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Chillidog can mean a couple different things to people 1. It is a delicious and wonderful little snack people are stoked to eat, or 2. It is a delicious and wonderful little shred stick people are stoked to ride, and Forum’s version of rocker camber. The Forum Sauce has got the women’s chillidog continuous rocker shape, which Forum has changed up a little for next season.  The women’s chillidog has a lower rocker height and a softer core profile between the feet which will make for a better ride for us ladies because of our smaller shape and size.

I should let you know right away that I am not a rocker fan, I’m pretty stuck on traditional camber, but I will keep this as unbiased as possible. I rode the Sauce on some pretty fresh groomers and it was a fun ride. It was light weight and pretty poppy. Carving from edge to edge was a breeze. It took almost no effort to move from heel to toe edge and back again. Maybe you have heard that rocker boards have gotten kind of a bad rep for being a little squirrely on riding groomers, and well… yeah. The Sauce was kinda squirrely when trying to carve around on the groomers. It really didn’t hold an edge very tight, but that’s pretty much the point of a rocker board. It’s not meant for carving around, they were made for rails.

As we found out that particular day, the rails and boxes were INSANELY sticky. Tony, who works in the show room here at The House, literally fell on his back on a box after coming to an abrupt and total stop. I didn’t think the Sauce would get a very fair review so I didn’t take it through the park. I probably should have, but I didn’t… What are you gonna do.

I was impressed with how the Forum Sauce handled the flatland freestyle stuff. Spinning on rollers and popping up on top of whatever little features were lying around was a ton of fun because the Sauce made it easy. One thing I really enjoyed about the chillidog what its buttering power. You seriously will probably never catch an edge again in your life if you ride a chillidog.


Just a quick rundown of the specs of the Forum Sauce:

  • Profile: new women’s chilidog
  • Shape: Twin
  • Core: Popular
  • Laminate: Biax
  • Base: Freebase
  • Flex: 3
  • It will be available next season in a 142,147, or 151

The Forum Sauce topped the list as one of my favorite boards I demoed that day.  It even beat out a bunch of camber boards on my biased list. All you freestyling, park-riding ladies that are down for rocker boards, the Sauce is absolutely a board you need to check out.

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