Snowboard Boot Fit Guide

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Congratulations and thank you for buying a pair of boots from The House, next step is to make sure they fit properly. Most boots fit pretty true to size but we ALL have different shaped feet and the boots ALL have different shapes.


Wear tall socks that aren’t super thick when trying on a new boot, even if you usually wear thick socks when riding. How the boot fits brand new with a standard sock is similar to how it will fit broken in with a thicker sock. A thick sock in a new boot can make it feel too small.


Lace up your boots nice and snug, especially focus on the ankle area no matter what type of lace system. This makes sure your heel is sitting properly back in the boot.

Perfect Fit

  • Snug fit overall
  • Toes touching (not pushing) in front
  • Minimal to no heel lift

Too Big

  • Loose fit overall
  • Toes not touching front of liner
  • Heel lifting inside boot

Too Small

  • Uncomfortably tight fit overall
  • Toes Crammed in front of liner
  • “Hot spots” in heel

Length and Width

When checking the fit make sure that you are standing, your feet change when you are standing. How the boot fits fresh out of the box is the tightest it will EVER be so you want the boot to be snug but not uncomfortably tight, all boots will stretch. For length you want to be able to feel the front of the liner with your toes, not crammed and pushing but just touching the front. If you can’t feel the front of the liner with the tips of your toes the boots might be too big. Make sure you are standing with your knees bent because all boots have forward lean pre-built into the boot. When you stand up straight it pushes your foot forward giving you an “un-true” fit.

Hot Spots

If you notice any pressure points pushing on your foot, ankle, or leg when you move around making the boot uncomfortable try squeezing the boot with your fingers on either side of the hot spot. If it relieves the pressure, the boots probably just need to break in a bit. If it is still uncomfortable, then the shape of the boot is not the best for your foot and you should exchange it for a different model.

Break In

A lot of boots have moldable liners and your local shop should have the proper heating device (DO NOT attempt to heat liners yourself, no matter what you find on the internet). Any time you spend on your feet in your boots can help the break in process as well. Lace your boots up and wear them around the house while doing things where you will be on your feet and moving around. (NOTE: If you are unsure about the fit of your boots DO NOT wear them outside of the house or anywhere they might get dirty or damaged to insure you can still make an exchange for a different size if need be)

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