Tents for sale from The House are here to keep nature at bay during all your adventures. Perfect for cool autumn nights in the pacific northwest, wide open plains or stunning night skies in the desert, our tents are designed to offer optimal protection wherever you choose to set up camp. Our tents come in a variety of sizes from one to five people or more, so you can accommodate yourself, friends and family. Lightweight options are perfect for those hiking deep into the wilderness, while heavier tents are great for colder temperatures and harsh conditions. For cold temperatures pick up a 3-4 season tent, while 3 season tents are perfect for warmer months. Each tent is made with durable poly-blend or nylon fabrics so so you can count on staying protected from the elements at all times, while the body features strong composites to keep these tents upright. Supplied by trusted brands like Eureka, Kelty, The North Face and more, you can rest easy knowing these are some of the best tents on the market. Whether you’re going out for a day or week, count on these durable tents to provide the comfortable shelter you need.

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