Lib Tech makes the world's best and most eco-friendly snowboards on the market. With new technology such as Magne Traction and Banana Technology, Lib Tech has redefined how skis and snowboards are made. With boards like T-Rice, Skate Banana, and Attack Banana with EC2, you know you are getting the most technologically advanced snowboards. Manufactured near Canada, these boards and accessories are used by recreational and professional boarders alike, with many of their products handcrafted for the ultimate board experience. In addition to snowboards, they also offer skateboards and N.A.S. skis (Narrow Ass Snowboards). So if you enjoy hitting the snow in style, or doing a hang ten, then this is the company to buy from. Accessories offered by Lib Tech include everything from outerwear and goggles, to clothing and luggage. The next time you see your favorite pro boarder, chances are that they are using one of these boards.

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