. Wants something to best suit my needs without necessarily breaking the bank. Also, any boot recommendations would be much appreciated too. Sorry for such a long post. Just wanted to give as much info possible, so your recommendations won’t be a shot in the dark.



  66. Hey LJ

    The indoor is a good board but i dont think its the board for you.

    Check out the Rossignol Taipan and i would match that up with the Burton cobrasharks and you will be ready to rock!

    For boots I would suggest the burton rampants or the Burton Raptor.

  67. sean conner on said:

    Dana, I’ve been trying to reach you about buying a fully operational package from you guys. I even called and left a message on on your voicemail. If there any way we can speak?

  68. Thanks Dana. What about the Indoor Survival would not make it a good board for me? If you could expand on your opinion, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll definitely look into the Taipan, as you suggested. How would you rate the Cartel bindings, compared to the CobraSharks? Again, thanks for your help!

  69. Give us a call back. I’m not at my desk but you can reach me at ext 251. I’m covering for a buddy who just had twins.

  70. Hi, I would say I’m an intermediate to advance boarder and have been riding for the last 12 years. I am looking for an all-mountain board that does well in all conditions as I ride all over the North East and in sometimes icy conditions. I also like to have fun in the park but definitely like riding black diamonds more. I am looking to upgrade all my gear (board, bindings, boots) but I am on a budget being a college student. Can anyone suggest some combinations that would best suit me? I am 5’9, 180lbs and a size 10 shoe. Thanks.

  71. Hey Kyle, Are you still looking at getting a new setup?

  72. Hello, I have been riding for 12 years and consider myself a fairly accomplished rider. I live in Nebraska but still make it out west enough to justify a season pass. For the last four years ive rode a burton custom and loved it. Last year my deck cracked and the edge began to split. So I’m in the market for an all mountain board as being from nebraska I don’t get to choose my conditions. I take what I get when I’m able to make the trip. I still ride a little park but mostly stick to the trees and untouched powder if I can find it. Will take a day to fly on the groomers as well if conditions are crap. I am locked into burton with the current bindings I have. I have never rode a rocker or Flying V style board. I am tempted to just stick with what I know in camber but the custom Flying V is intriguing. Should I believe the hype with these hybrid boards or just stick to another custom camber? Thanks

  73. Hi Troy,

    Do you have Burton EST bindings? I my opinion camber is king but hybrid rocker camber shapes do have there place. It makea buttering around and riding in the powder a little more enjoyable. However you will loses a little high speed performance and pop. Please give me a call if you get a change I would love to talk things through with you. You can reach me at 1 800 409 7669 just ask for Dana

  74. Brodie D. on said:

    Hi, i snowboarded for 3 seasons when i was younger and haven’t gotten to go for the last two years. I live on the east coast so mostly on groomed slopes, i ride all over the mountain and mostly enjoy finding my own jumps on the side of the slopes and things like that. I usually hit the terrain park at the end of the mountain and go off a few small jumps and rails but nothing crazy. I am 16 and will be able to drive soon and want to get back into snowboarding a lot and plan on getting just having fun on the slopes and sometimes in the park. The problem is that i kind of have a budget of about $300 dollars and would like to spend less than that if possible. If anybody has some suggestions that would be super helpful! I am 5’11 140lbs and wear a size 10.5 shoe so i think thats the same for boot size, not sure. Thanks for any help!

  75. Hello Brodie,

    I think the 154 midwide Rossignol Trickstick might be a great board for you and your budget.

  76. Hey ! Looking for a all new set up – Advanced Rider 5’11, 195 lbs , 10 Boot .. I want a good all mountain board that rips.. I’m was thinking the Custom flying V but now the Antler has caught my eye.. I like to carve and crave the speed but also really enjoy Butters and just playing around: Really I want a fun and forgiving fun all mountain ripper.. What do you think?

  77. intermediate rider looking for good all mountain board going to be in deep powder in Wyoming

  78. 6ft 200 lbs 12-13 boot size intermediate rider all mountain board not break the bank skiing Wyoming powder Blue And single black diamond runs

  79. Paul borash on said:

    I bought a snowboard recently and all it says on it is twenty seven. I can’t find anywhere so can someone help thx.

  80. Simpson on said:

    the channel from burton boards sucks!! they have an excellent shape but the channel bahhh not, not good, it’s always mooving!

  81. Raphaël on said:

    Hey there my name is Raphael and i would like to buy an all mountain board i’v been riding on a old riot board for about 3 years and now that i have the money i would like to buy a new board i whant to be able to hit the park and cruze on the mountain. I consider myself as a intermidiate rider and i pass probly 50% off the time in the park my budget is about 350$-400$ my weight is 150 lbs and i’m 5,10 with boots size off 11 us
    thanks for replying

  82. Based on your size and weight I would suggest a wide board around 153-156cm.

    Here are few to check out:
    - K2 Playback Wide
    - Ride Manic Wide
    - Ride Buckwild Wide
    - Ride DH2 Wide

  83. What year is your board?

  84. I would check out the K2 Fastplant Snowboard and the Burton Barracuda.

  85. I’m looking to get started in Snowboarding and was wondering what would be a good starter board/bindings/boots? I’m 5’7″ – 155lbs – Size 10 Boots..I’m not looking to spend a fortune but I understand the need to put a bit of money down to get started into this awesome sport. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  86. Hey Dan,
    Here is a great setup that won’t break the bank.
    - 152 K2 Brigade Snowboard
    - Ride LX Bindings
    - K2 Pulse Snowboard Boots

  87. Becky on said:

    Hi there! I would some help in figuring out a board binding combo. I have a 14 year Forum board to retire… I’m looking for an all mountain board. I board in the Canadian Rockies so that’s powder, groomed and ice runs with jaunts into the trees. I don’t do the parks, jumps or tricks. I’m a female, 5ft 2″, 122lbs and size 6.5 feet. Got any suggestions??

  88. Rocco on said:

    Hey, I’m just curious on what your take is on riding a board much smaller than the specs suggest. My friends who got me into this sport all ride very small boards. One is 5’7 and 195lbs and rides a 149.5, the other is same height, 20 lbs less and rides a 150. Me, I’m 5’11 220, size 10 boot not small by any means, and I started on a 156w (store sold me a boot to big therefore needed a wide). Since then I dropped down to a 153 libtech xc2 btx and honestly love it. Were east coast guys, but I’ve even ridden my friends 149.5 arbor draft which is super flexy through Jackson hole. Riding that arbor in Jackson is what turned me on to smaller boards. What do you guys think, a lot of people tell us it makes no sense…but we do pretty damn well on them. My friends much more so than myself as they’ve been riding 10 years longer…but they rip it.

  89. Hi, i’m looking for some advice. I’m basically a beginner but i don’t want to get a board that i’m going to have to upgrade after 2 seasons. Another problem is i’m not really sure what my ride style is so i’m looking for something all mountain. from the research i have done i think i narrowed it down to the Burton custom flying V and the Burton Process Flying V. could you tell me if i’m headed in the right direction and maybe give me a few suggestions i’m afraid i might have overlooked some other boards that might be a better alternative altogether. i am 6’0″-185lbs -size 10 boot.

  90. Hi Darin, Out of the two boards I would say the Process would be pretty good option. Although I think there may be a few other boards that might work a little better. Based on you size I would suggest a board around 158-160 cm.

    If you looking for the most bang for you buck the Ride Manic would be a great place to start.

    Another good options would be the K2 Fastplant.

    I also think the Rossignol One Magtek would work great!

    An inexpensive beginner board that will last more then 2 seasons and would really help you progress would be the K2 Brigade

    If you have any more question feel free to hit me up at Dana/a/

  91. Sizing really comes down to personal preference and as long as your having fun I say go for it! Personally, I am on the other end of the spectrum. I am 6′ 220lbs with a size 12 feet. I ride a 161 Lib Tech Skunk ape and love it.

  92. Hi Becky.
    Check out the Rossignol Dive Magtek. It would be a great option.

  93. Dana, i just have a few more questions. is there any outstanding differences that might make one of those boards way better than all the others? also is too much flex in a board a bad thing for some one at the beginner level and vise-versa with too much stability?

  94. Hey, looking for recommendation.
    Groomed snow rider only, beginner.
    5’10″ 24lbs
    Size 10 shoe

  95. Dana on said:

    The Ride Manic 161 would be a grate option.

  96. Hi guys! I really need an advice on flex of a board. Ive been riding for 6-7 years without doing tricks, just getting down the mountain and enjoying it ) Now I ve been thinking to leave my Santa Cruz and get something more flexible. But is it a right option for freeride? My board was really long (161cm) and pretty hard, which made it really difficult to ride narrow roads. Maybe you can advice me something more convenient?
    Im tall (183) and not that heavy (65kg)
    Thanks in advance!!!

  97. Wow that’s a huge board for your weight. I weight about 99kg and ride a 161. You best bet would be to get something with a medium flex that is a little smaller. I would suggest a board around 156-158cm. What size feet do you have? (US sizes please)

  98. I need some help peeps. I’ve only been snowboarding 5x I’m a natural at it, and buying my fist set of gear. I’m 155-165, 5’11. I like riding everything. Any suggestions

  99. Hey guys, I’m getting back into riding after 5 years away from the scene. I’ll be riding a bit of everything, some jibbing and smaller jumps and some backcountry. I’m 6’3″ and about 170 lbs and I’m a size 11 shoe. What board and length would you guys recommend?

  100. Hey Cole,

    I would suggest a wide board around 159-163cm. Check out the 161w One Mag Another good board would be the Ride DH2 wide.

  101. Melanie on said:

    Hey I need some help! I am looking for an all mountain board that is reasonably priced (college kid budget)! I am 5 feet and around 130lbs with about a 6.5 shoe. I am basically a beginner… I know how to not fall… that’s about it :) Any suggestions?

  102. Hey Melanie,

    Ok so we are looking for a womens board around 147-149cm. Here are some good Options that wont break the bang and give you the most bang for you buck.
    1. K2 First Lite
    2. Roxy Sugar Banana
    3. Forum Sauce

  103. Hi, I am a 43 year old mom of 3 boys and I want to snowboard this season with them. I tried it almost 20 years ago and loved it, but remember feeling out of control and catching edges all the time. I still want to give it another go as I have learned so much more these last couple weeks online and now I know that I was definitely using the wrong set up back then. I do not see myself in the park, mainly riding groomed runs with my oldest son who skis. I don’t care about speed, rather getting down the run in one piece but having fun doing it, being able to have control is important to me, and NOT catching an edge…if I am feeling in control and confident I can see myself trying to jump some little bumps or sides along the way. I will mainly ride green and blue runs. I am super confused as to the right board for me. Some people are saying flat with soft to medium flex (Burton Process Smalls and Genie), then other people are telling me to stay away from flat and go with completely rockered or a rocker hybrid with soft/med flex (Burton Feather, Feelgood, Shaun White Smalls). I am almost 5’1″ and currently 106 pounds, which is why I was looking at some boy’s boards (not to mention I found a Shaun White Smalls in my size for only $99 at a local store, probably a prior year’s model, i don’t care). Anyways, I am just confused because the beginner boards seem to be flat, but then people say you catch more edge with flat and that rockered is easier for beginners? Agh! Any advice is very much appreciated!

  104. Practices is imports and the more you ride the lees your going to catch an edge. The Shawn White smalls has a V rocker shape which is really going to help you not to catch an edge and $99 is a great deal. With that being said a board like the Burton Genie would be a perfect option. It’s Flat Tops shape with and Easy Rider tech gives you the board both stability and catch free fun. basically the best of both worlds.

    “Thanks to the Easy rider tech it’s practically impossible to catch an edge due to the soft convex base.”

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