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The World Series wrapped up a couple weeks ago, so now is a great time to highlight our BMX MLB series from Framed. Unfortunately for our dear readers and Dodgers fans, it was a most unpleasant thrashing. The good news is that we have quite a cool bike for you! I know that may not seem like much of a consolation, but champions only last for a year – bikes last forever! Not really true, but they last longer than a championship year.

We are the Champions Runners-up!

It may still sting and I apologize for your loss, but the Dodgers Team BMX Bike from Framed is one you shouldn’t pass up if you love LA and BMX. For starters, this bike looks incredible. It features a sleek white colorway with a cursive letter detailing along the top tube and the Signature LA logo on the head tube in rich Dodger-blue. The handlebars sport the same bright blue with contrasting white grips.

My favorite part of the design is definitely the wheels, which feature Dodger-blue along the sides of the tire for a look that really pops. The seat is styled in a smooth leather-brown to give you the impression of a baseball glove.

The frame is made from strong Hi-Ten steel, making this BMX bike extremely durable and features freestyle geometry so you can get creative with it. American Loose Ball Bearings ensure you have a smooth ride every time. Imagine rolling up to the game on this bike next season!


Only 107 Years till the next World Series Title…

Things didn’t exactly end well for the Cubbies this year either. Getting bounced early in the playoffs after finally snapping that 108-year championship drought was particularly brutal on the Chicago faithful. They may be inconsistent, but the Cubs Team BMX Bike from Framed offers reliable performance that will soon have you forgetting your postseason woes.

Of all the bikes in this series, the Chicago Cubs edition is probably my favorite. The red, white and blue absolutely pop on this model, especially where the wheels are concerned. The bright blue sidewalls contrast beautifully with the red rims for a look that draws your eye in with enchanting allure.

The frame is made from strong Hi-Ten steel to ensure it stays in great shape for years to come. The great thing about the Cubs bike is that it is available as a standard freestyle BMX bike or as the Twenty9er. The Cubs Twenty9er BMX Bike features the same design but has larger 29 in. tires that are perfect for cruising. It’s made from aluminum instead of Hi-Ten Steel to make it a bit lighter, and features sealed bearings for a smooth ride that lasts. Nothing will show your loyalty to your team like cruising around the windy city on one of these Chicago Cubs bikes.


Still more titles than Boston

Winning isn’t everything, right? I mean, getting hosed by your rival 3 games to 1 in the playoffs is pretty rough, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. At least you have a beautiful city to explore! And if you’re going to explore, you might as well do it on a bike that lets people know where you stand. The Yankees Team BMX Bike from Framed will do just that.

This bike sports the sharp midnight navy of the Yankees over the frame with stylish cursive detailing on the top tube. White handlebars contrast perfectly with the frame and navy blue grips and feature the world-famous New York logo on the front of the head tube.

Like the others, the frame is made of Hi-Ten steel for maximum longevity and is available in both freestyle designs and a Framed Twenty6er cruiser design. The Yankees Twenty6er features 26 in. tires and a larger aluminum frame that is perfect for cruising around the city on gameday. It also features the secondary Yankees logo on the headtube.

These MLB-themed BMX Bikes from Framed are perfect not only for fans of the Dodgers, Cubs or Yankees but for anyone who loves baseball. They are rich with tradition and full of the spirit that makes the game America’s favorite pastime. Hopefully, with these baseball-themed BMX bikes, you’ll develop a new favorite pastime.

Now before you get upset at me for taking shots at your team, I don’t even follow our hometown heroes, the Minnesota Twins, because there is nothing to follow unless you enjoy falling short of expectations and empty bleachers. I have no dog in this fight.

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