Teaching Kids to Snowboard; A Parents Guide

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How to get your kids started in snowboarding can be challenging prospect to some parents. Certain kids may be unwilling or nervous about beginning the process of learning how to ride a snowboard. Fortunately, snowboarding is one of the most rewarding outdoor activities around, especially for those lucky enough to live near good terrain or urban structures and in an area that regularly receive generous amounts of snowfall. But to a fair percentage of people this is not a hurdle to entry into our wonderful sport of snowboarding.

Rewards of Snowboarding with your Kids

Rewards of Snowboarding with your Kids

One good way to start getting your kids into snowboarding is to involve them in picking out their own kid’s snowboard. When selecting your son or daughter’s snowboard size is of paramount concern. It is important to buy a snowboard that is the right length for the child’s age and size. It is also very important to make sure that the foot bindings fit properly. Ensuring that the snowboard is safe for your child will not only serve to protect them, but should help boost their confidence in using the board. See our How to Buy a Snowboard article for an in-depth view on all aspects of buying your first snowboard.

Additionally, allowing your kid to pick their snowboard should make them more comfortable with the snowboard, and will help them take more pride into learning how to use the snowboard. It may be useful to teach your kids how to ski first if they are uncomfortable with learning how to use a snowboard. It is not necessarily much easier to learn how to ski, in fact, some would argue that it is harder, but kids still often learn how to ski on a pair of kid’s skis first due to the fact that some resorts will not give snowboard lessons to kids under the age of 6. If your child already has been taught how to ski, then the transition into snowboarding should go more smoothly than it would otherwise.

Safety is highly important when you are starting your kids off with snowboarding. Make sure they are well educated about safety and what to do in certain emergency situations. It is critical to buy safety gear for your children, including a specific youth helmet, to protect them when they snowboard.

Before you venture to a local hill, allow your kid to play with the board on a local small hill. A dusting of snow and a backyard grade have been the starting point for many a pro rider. A small hill will provide a means of safe and easy initial practice for your child, before they move onto more advanced slopes.

Teaching your kids to snowboard can be very rewarding, and as your child improves, you will be able to share in the joys of snowboarding. Remember to not push them too hard when they are learning; keep them in their comfort zone and they will likely excel. And by all means stress the joy of snowboarding and that gift will be shared with you and others for years to come.

Don't Forget your Camera

Don’t Forget your Camera

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  1. lyddia pearson September 1, 2011 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    Great blog post and I do believe in making sure that children are kitted out with proper kids ski clothing as they can easily get cold, wet and uncomfortable if the clothing is not suitable for ski conditions.

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