Well gang, it’s already the beginning of November and that means it’s practically ski and snowboard season. As my friends know, last season (2017-2018) was my first season living back in the Midwest. I lapped Trollhaugen’s park more times than is reasonable for me to count. My playlist is one thing that keeps me strapped onto my snowboard and lapping all day long. It’s pretty routine for me to be on the rope mouthing the words to the song playing in my ears or “dancing” to the beat as I approach a rail I know I shouldn’t be hitting but am trying anyway. Having my music is extremely important to me so having a winter jacket and snow pants that can hold my phone is super important. Last season there were a few times where I’d get to the top of the park and someone would ask me what I was listening to. My answer always seemed to either make them laugh or cause confusion. It was as if they expected me to listen to something completely opposite from what I had played. That had me thinking, what do other people listen to when they’re in the zone on the slopes? Because I’m nosy, I had to ask around the office and a few of my friends. Below are some of their answers:

What genre is most popular in your playlist?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: It’s all over the place. I primarily listen to indie, rap and old rock.
Tanner: Hardcore Punk
Peter:  Surf Music and Soul for the deep days, Trap and Metal when cruising through the park
Ronnie: Rap
Spencer: Rap, sometimes classical
Cole: Post Rock (instrumental stuff) or Sludgy/Doomy Metal

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: Hip-Hop and Dubstep
Jeffy: Rap and Heavy Metal for the most part. There’s a lot of 90s grunge and indie but it’s mainly ASAP Ferg/Rocky and Slayer lol

Personal Response:
Ashley: Rap



What is your favorite artist / band to listen to when skiing / snowboarding?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: Guns N’Roses
Tanner: Bad Brains
Peter: Cam’ron
Ronnie: mainly juice wrld, trippie redd, or Lil baby
Spencer: Prof
Cole: O’Brother/This Will Destroy You

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: Skrillex and other artists that do remixes
Jeffy: Migos, ASAP Ferg/Rocky, Travis Scott, Three 6 any rap I guess. I can’t listen to metal and snowboard. I’ll just go to fast and get hurt lol

Personal Response:
Ashley: That’s a solid 3 way tie: Biggie, 21 Savage and Juicy J


What is one song you could listen to on repeat for a day on the hill / mountain?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: “Pretty Pimpin” by Kurt Vile
Tanner: “Generator” by Turnstile
Peter: “Down and Out” by Cam’ron, Kanye West, Syleena Johnson
Spencer: “Criminal” by Prof
Cole: “Jerusalem” by Sleep

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: “HeadBand” (ft. 2 Chainz) – B.o.B.
Jeffy: “Paper Planes” by MIA. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. “No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin on a pow day might be the greatest thing of all time!

Personal Response:
Ashley: “Scholarship” (feat. A$AP ROCKY) – Juicy J


What song would people be surprised to know is on your playlist?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle – “Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley and the Wailers
Tanner – Disney orchestra tracks
Peter: I have a song by the Walmart yodeling kid.
Ronnie: “Hopeless Romantic” (feat. Swae Lee) – Wiz Khalifa
Spencer: I don’t know any specific titles for classical music, but maybe one of those.
Cole: I’ve got one playlist that’s all songs from snowboard movies, so there’s some stuff I wouldn’t normally listen to on there.

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: “Dark Horse” – Katy Perry
Jeffy: “Soldiers” by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein. It’s from Stranger Things 2. Such a heavy song for such a heavy moment in that show.

Personal Response:
Ashley: “Shake It Off” -Mariah Carey




Did you create your own playlist or listen to someone else’s?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: I have a few, they’re all very different.
Tanner: I create my own.
Peter: Make my own, the best way to hear everything I want
Ronnie: I make my own
Spencer: Typically I make my own.
Cole: I usually make one before I go out for the first time each season

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina:  I created my own playlist so I can be hyped all day long.
Jeffy: I create my own.I also have my spotify on private so nobody can see all of my horrible guilty pleasure music selection.

Personal Response:
Ashley: I create my own


If you created your own, how many songs are on your playlist?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: Indie tops it at 200, with classic rock and rap following.
Tanner: 285 lol
Peter: 381 of pure hip hop and another 232 of vibey stuff
Spencer: I usually don’t stop adding songs, but maybe 500 right now.
Cole: I’ve got one with like 900 songs on it, ha

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: My playlist has 98 songs right now. I aggressively and frequently change that.
Jeffy: I have 3 playlists on my spotify. One for rap which has 74 songs. One for heavy metal/grunge which has 83 songs on it. And another for indie which has 48.

Personal Response:
Ashley: 76 – everything from Project Pat to Taylor Swift.


If you had to pick a song for a video part of you, what would it be?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: “Mystik” by Tash Sultana
Tanner: “Alone” by Dinosaur Jr.
Peter: “Let Me Be the 1” (feat. Earl Swavey) by LNDN Drgs, Jay Worthy, P On the Boards
Ronnie: “Ned Flanders” (feat. A$AP Ferg) by MadeinTYO
Spencer: “Method Man” by Wu-Tang
Cole: “First” by The Chariot

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: “Location” – Khalid
Jeffy: “La Noyee” by Yann Tiersen

Personal Response:
Ashley: “Toxic” – Britney Spears



Do you listen to this playlist outside of skiing / snowboarding?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: Yes, because I’m too lazy to organize my playlists so they all overlap.
Tanner: Quite a bit yeah
Peter:  Yezzir!
Ronnie: yes always
Spencer: Yes.
Cole: For sure

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: Yes, I listen to my playlist when ever “SEND IT” is applicable.
Jeffy: I do not. I’ll usually listen to podcasts or stand up comedy if I’m driving. If I’m working at home, I’ll listen to a lot of Jesus and Mary Chain, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Smiths. I’ve been listening to a lot of Type 0 Negative lately.

Personal Response:
Ashley: Absolutely! Anytime I need to get the vibe going and hype myself.


What is one song you could not live without on your playlist?

Co-Worker Friends:
Michelle: “Avant Gardener” by Courtney Barnett
Tanner: “Africa” by Toto
Peter: “I’m On” by Kamaiyah
Ronnie: “YOSEMITE” -Travis Scott
Spencer: Any Prof song.
Cole: “Mount Hum” by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am no Longer Afraid to Die

Not Co-worker Friends:
Christina: “Funkytown” – Lipps Inc.
Jeffy: “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz or “Creep” by Radiohead. Two of my favorite songs.

Personal Response:
Ashley: “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift


Follow our playlist on Spotify and enjoy your day out on the slopes!

(Click the “Listen on…” image above to listen to our playlist or follow https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4BSIwDCvtjUAmQHEcoPbG1)


About the Author:

Hey guys, Ashley here! I currently live in White Bear Lake, MN. I grew up in an active family that encourages each other to do the best we can. I learned to swim before I could walk so any day in the water is a day well spent. Since summer is short in Minnesota I took up snowboarding. My brother Cullen taught me to snowboard and has always encouraged me to hit new features and try new tricks, though now I’m that "old lady" in the park getting in everyone’s way. I lived in Steamboat Springs, CO for 6 years where I attended college and graduated with my Bachelor’s in Sustainability Studies. In Steamboat, I loved doing anything and everything outside with friends. In the summer you’ll find me hanging with family at the lake, exploring with my puppy nephew or out with friends. This winter you’ll find me at Trollhaugen in the park or taking laps with my niece who’s learning to snowboard. Say “hi” when you see me next!

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