Bataleon Snowboard TBT: Triple Base Technology

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So you ask yourself, what the heck is TBT and why would I want to ride a Bataleon Snowboard? When there are so many other great options out there. Like Burton, Forum, Lib Tech, Rome, Gnu, Salomon, Rossignol… The list goes on and on.

What Sets Bataleon Snowboards apart for the rest?

That would have to be their Triple Base Technology or TBT. TBT is flat between the bindings with angled sections that start near your heals and toes and run out to the tip and tail of the snowboard. Creating a board that is fun and forgiving to Ride!

TBT divides the snowboards base in to 3 distinguishable parts.

Left Side Base, Center Flat Base, Right side Base

Gradually lifting the contact points outside you bindings creates a rocker like ride on a cambered board and you know what that mean. You get the catch free fun for jibbing all without losing the pop of a traditional cambered snowboard. Besides rocking it in the street, park and pow the TBT also make learning easier.

A Few Reasons Why Bataleon Snowboards Rock

  • Better Butters
  • Bigger Air
  • Stick more landings
  • Catches less edges
  • Buy less boards- Great for all types of conditions
  • Smother edging
  • Power Pop
  • Crazy Carves
  • Terrorize Trannies
  • Freaky Float
  • No Digging
  • Bomb Hills Faster
  • Traverse First
  • Better Butters
  • 2 Year Warranty

Don’t Believe us! here are some or our favorite quotes about Bataleon Snowboards.

“To everyone wondering if they should buy a bataleon board… the answer is YES YOU DEFINATELY SHOULD. I’ve been riding all my life and the very first time i tried bataleon it was like OMG WTF it was amazing and forgiving on every aspect on riding, the lerning curve for tbt is minimal and it just overall makes you an even boarder with it’s tbt technology.”
“TBT is like Christopher Columbus. Before him, people actually thought flat was for real. Yeah for it, for real, yo.”
“TBT isn t better than sex but I m f@#)ing sure TBTgets the second place on the list of the greatest things in life.”
“Beginners seek advice from riders with experience. But sometimes experienced riders may be blinded by their own skill level to make a great beginner board suggestion. I am currently a beginner, and let me just say that I feel your pain, n00bs. So here s a piece of advice to beginners, from a beginner: Get a Bataleon board. I have ridden a flat board several times and just switched to a Goliath and took it for a spin twice already. What a difference! Even as a beginner, who isn t supposed to know the difference between boards (so I was told), I noticed how much faster this board is, and best of all FAR LESS EDGE CATCHING. Both straight lining and carving is a lot smoother and a lot more forgiving. It really creates a better learning environment than a flat board. So forget cheap rentals”

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