Fall is nearly here, and that means school is starting and people are on the move again. The weather is getting cooler, making it a great time to hike and camp. So whether you’ve got a trip planned or are just gearing up for a new school year, do it with a new backpack from Cotopaxi. As if the unbeatable designs aren’t enough to convince you, here are three big reasons why you should snag some of our Cotopaxi gear to go with your camping/hiking supply.

Poverty Initiatives

Perhaps my favorite thing about Cotopaxi is their business model. The founder of Cotopaxi, David Smith, grew up in Latin America, and spent seven years of his life in Ecuador. During his time there, he saw firsthand what abject poverty looked like. He knew from then on that he wanted to do something about it. After a time, he launched Cotopaxi with a unique mission: Offer excellent gear, and transform the lives of millions. As such, Cotopaxi takes 2% of every sale and donates it to proven organizations focused on sustainable methods of poverty alleviation such as health improvement, education development and livelihood advancement. Furthermore, Cotopaxi is very transparent about where the funds are going, and what impact they are having as a result. To read more, check out this in-depth impact report from 2016.

A Sense of Adventure

Cotopaxi goods are for those with a thirst for the unknown. They are named after a volcano after all! Cotopaxi is an active stratovolcano in Ecuador and plays an important part in local culture and native Andean communities. The Cotopaxi National Park was also one of David Smith’s favorite places to explore and camp while he lived in Ecuador. This sense of adventure makes its way into the design of their product. Each items features a clean-cut profile with a subdued silhouette, while bursting with bright colors reminiscent of bustling Latin American market.

The designers at Cotopaxi use reliable materials, including remnant fabric that would not normally be used. This allows them to cut down on waste as well as creating truly unique gear. Read here for more on how they do it. Any Cotopaxi backpack purchased from The House won’t necessarily look like the image provided. You may get a a bag with wildly different colors than the ones shown. For someone like me who hates pondering myriad color options and loves surprises, this is an absolute godsend.


One of the coolest things about Cotopaxi is their exclusive use of llama-fleece insulation, and the company culture that follows. Llama-fleece is super durable and soft, allowing Cotopaxi to create gear that will last and stay in excellent condition for years to come. You can always expect vibrant hues and unbeatable comfort.

It also helps that the company embraces their camelid brethren as part of their identity. So much so that their emails sign off as Llamas (who only work 9-5, mind you. Seriously, you can find a list of Llama puns on their contact page.


In essence, Cotopaxi is a super fun company that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but puts their all into every product. The gear is unlike anything out there, both in style and durability. So pick up a new backpack from The House today! Trust me, it is well worth it.

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