It’s That Time of Year Again: Spring Break

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Everyone that snowboards or skis knows what comes along with March and the warm weather, spring break of course. That time of year when you pack way to many of your buddies in your car and hit the rode in hopes of a week of good weather and fresh snow. Either that or you hop a plane to a resort for a week of non-stop riding in the luke warm spring weather. We all know the feeling of excitement for that long awaited vacation you have been dying to go on for months on end. The Real question here is what are you going to pack all your stuff into. There are many different options depending on where you’re going.

Padded Snowboard Bag

If you are getting on a plane and are in need of protection against those nasty baggage handlers than I would suggest a padded board bag. Most of these are equipped with fully padded compartments, most with multiple board storage, handles and wheels for ease of carrying through the airport. Many even have removable compartments for bindings and boots. There is usually enough space to pack all your outerwear and gear inside as well. Leaving you hands free or carrying a backpack on to the plane.


Sack/Sleeve Snowboard Bag

If you’re not going on a plane chances are you don’t need to pack all that stuff into one bag and just want to protect your board then a snowboard sack/sleeve will do you just fine. These bags are ideal for road or train travel. These will feature a strong polyester or neoprene material that will keep your rig from being scratched up. Most will feature a shoulder and backpack like straps for ease of use as well as a compartment for tuning goods and wax.

Now lets say you are bringing a ton of clothes and want another bag to put all your other goodies into. There’s the option of getting a travel luggage bag as well. There are different sizes and styles for everyone whether it is a duffel style bag or a walk in closet style travel bag. Each will give you different options that will get your stuff to wear you are going.


Duffel Bag

If all you need is to pack the essentials and your only going to be gone for a couple days than a duffel style bag should do you just fine. Most have enough room for exactly what you’ll need to be comfortable.


Overnight Wheelie Bag

Now if your lazy and still want an overnight bag, but would prefer to pull it than carry it, than there’s an option for you as well. These will feature a hard back again to protect your prized possessions. These will have pull out handles and wheels to drag your stuff to and from. Most will also meet airline carry on size restrictions.


Big Travel Bag

Ok now for you big timers going on a multiple week adventure. You will probably need a nice big luggage style wheelie travel bag. Most of these style bags are huge and will fit plenty of stuff inside them. Some will even separate if your packing to much stuff to try and beat the airlines at there own game with the current way the weight restrictions are. EVA back panels will make the luggage lighter and more durable. Some will feature a backpack attachment for when your lugging around the airport as well as lockable TSA approved locks and a nice and easy gliding wheel system. There will be a comfortable cushioning telescoping handle, and most will feature a removable laundry bag to store your dirty clothes in while at that hotel or on your buddies couch.

Traveling can be a real pain, with the right luggage to suite your needs it can make things a lot easier on you. There are countless colors, patterns and styles to fit everyone’s liking out there. It’s just a matter of deciding what kind bag you need and how big of a budget you have to compliment your needs. See you on the Slopes.

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