15 Fun Camping Games and Activities

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After hiking, setting up your tent, and starting your campfire, you’re settled in and…now what? If you’re in the process of planning a camping trip, you won’t want to forget to bring along some camping games or supplies for activities! You will definitely want some form of entertainment while you’re out in the wilderness, and it can be hard to know what exactly is best to pack along. Keep reading for our list of best camping games and activities that you can try out on your next trip!

1. Card Games

Starting off our list of best camping games is cards! A deck of cards is perfect for packing along during a camping trip because it takes up so little space! Plus, cards are versatile and great for a wide variety of games, from one-player to playing with a whole group of friends, and even with kids. A few ideas of card games are Poker, Crazy Eights, Solitaire, or Go Fish.

2. Swimming

If you’re camping near a safe place to swim, that is a great way to spend a hot, sunny afternoon! Be sure you bring with your swimsuit or board shorts and a towel, along with a rack or line for drying. Also bring a bag for storing your wet swimwear if you don’t have time to dry it! Before you even head out, though, do your research so that you can be sure that you’re in an area where swimming is safe and permitted.

3. Tubing

Another great water activity is tubing, especially if you’re camping near a lake or river! Again, be sure you’re in a spot where swimming is permitted and also where the current isn’t too strong. Grab your swimming gear and a durable tube or inflatable that you can relax in as you lay back and float along!

4. Kayaking or Paddleboarding

Want to do some exploring? Consider taking a kayak or paddleboard along with you to explore the nearby waters and surrounding shores! Be sure you wear a life jacket so that you can stay safe while you’re out on the water.

5. Reading

You can’t go wrong with bringing a good book along with you on your camping trip! Most books are small and easy to pack along. You might want to also bring along a reading light so that you can read out by the campfire. Otherwise, charge up your e-reader and download some good reads before you head out on your trip!

6. Activity Books

Whether or not you have young kids with you, activity books can be a fun way to spend time while you’re getting away from it all! From crosswords to coloring books, there are plenty of different activity books that cater to all age levels, so find something you or your young ones will enjoy!

7. Nature Journal

This is a great activity for kids! Before your trip, grab some small notebooks or journals, along with some art supplies such as colored pencils, tape, or glue. Go on a nature hike together and fill in your journal. Whether you’re making a nature collage or are simply sketching the trees and flowers you see around you, there are endless possibilities for nature journaling!

8. Scavenger Hunt

Another great idea to add to your camping games list is doing a scavenger hunt! Make a list of a few things that would be easy to find around your campsite as well as things that would be harder to find. Set a timer and see who can find everything on the list the fastest. This is a great camping game to do with kids!

9. Geocaching

Similar to scavenger hunting, geocaching has become a popular hobby and is another great addition to add to your list of camping games! Download the official Geocaching app to find where some may be hidden near your campsite and start your search.

10. Hammocking

It may not necessarily be an exciting camping game, but hammocking can be a fun activity while you’re out in the wilderness. Find a shady spot, grab your hammock, and prepare to take the best nap of your life in the great outdoors!

11. Photoshoot

Are you or someone from your group an aspiring photographer? Bring along your camera and have some fun! You’ll likely get plenty of opportunities to take some stunning photos of nature as well as of you and your friends.

12. Cornhole

This is a classic outdoor game! Also called “bags” or “beanbag toss,” this game requires two boards with holes and 6 beanbags. There are portable options available that pack down small and make great camping games, so look into something like that if you know you’re running tight on space.

13. Capture the Flag

If you have enough people with you, Capture the Flag can be one of the most fun and simplest camping games to play on your trip! All you need is a brightly colored scarf or bandana or something you can use as your flag. Make sure you have a clear enough area for running around so that no one gets hurt.

14. Flashlight Tag

When it gets dark, flashlight tag can be one of the best nighttime camping games to play if you have a flashlight and enough people to play with! As stated above, just be sure that you’re in a clear enough area where you won’t trip over any objects on the ground or run into anything. After all, you’ll be in the dark, so be careful to avoid any injuries.

15. Stargazing

Last but certainly not least, stargazing is a great nighttime activity, especially when you have a clear sky and are away from all the city lights. Try to find some constellations and watch for shooting stars! Just bring along bug spray and blankets to avoid mosquito bites and stay warm as it cools down. Whether it’s your first time camping or it’s your summer tradition, try out one or more of these activities and camping games this year for a little added fun! Be sure you also check out our list of camping essentials as well as our camping gear shop to grab all you need before you head out!

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