Why Skateboarding Can be Such a Great Workout


Photo by Jan Kopřiva from Pexels To some, skateboarding may look like nothing more than a recreational activity used to pass the time. With the inclusion in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, however, [...]

Why Skateboarding Can be Such a Great Workout2022-01-20T19:39:51+00:00

FedEx Shipping Delays


To our valued customers at The House,  We understand that this is a stressful season in the midst of an already difficult year, and we hope you’re taking care. We [...]

FedEx Shipping Delays2021-12-15T20:15:16+00:00

10 Tips for Biking in the Rain


Whether you’re an avid bicyclist or you simply love biking for fun, chances are you’ll get caught in the rain while bicycling at some point or another. While biking in [...]

10 Tips for Biking in the Rain2021-10-12T17:37:38+00:00

TrollyBowly: A Weekend of Snowboarding, Fun & Friends


Whispers of excitement filled the streets and Instagram feeds with word that Snowboy Productions was teaming up with Trollhaugen, The House and other sponsors to host an event unlike [...]

TrollyBowly: A Weekend of Snowboarding, Fun & Friends2021-10-12T17:55:40+00:00

House Party Pre-Trollhaugen Late Night


The House Party is a great way to save yourself some time by swinging by The House from 6-8pm to pre-purchase discounted lift tickets and bypass long lines for Late [...]

House Party Pre-Trollhaugen Late Night2021-10-12T17:53:36+00:00

Free Next Day Shipping!


Oh no! Have you forgotten someone on your Christmas list and need something last minute? It's not too late to stay off the naughty list, we’ve got you covered. Starting [...]

Free Next Day Shipping!2021-10-12T15:38:13+00:00

Gear for a Cure: B4BC


Ladies and Gentlemen, this month is breast cancer awareness month. I say “and gentlemen” because unfortunately guys are not immune to getting breast cancer. As the active and typically healthy [...]

Gear for a Cure: B4BC2018-10-17T20:18:47+00:00

This Fall: 50 States, 50 Things To Do


This fall get outside and explore some cool events happening in your state and a few around you. I have compiled a few, or 50, different events and fall happenings [...]

This Fall: 50 States, 50 Things To Do2018-09-07T18:20:53+00:00

Cotopaxi: Llamas with a Vision


Fall is nearly here, and that means school is starting and people are on the move again. The weather is getting cooler, making it a great time to hike and [...]

Cotopaxi: Llamas with a Vision2021-10-12T15:38:04+00:00