For over 100 years, Rossignol has been an industry leader in manufacturing equipment for the snow sport enthusiast. Rossignol snowboard and skis provides the absolute best experience imaginable. Whether it's downhill skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, or cross country skiing. Rossignol quality and durability is unparalleled. Recognized worldwide as a preferred brand of many Olympians and professional athletes, Rossignol still embraces that same innovative spirit that made them who they are. With new technologies such as Magtek and Amptek, Rossignol is leading the way for a new generation of snowboarders and skiers.

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Rossignol's profound history began in France in 1907 when a determined and ambitious Frenchman built his own pair of downhill skis. Abel Rossignol constructed his first pair out of solid wood and applied a light coat of varnish. These skis were better designed, than the skis made in Scandinavia, to accommodate the steep and icy conditions of the French Alps. Motivated by the response to his new design, Abel began to construct more skis from the turnery he worked at for the next several decades. This radical new turn towards the ski industry all took place before 1910 in Voiron, a small town in southeastern France that is still the current headquarters of the now over 100 year old Rossignol company.

Another monumental turning point for the company occurred in 1936 when French downhiller Emelie Allias won three gold medals, outfitted with Rossignol skis, at the Winter Olympics. He was later approached by the company to assist in the construction and testing of some of the most advanced skis. Allias would have an even greater impact on the company's future when he began to introduce new skis to them from oversee competitors like Head. Over the next several year the skis lost more of the wood component and began to add lighter and more durable materials to the design and manufacturing of the skis.

Ski production began to accelerate as the popularity of the sport began to grow, especially in the United States. In 1973, Rossignol Ski Company, Inc. was founded and they began to manufacture skis in the United States for over the next decade. Rossignol skis continued to dominate the podiums at the Winter Olympics, winning more medals than any other competing brand. Without the element of the downhill ski boot, Rossignol acquired Lange in 1983 and has since added several other subsidiaries and is recognized in the ski industry and one of the world's premier manufacturers. is your shop for Rossignol Snowboard & Ski Gear. We carry all Rossignol products including Rossignol Snowboards , Women's Rossignol Snowboards , Snowboard Bindings and Snowboard Boots.

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