Rossignol Retox Review

Rossignol Retox-2011

Rossignol Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Skis, Ski Boots, BindingsThis is the Rossignol freestyle-oriented Retox snowboard. It’s a twin shaped board meaning the nose and tail are the exact same shape, the stance is centered, and this board has a freestyle Amptek profile. The camber in the center of the board rises 5 mm. After the bindings the board will eventually rock up on the nose and the tail.

The tail and the nose are going to be a little bit stiffer than the softer waist. The wood core of course runs from tip to tail and there are carbon and Kevlar stringers inside; there are two carbon and Kevlar stringers that run tip to tail. The Sintered 4400 base is going to stay fast all season long. It’s a good idea to keep it waxed up — that’s what I would do and what you should do. Like I said, the graphic is one of my favorite graphics of all time on a snowboard. It was designed in collaboration with Rossignol Snowboards by Poked Studios. This is the freestyle Retox Amptek snowboard by Rossignol.


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